SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Small Update 04/05/2018)



Wonder what will happen if Gab call Lucifer Luci/Lucy.:open_mouth:This will be funny. You either flirt coz dunno he is daddy dearestor over friendly :sweat_smile: gonna be hilarious


Plot elements should be in spoilers (i.e Lucifer being Gabriel’s father is one of them). If you don’t know how then follow these instructions: Create/Edit post > Press the cog icon on the top right corner of your reply box > Blur Spoilers.


I can see my Gabriel go with blushing cheeks, at Lucifer. (All in ignorance bliss of course)

Gabriel (Full blown redness on face and teary eyes with stars inside) : Since you saved me, for me it has only been you! Michael and Ryder even Ramiel cant even compare to you!!! I just-

Lucifer: (Face pales, says nothing as he starts to sweat, not in a good way mind ya)

Gabriel: Need you! I want you! I have waited for sooooooooooooooooo long can-

Lucifer: o_O (Cant say anything because he is stunned beyond the falling stars and his mentality screaming at him)

Gabriel (Swallows nervously): I mean!.. Lets make grace happen okey?

Lucifer: ○______○ (Is beyond gone by this Point and regrets everything he has ever done, but on The outside his face is a calm mask)

Gabriel: (Gives a small victory smink as he/she/they think Lucifer has accepted them and takes a step closer to Lucifer and whispers outside his left ear in a sickly seductive voice) “Why so Daddy?”

Lucifer: □_□ (His mask cracks as he cries in horror)



Hahahaha I’m trying to imagine Lucifer with a stoic “handsome face” (meme) while Gabe is talking!

Though to be honest we don’t really know how angels view incest. If God created the angels then its fair to assume the very first generations did practice it, specially after his disappearance because at that point the only way to increase their numbers was to resort to old-fashioned breeding. Centuries and millennia ago it was somewhat common among the nobility and royal bloodlines to have siblings and cousins marrying each other and producing offspring.

Lucifer is supposed to be an open-minded individual… that just happens to be the patron of sin, of which Lust is included… though I think it would be hilarious if he actually turned out to be pretty “modern” (moral-wise) in that regard. That’s what you get when you leave your children with incognito parents! xD


LOL! From what little we have been shown of him and mentions on the tumbler blog he seems to fall a little more in the Modern sense of Paternal-child relationships, or at least I’m getting the sense he’s the sort who is that over invested protective parent if that panic attack for that one story snip-it that was on the blog where Lilith threatens Gabe. Every sign there was Lucy having a full blown panic attack. But that’s just my guess.

LOL now I’m just picturing Lucifer silently like "I know i’m not the best person but I don’t think I did anything bad enough to deserve this f-ing s***! Nooo, my poor baby, noo, don’t do this. Go bad to being tiny, adorable that just hugged everything and never had a bad rotten thought in your head… -cries silently on the inside.-


Oh. Thanks for the guidance Lucy is Gab dad. Testing 123.


@Dae-kalina is there a neutral path? Like not want to be the ruler of Hell and neither a servant of God?


So I’ve broken two people so far with what is a somewhat minor twist… I wonder how many people will break by the end of this :smiling_imp:

Lucifer isn’t the biggest fan of Lucy, that’s for sure. Ramiel calls him that though, so he’s gotten used to it. It’s really just a way to needle him, especially since he would much prefer a different nickname from Gabriel.

Lucifer: [spoiler]I think there’s been a mistake. There’s no way I produced… this. Please say it isn’t so. Please.

Any direct flirting with Lucifer is cut off directly, but shy flirting is mistaken by Lucifer just thinking that Gabriel wants to know him better in a non-romantic fashion, which leads to a lot of embarrassment on both of their parts later. [/spoiler]

Incest really isn’t a thing for angels. There’s no genetic defects or any consequences of ‘inbreeding,’ and inbreeding in and of itself is nearly impossible, as since angels were created out of the aether of existence, they have no inter-relatedness. I will say Gabriel is the only archangel with angel parents, and there really haven’t been any new angels in some time. Angels don’t die off of natural causes, so when there isn’t a war, there is no need to have new angels. All that being said, Lucifer has always viewed Gabriel as his child, and he desires that kind of affection and loyalty, not the romantic type. Lucifer really isn’t into romance after his relationship with Gabriel’s other parent. But it does serve him right as no one bothered to tell Gabriel of their parentage.


[spoiler]Lucifer lost Heaven and the trust and respect of almost every living creature, most Fallen included. While he has earned back some respect, what he really wants is to have something of his own that cannot be taken from him–a father-child relationship. Gabriel is, in a sense, the only thing he has which he can feel proud of and hold up as proof that he isn’t all evil and sinful. He overreacts when Gabriel is in danger, in no small part because while he is proud, he has worked hard to conceal their relationship so that his taint does not effect Gabriel. And Lilith is particularly vicious, so he does have a bit of a panic attack when he finds out that she knows (she was mostly guessing) and he isn’t sure what to do because Lilith hasn’t made it common knowledge so she’s saving it for some sort of leverage. He won’t be able to protect the one thing most precious to him in all of creation, and that knowledge threatens him at his core.

And if Gabriel and him don’t have a good relationship, he definitely has some regret about Gabriel being an adult because he does have fond memories of a young cherub and seraph Gabriel. [/spoiler]

Yes, there is! Heaven and Hell are my opposite ends of the spectrum, but there’s a solid earth/neutral path. It’s probably my favorite path.


Knowing that Gabriel and Lucifer are related makes his reaction to Lilith’s threat in his throneroom against Gabriel understandable.


Not sure why I was thinking about this today, but it had me laughing at work. In Gabriel’s position (after he finds out who his father is), I’d be dramatic as hell about it. Any time I did anything even remotely shitty I’d be like “Okay, but…my father ABANDONED me.” So today I couldn’t get the image of Gabriel just…stabbing Lucifer in the back (literally, with a knife) and yelling this. Something about wildly inappropriate, dramatic (and probably at least a little sarcastic) jokes about abandonment at wildly inappropriate times tickles me.


Okay wow …moving on…who’s Gabriel’s other parent besides Lucifer? Or is that too many spoilers for one day?


They’re not anyone you would know, in terms of popular culture. Their name isn’t really much of a spoiler (but I’m not revealing it).

No, the more important question is what have they been doing?

And that you will just have to wait and see.


Good to know and waiting patiently to see what they are doing and who they are. They are a major character I’m assuming?


Not so much in terms of screen time, but in terms of the effect they can have the story, definitely.


Minor twist? You mean there’s something that tops this twist? surely you must be bluffing…
swallows nervously


Breaking people is fun.


That was minor twist? This is worrying me. Now I’m going to spend all day wondering about what the major twists will be.

Until then chicken duck pork breaker.


Can we become the ruler of Earth?
And is there any psychical difference for the neutral angel?


I imagine my Gabriel nervously trying to flirt with Lucifer without coming off as too overt and ruining her chances, and he misinterprets it as her just being friendly and acts friendly in return, and she misinterprets that as him returning her feelings and slowly gets more intimate, and he’s just enjoying finally getting some bonding time with his daughter, until eventually she does something overtly romantic or sensual, like trying to kiss him or something, and Lucifer just freeze and is like “Wait, wtf is happening?”

So cute and awkward! :blush:

That’s even better!

Gabriel: :blush: "I, uhm… I love you, Lucy!"
Lucifer: :smile: "Aww, I love you too, Gaby, but call me daddy!"
Gabriel: :neutral_face: “Oh, uhm… okay,” :smirk: sensually "I love you, Daddy~"
Lucifer: :smile:wait :cold_sweat:

I wonder how he is gonna react then if Gabriel falls. Will daddy be disappointed?


Ah, there’s nothing like the sight of fans wondering what you might have in store next *rubs hands together like a villain.*

Ruler of Earth, no. A leader/ruler of a part of earth, somewhat.
There are some physical differences, but I’d rather keep that a secret for those who choose that path in game.

That’s pretty much how that’ll go :smile:
…breaking the fourth wall, I feel Lucifer does not appreciate this :unamused:
As for that last thing, Lucifer is a little disappointed, but he doesn’t blame Gabriel. After all, he was the first Fallen. Gabriel is still the apple of his eye regardless of what path they take. However, with Gabriel Fallen, there is little left to truly keep Lucifer’s wrath from being unleashed on Heaven…