SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Small Update 04/05/2018)



I don’t think they made it.


So the kid was killed, just for being a nephilim?


Well, they were kind of the reason god sent the flood so, I’m guessing yeah.


Most likely.

Nephilim are a big no-no after all.

They wouldn’t have a reason to allow the child to go free.

…Or I don’t imagine they would anyway.


…yes? they are too dangerous.


As @Scorpio00 said, Nephilim is a big no-no, and are considered a huge danger.
There is a bit of information about Nephilim and why they are a danger, all the way back at post 79 if you should be interested, but heads up, the entire post is spoiler tagged (the Nephilim part is the section at the bottom), so read at own risk. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing! Really interesting!


My Gabriel wont let that happen.


I highly doubt they had a choice.


guess… Welp our happy uncle ending bandwagon is already crashed, before it was even moving @Crow .:expressionless:


That is sad… if i can i will protect Ramiel’s child and wife, family is family even Micheal :roll_eyes:


I have a feeling that the babies were killed as they were born.


Weeeeelllll, this is going off of an earlier post the author created about the children, so spoilers? if the mother is human , most of the time it is, then she will die giving birth. It would probably be better if the mother died while pregnant. Literally killing two birds with one stone, or holy heavenly power. (Sorry).


I’ve just finished the demo and man, I shouldn’t have my Gabriel fell in love with Ramiel but I do feel my Gabriel would not let something bad happen to his kids. ^^


I’m still reading through the thread but this is a fantastic WIP and I honestly hope this gets completed/published

The premise is interesting and I can’t wait to see how this whole title plays out



The mother wasn’t human. She was fae.


She’ll probably still die anyway. I’m guess fae are more durable but angel’s grace is very powerful.


U guys do know that one of Gabriel’s job is killing nephilims and the reason why Ramiel was cast out of heaven because the council of heaven decided that any child born to an angel and any other creature is considered a nephilim


They could try killing the fae and the child, or face the “Wrath of god” or 2 archangels.


Ha but 2 archangels are no match for the Heavenly host even if iz and Michael joins gab and ram they would still be no match plus there are watchers in heaven.