SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Small Update 04/05/2018)



I almost always pick green eyes for my mcs and since Danny had them too I thought it was going to be acknowledged sometime so I’m glad that will be the case! :hugs:


is that DC’s Lucifer?


It is indeed. Proper DC Lucifer no less, rather than the TV series’s somewhat… creative reinterpretation of him. The image was from his own comic, rather than his appearance in the Sandman, when he had bat wings like so:


i see him as this before falling
and this after falling
edit: found an even better after falling picture


Glad to see a fellow circle lover :rofl:


Well, thank you for existing. :heart:
And thank you for writing well, drawing well, coding well…[/envy]

I admit I’m curious.

{{For six days and nights Gabriel encircles and flits about Ramiel all the while lingering unnecessarily and flaunting their exposed neck. Then on the seventh day…}}

Ramiel: Were you with Leochlan again today?
Gabriel('s heart leaps): Maybe.
Ramiel: Well, tell him to stop taking you to the Pond of Healing–I can see those leeches really did a number on you.
Gabriel: {{uses all six wings to flip a table so huge it blots out the Earth’s sun}}

I’d blame Lilith.

Not enough. :wink:
A few blondies.
And Iain is not the only redhead…mm…or is he?

Ramiel gave me a sensually rebellious vibe. As in, meet him in a land where the days are hot and at night let’s get on the back of his motorcycle and just drive, drive, drive towards the moonlight.

Well, now I’ve taken it too far and can only envision a Spock-eared Iz shuffling around a convenience store in bunny slippers at 3am to get Daniel some chocolate milk, and the cops and truckers in there are all bleary-eyed and blinking hard at Legolas.


My male Gabriel usually has blue eyes. My female Gabriel has hazel or blue eyes.


When ramiel tells me about his children it mucks up on any option I choose


You’ll find out exactly why Gabriel is considered AROF when Gabriel does. ((Sorry, no spoilers on that :wink:))

Only six? Dang, I’ll have to work harder on that.

Part of Gabriel’s shell is coming equipped with a Babylon matrix which allows for translations of multiple languages. However, I do plan on having moment where Gabriel has issues with idioms and slang, because who hasn’t at some point in their life.

I try to have things that may seem relevant actually appear in game (like looking similar to Daniel versus not…) Or, if you’re a redhead, Alice makes a comment about getting more soulless cops in the squad. Part of my personal philosophy in games is that if you make a decision, it should show up somewhere. Not all the time, but on occasion.

Lucifer has always had a penchant for fire and burning things, whether they be holy flames or hellfire.

Circles, triangles, infinity signs… all sorts of complicated relationships in this sordid tale.

I’ll fill this in later because I got distracted when initially writing this.

Lucy's Jam


I’d like to, but she frightens me.

The only flaming ginger besides his sister. Zaria has deep red-brown hair (mahogany).

In his pre-Fall days. Currently, Alice is the only one with a motorcycle, and pre-Fall Ramiel is too busy being mopey to be rebellious. (Which leads me to realize that leaving Ramiel and Alice alone together may not be good for the rest of the world…)

It’s certainly not far off the mark!

Well, that’s the end of the demo (before that choice) anyways. I may have forgotten to put in temporary jumps when I was working on it. It should be fixed now, but you aren’t missing anything there.


You’re doing the Lord’s work. Thank you :raised_hands:. It’s nice to see that what you choose holds some weight.


I don’t know what basic and extra mean anymore! :frowning:


Hehe no problem. I just like their version of the song. Makes the movie sound twice as epic! Here’s another one if you haven’t listened to it before.


These are probably given questions but I’ll ask anyway. Do we essentially get to pick our name in the shell? Or would it still be Gabriel but with maybe a female version as an option (Gabrielle/Gabriella)?


I did not think my day could get any better but it just did :wink: Yay!!!. Also my dear great author @Dae-kalina since you know i am a forever sucker för Michael, i just need to ask how would a virgin Gabriel and virgin Michael go alone? In The love departement you know. I mean If my Gabriel ends up with Michael which he/she Will. I want my Gabriel to confessss in shy style: Darling im Also a virgin i was waiting for you! :smiley: (Not that i am focused with virginity here i just find that so cute)


I don’t remember if it was here or on Tumblr but it was said that you do have to choose a name and if you pick to still be called Gabriel then Sabriel will accept it since it’s a fairly common human name.


I am alive! I’ve been sorta inavtive but! :o now i wanna draw more art esp of lucifer, I’ve always pictured angels having long hair b/c they don’t need to worry about hair matiance xD haha i’ll post it here if i do!


Think it was Tumblr.


Ok thanks ( 2020202020)


I just played through it and OMG I’m in love with absolutely everything !!! Especially Lucifer, the way you write him just broke my heart. Please keep up the good work <3


I’m curious, will there ever be a point in time where Gabriel’s cover comes very close to being broken either because of Gabriel’s own actions or by forces outside of their control?