SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Small Update 04/05/2018)



Played the Demo and I seem to be the only one, or one of few, who actually like Lucifer… xD Maybe cause I am in an RP Chat, where I play Azazel, right hand of Lucifer, where I am kind of are responsible for Hell… But I really look forward to the whole Game, the writing is great and since I love Character creaton I loved to make the Vessel. Also since it was already told that we could either rule heaven or hell, I am really looking forward playing both paths, and probably replay it ten times cause all the flashbacks, that just sound awesome. And Ramiel is funny,


Played the WIP again and eavesdropped on Sabriel for a change. Have to admit I did not see tsundere Sabriel coming. I can get behind this though. In fact I think I may have found my new favourite RO. Especially if more Auriel teasing Sabriel is in the cards.



I like Lucifer too!


Same here @Schrodinger i love Lucifer. This makes me wonder, how does everyone (meanibg you or your gabriel) feel about Lucifer?

  • I really like him, he seems awesome.
  • He’s ok, i definitely don’t dislike him.
  • Completely indifferent to his existence.
  • Not a big fan but i won’t go looking for a fight.
  • Ready and willing to beat him down.

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I wonder how I should Cut lucifer’s wings


I don’t understand how anyone could have an issue with him at this moment when all he’s done to us was save our lives as a child. I couldn’t care less about Daddy-Lucy not giving any fucks about his other children/grandchildren. As long as he’s riding and dying for me, I’ll do the same.


I think some people are stating their opinion from their Gabriel’s perspective (those who like rping different personalities). For instance my main Gabriel either always feels conflicted (while still liking him) or still views him as an awesome angel. My opinion is that he’s awesome.


you should help lucifer


Lucifer can go and suck it!..I WILL RULE HEAVEN!!!

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if you will rule heaven, the i will rule Hell




Everyone in here wants to rule something and here i am just wants to fall so i dont have anything to do with hell and lucifer…


Well… Being a ruler of either heaven or hell might has it perks. But a ruler always bound to be dethroned sooner or later though.

Kinda sucks that humans always involved in a fight between heavenly and demonic forces without their consent.


A technician interrupts Sabriel and she scowl as they nudge her to the side, taking your clipboard.



Is there a scene where we get attacked with Daniel by a rogue fallen/demon/nephilim or even an angel and for some reason we can’t fight back and only Lucifer can help us but he ends vup protecting Gabriel and neglegting Daniel, then Daniel gets hurt/nearly killed and when its over we get to lash out on Lucifer? (This where Gab knows Lucy is their father)


thats awfully specific


Hahaha yup it sure is but i like something similar and it’s ok if there’s none of scenes like this, still love the game


Do it! :joy:
Twenty characters


How long is the wingspan of an archangel? I question for recreational purposes…


Uh huh, recreational purposes. :wink: