SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Small Update 04/05/2018)



A thought has come to mind. Will there be multiple choice to explain Daniel as our son/charge (is that right?) like if we choose to make Gabriel gay/bi would it be like “my partner and I adopted him, now I’m a single parent” or will no one ask questions? (BTW I’m good with that)


As far as I’m aware the cover story with Daniel is that he is your sister’s child. That way any sexuality would fit with the background story.

May I just say that I completely love your story so far? You really are putting a great amount of effort into it, and I enjoyed reading all of the weapon+role combinations. I would have to say my overall favorite is rapier!Gabriel, but I’m also very fond of gauntlets+grace and sword&shield+healer. Thank you for writing!


Looking after the siblings kid? Huh… I can live with that.


I’m so excited about this story. I literally can’t stop thinking about it…


I’m surprised nobody has said anything about Zaria. I liked her V-day scene.

The thing about the dog hiding Gabriel’s shoes was funny.


I only wanted to say that I love this story SM! I’ve been through the entirety of your tumblr, and you seem to have the respective romances plotted out so well, and I’m so excited to see how you’re going to handle Daniel and Gabriel’s relationship :~)! I love your writing style, as well. This is the second game I’ve played where I’ve gone through two or three times just because i enjoyed it so much, and didn’t want to miss anything. With how many ROS you’ve got, the scope of your game seems inconceivably huge, aha. My favourites so far are Ramiel, Tom, and Alice. I don’t like excessive possessive-ness or jealousy, so Michael’s probably out of the standing but I was wondering, if you choose to date Ramiel, is your relationship with Michael still salvageable?
Oop, I forgot abt the WIP thread rule :~( I’m sorry!


Oooh :open_mouth:the quality of your writing it fantastic. You have a great sense of pacing and and wonderful sense for drawing together choices that feel important. A lovely read


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So first off, there’s a new update to the game (scene four is finished with an additional two branches and the shell creation, and parts of the next scene are available for reading) (and thanks to @RETowers for reopening this for me). Details on the update are in the top thread, but I think about 25k words were added in total? The total length of playable words is now over 100k, anyways.

Secondly, some long over-due replies!

Spread the obsession! I am so glad that you liked this WIP enough to share it with others.
We’re finally starting to move more into the story proper, so we should start seeing more of all
the ROs.

Well, there’s a nice, mostly polished update up now! Does that count as soon? :cry:

@Asura @AngelOfTheBroken
Maybe… Ramiel may have had something to do with that.

Thanks! I hope I can do his character justice. Ostensibly he could come across as a kind of flat
archetype, but at the same time I like to think he’s quite a unique character (but I suppose
we’ll just wait and see?)

@SparklyNicole hit the nail right on the head. I’m glad you’re enjoying all the combinations–the depth
of the story is progressing slower than I thought, but that’s partially because I want enough breadth
to the story to make it worth playing through at least a couple times, and not just to get the 'best’
ending… I don’t want it to feel like there’s only one tru ending.

Heh… let’s not talk scope >.>
At least feature creep isn’t much of a threat?
As for dating Ramiel, you can salvage a relationship with Michael, it’s just… tense.

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback!

There’s two you can ‘romance’… though Iro’s is quite different from most romance paths.


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Update hell yeah! (More characters).


An update you say?


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Yess! New updates!!! Woohoo!


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Game breaking bug.