SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Small Update 04/05/2018)



I love this game! So much fun!


@Dae-kalina Similar to my last question. Will we be seeing a full demon invasion of Heaven, or does the Morningstar wish for something different? Leading that would be an invigorating scene.

On the flip side, if we play as more of a direct soldier of God, will we be in physical confrontation with him? I imagine he’s going to do something about his lost offspring. Then again, maybe I’m wrong. All I know is, if God wishes for my “good” Gabriel to destroy his father, I wouldn’t deny the opportunity to prove my skill with my gauntlets again.

And, this is unrelated to those two, but, is there a list for the female ROs in the game? Looks to me like they’re the least popular.

Also, I forgot his name, but the guy that was getting touchy with my Gabriel earlier is lucky there wasn’t an option to blast him with Holy Fire. I need to go back and find out who he is again.


whos father? ( 20 fucking charc)


The boy’s father. Lucifer.


Lucifer is not the father, he is the Grandfather or the Great Grandfather. what we know is that Lucifer don’t give a fuck about his children so he probably won’t give a fuck about Daniel…so yeah I too will enjoy destroying him.


Wait, why the Hell did I say father? (Pun intended).

Agreed. But that’s for my “good” Gabriel. My main wants to essentially take God’s “throne” since he’s dead, and allow humans to have complete free will. Though, it remains to be seen if this path will be entirely pursuable.


very sure the author said that there is no God to dethrone because he is not there, we can take his throne because he is not there to begin with.


I saved the boy and I guess I get to watch him in the vessel’s body.


Lucifer is Gabriel’s father, but I do believe that this question is already asked on Tumblr. It explain why Lucifer cares Gabriel more than Daniel.


Looking forward to finding out more info concerning what is in the above spoiler!


Just information about Gab’s dad. :slight_smile:


@ArchangelVoldemort There’s a list of female ROs in FAQ section of the first post now. :slight_smile:


One of my favorite scenes by far has to be stealing Sabriel’s comfy chair. :joy: Gabriel can be so damn sassy, I love it. :kissing_heart: And if you choose the stoic option when Sabriel casually drops the AROF bomb on you - was just icing on the cake for me.:ok_hand: I was cracking up! Kudos to you @Dae-kalina And keep up the good work!

Bonus points: For making me warm up to Sabriel in the process. :wink:


“I can barely get the resources I need to cover sanctioned charges, and now I have to set up a whole life for you and the boy in less than a boy.”

There is something wrong here.


where? i don’t see anything wrong here?


“In less than a boy” part.


There is something definitely wrong with that. How is it not obviou-nevermind.


@Dae-kalina Oh my… I just have to say this was really a great read, and you’re just touching the surface it seems! The characters already have me wanting to know more and their history…Thank you for putting this out for us to enjoy and look forward to the rest!


There’s so much to this song, and it tempts me to give out spoilers…

You get to pick your name (or even input your own). Choosing a predetermined answer will have some different responses, however, while writing in your own will not. (And if you choose Gabrielle/Gabriella or Gabriel, when some characters find out that you are the archangel Gabriel they will comment on it.)

Awkwardness. Much awkwardness and both parties standing around without much idea of what they’re doing.

[quote=“Cherry_Summer, post:768, topic:15298”]
I’ve always pictured angels having long hair b/c they don’t need to worry about hair matiance xD haha i’ll post it here if i do!
[/quote] Most of the angels have long hair in my head too :smile: Hanael wears her hair short, and Michael gets a haircut during the story, but most have longer hair. And I would love to see your version of Lucifer!

Lucy is probably my favorite character to write. He’s got so much going on but he never wants to tip his hand.

There will be a hidden stat that is being tracked that basically says how obvious you are being as to your true nature. At certain levels, different characters will realize what you are, though not exactly who you are. But at the midpoint of the story, Gabriel’s cover will be blown regardless (the very first pages you read are this point).

The demons don’t want to set foot in Heaven. You couldn’t make them, Lucifer or no. They want the earth plane and the humans on it. While they want the angels gone, most demons would be destroyed upon entering Heaven, forget battling there.

Now the Fallen, on the other hand, would be willing to re-enter Heaven, for payback, or invited.

But Lucifer has no desire to return as a conqueror.

Lucifer doesn’t give a damn about Daniel. He would never want to go against Gabriel, and will avoid a Gabriel looking for a fight. It is possible to kill Lucifer, but Lucifer will never start the confrontation.

I’d hope that it isn’t that they are the least popular, but that we haven’t met most of them in the game as of yet. We’ve met Ramiel and Michael, and now Sabriel as well, but the rest have not had in-game screen-time yet.

That would be Ramiel. He helped raise Gabriel, is their older sibling, and lacks personal boundaries.

I’ll admit I was a little surprised by how many people want to kill Lucifer because he doesn’t care about Daniel. I’m curious to see if this is still true after hearing Lucifer’s side…

And Gabriel can take the throne/lead Heaven. That is one possible avenue.

You can’t not save the boy… he’s kind of the impetus for the rest of the story, and then yep, you get to watch over him.

Writing that scene was a lot of fun. I’m glad some people are warming up to Sabriel now too (she’s not always a prickly bear).

…I have definitely attempted to fix that before. I swear it’s fixed now. If it pops up again, I’m getting an exorcist. Thanks for the spot!

I’m glad that you’re enjoying it so far!


All of that is fascinating!