SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Small Update 04/05/2018)



It would be an interesting dramatic scene if the babies were killed as they were born.


There are 5 more on their side.

Besides, this is just a flashback so I think their deaths are pretty much a done deal.

Also, since Gabriel is still an archangel while Ramiel was cast out might mean you won’t be able to fight them even if you wanted to help.

That or Ramiel and the others seriously pleaded with them for you.

Heaven is pretty traditional so I don’t see them being very forgiving, but who knows aside from the author.



Can Fallen have nephilim?


Heads up, a lot of spoiler-filled answers in this post. So if you don’t want spoilers, you should probably skip this entire thing.


Yes to the first question. As to the second, I don’t consider them ROs. You meet them in this flashback, and they propose the idea of having children with Gabriel in the second flashback you have. However, they are both interested in the children, not really Gabriel as a person. And they are not in Gabriel’s life after the flashback for reasons…

A. (And this is kind of a minor point) God is not ‘Father’ to the angels in this world. God does not have a gender (that’s a human construct assigned to God. God is their Creator, or parent if they feel like using it, but most just use God and creator.) B. You can become the leader of Heaven. More than that, you will have to see.
And yay, more fancasts! (Is it weird that I have specific people that I see for some roles–like Ramiel’s–but while I know other characters, if you asked me who I’d like to see play them I’d just stare at you without an answer?)

The four horseman do show up. War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. ((I’ve got sketches of each of them, but here’s a very in-progress/still kind of sketchy version of War.))

The plan wasn’t for Lucifer to be able to rule Heaven (but he can destroy it.) I might look at this option, however. It’s certainly an interesting twist.

Not specific mentors. They were all taught how to be warriors of Heaven, and they’ve sort of been given a crash course in being archangels by reading the rules and books and occasionally talking to the retired ones, but there’s no specific figures they would look up to as a mentor.

Fallen can have children, but they are not Nephilim.

As for the whole fae and Ramiel’s kids, heavy spoilers on the scenes to come, so read at your own risk:

Lyana does die in childbirth. However, both Leochlan and Laniwynn are not surprised as Lyana is a very weak fae. Hence why they will still be interested in fae/angel hybrids.

As for letting anything happen to Ramiel’s kids: The Council wants to know if fae/angel hybrids are a danger like human/angel (Nephilim) hybrids are. To that extent, Gabriel is tasked with raising and training Ramiel’s kids (not an option, for those of you who want nothing to do with it. Orders are orders.)

What I will say on the result is this: Ramiel Falls. You do not. And Laniwynn/Leochlan are not mentioned as ROs. You, however, do not kill the Nephilim.

I cannot and will not say much more on the subject, as there are things at play which you will not see until end game and to reveal them now would give away far too much. This will probably leave you with more questions than answers, but so it goes :wink:



That was fascinating! And no I don’t find it weird that you have specific people in mind for your roles. I have my male and female Gabriel’s cast.


One of my female Gabriels is going to be upset I see.

My male Gabriels and other female ones will deal with it.


Eh, rules are rules… Would have still preferred killing them. Wouldn’t training them make them more of a threat?


same.(obligatory 20 ch)


@Dae-kalina about that order, crap. My Gabe would give his life for his siblings and Daniel; other creatures, not so much. He’s too busy archangeling and stuff :upside_down_face:


…If that was true, the story would end… With pieces of Gabriel strewn everywhere. :unamused:


Oh noes :open_mouth:


My thoughts exactly. Wouldn’t training make them more dangerous?


I think is more like ’ Watch upon them and if they go out of control…put them to sleep’ type of situation.


Not gonna lie, I’m really excited about making Gabriel fall from grace. Also nice WIP!


I’m going to see how close I can take Gabe without him falling.


In this case, does Ramiel find out that Gabriel essentially raised his kid? And assuming you have a positive enough relationship, can you disclose this? Will Daniel find out and how does he take the news?

More importantly, can we reunite Ramiel with said kid?


I always go for the path that gets me the most power in the end (I’m weird that way😅)


I am looking forward to seeing more of the fiasco with Ramiel!


Personally I’m more interested in fighting with Michael.


Both sound good. Also looking forward to the cop stuff.