SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Small Update 04/05/2018)



It’s definitely possible seeing how Lucifer got really close and personal with Gabby at the beginning.


@Dae-kalina Welcome back! I love the universe you’ve created I get more immersed with every update and I look to seeing more!

@C_B Hi! Here are links to posts describing the ROs that everyone is talking about.

Ryder(Male): SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Update 07/15/2017)

Male ROs: SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Update 07/15/2017)

Female ROs: SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Update 07/15/2017)

There are also posts on the game’s Tumblr page with scenes focusing on some of the ROs and other romance related things if you are interested.


Exactly, and that’s his grandson. The order came out of nowhere.


I don’t know though. I don’t think that God is actually dead, just completely MOA.Then there is the issue of how Lucifer, the most fallen of the fallen angels, ever be mistaken for God by an angel. Wouldn’t Gabriel be able to pick up on his corrupted grace or essence the same way he could see some of that same taint in Daniel?



The first flashback with the fae is the introduction of the scenario. The nephilim are not born until the next flashback. More than that I will not say

Right now, I have five responses sketched out:

  1. Leave. (You want no part in this, thank you very much.)
  2. Denial. (This is happening. It has to be a practical joke. Right. Right?)
  3. Chew him out. (Out of all the stupid things Ramiel has done, this takes the cake.)
  4. Hear him out. (Don’t rush to judge without all the facts.)
  5. This is exciting news. (You get to be an aunt/uncle/untie!–for people like @Crow)

I am determined to finish this, though it may take a long time. (It’s already been a year-and-a-half, and we’re still in the starting stretch.)

Ramiel does have his reasons, which he may reveal to you. As for the pointy ears, angels have slightly pointy ears (unless they choose to consciously represent them differently).

The one in the first post? I have no idea why it’s not working for you :confounded: (I do know old saves won’t work as I renamed some files.)

Hmm, it does hint at something kind of strange with Ramiel and Lyana’s relationship, doesn’t it? :wink: Though I will say Lyana is not your typical fae either, much to the chagrin of her siblings.

Well, thank you for chiming in! Gabriel can definitely dig the hole at least six-feet deep. (And if you want some idea of what is going on upstairs, you can get a preview if you decide not to go with Ramiel to visit the fae.)

Gabriel is going to have some unique problems living as a human, especially because of the shell.

Pre-Fall Ramiel is very different from post-Fall Ramiel. Pre-Fall Ramiel is most similar to Alice in terms of other characters. You can work on restoring some of his pre-Fall tendencies if you desire; at the very least, you can work on having him tone down the angst.

Thanks for compiling those! I’m going to go edit the first post to make those easier to find.

The order did come from God, but there are some angels who question if there was an order at all (they believe Gabriel may be making it up). Lucifer is barely even aware of Daniel’s existence. He has quite a few satanspawn running around. To him, they are more mild amusements than his kin. Gabriel would be able to recognize Lucifer’s hand if he were to directly do something like giving an order to Gabriel, but there are ways he can go about concealing his influence if he ever wanted to do something like that.


Dammit Lucy! Wrap it before you tap it!


I would never kill that bb plus ramiels wife sounds lovely… can i still pick option 3 with a bit of option 5?


do we get to kill the nephilim? purge the unclean in the name of god! deus vult


Romancing Ramiel is probably the path full of angst, isn’t it? The moment that he announced Gab to his wifeand her being preggo with his kids , I just know he just made a grave mistake. So is post-Fall Ramiel any different than pre-fall Ramiel (not including his wings.) ?


Hmm… uncle huh…? Welp, that’s it! I’m joining into the “Happy uncle ending” bandwagon. :smile:


I would hesitate her to call her his wife, TBH.



I mean, Gab is the Wraith of God and their job is to hunt down nephilims. So, uhm, I guess we would have an option to?


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Actually Gabriel is the messenger of god, and patron of ambassadors, postal workers, and radio announcers.

Which is funny since I’m favoring a stoic, blunt Gabriel.


Oh, but in the game’s tumblr, It’s said that Gab is the Wrath and the Left hand of God.


Well, sometimes he’s done the whole pregnancy bit, but he’s pretty casual and cold about the whole having satanspawn thing.

Options 2-4 allow for a more final decision after you finish your current action, so you can decide to be happy for him.


You can make it clear that you would like to kill them, but nothing of that level of finality will occur in this flashback. There is a second and more branched flashback that will occur later with the fae. Deus vult is one of the primary motivations of one of the Gabriel’s I playtest with.

… most of the romance paths have some angst associated with them, of various types. Ramiel’s is definitely one that has a lot of misunderstandings and poor decisions. Post-Fall Ramiel is a lot quieter and more contemplative. He takes less joy in life, and tends to be a lot more unsure of himself.

Lyana is not Ramiel’s wife. Neither of them are in love with each other. Their relationship is congenial, but not really romantic.

While killing nephilim is part of Gabriel’s duties, there’s a technicality concerning these particular ones (Anyone have any ideas?)

In this world, Gabriel’s official titles are the Wrath of God and the Left Hand of God.


Thank you for the reply about the ears! It’s nice to know our Gab is like an elf angel :joy:. Oh my Gab is most likely to chew Ramiel out since I play her as more stoic and honest.


My Gabriel would be speechless and unable to do anything but hug Ramiel (whether that is to show support or not she doesn’t know yet) at the point the story ends for now.

@Vanessa_Pang - great picture, that is how I picture my Gabriel too but with a rapier instead of a broad-sword,


Just read the update and Ramiel really dropped the ball.