SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Small Update 04/05/2018)



Considering Michael’s precarious relationship with Gabriel I’d reckon that kind of revelation would probably shock him to the core. Poor thing is already quite worried that Gab is considered AROF, that they’re also Lucifer’s child would be akin to the last nail in the coffin.


I’m curious if any of the higher-ups know of Gabe’s parentage if they do plus Ramiel being the older brother who fell they’ll be keeping a very close eye on Gabriel.


is this one of reason why gabriel is AROF? just asking


Yes, or so I remember the author saying at one point.


I have never felt more validated in my life at this moment Sooooo called that bit about Lucifer last year <3 -bounces- Got to love the good rip your soul out twists~


For the whole Luke/Leia thing I do have the option for Gabriel to attempt to flirt with Lucifer, because writing that awkward scene amuses me to no end, especially since in this scenario one of them is aware of their relationship


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My best guess which is probably wrong is that they don’t, since Heaven is a communal society and they’ll want your full loyalty to be to heaven and not potentially split among family lines.
[/quote] Once more @avidreader is absolutely correct. Technically there is nothing forbidding it, but the offspring of angels are not allowed to be raised by their parents and going out of their way to see their offspring tends to be inconvenient and awkward as there’s no strong familial bond.

You were right on the nose :smile:

There’s nothing against having angel children, and Gabriel does have another parent, so someone else has to know for sure.

How many, who, and what they may do with that knowledge… well…


This other parent: they are an angel right? And if not could it be Lilith ?


The former is more likely especially since he would have probably been cast out much earlier otherwise.

Who that could be only the author knows.

Lilith is highly unlikely given their hate/hate relationship among other things.


I just really need to say a couple of things here. First: Thank you for not allowing incestous romance options. A lot of my writing experience lies in fandom, which isn’t always that considerate. Second: I cannot wait for awkward as hell one sided flirting. Best trope.


Nope Lilith is a demon in this story.


Wonder what her role is.


From what the Dae-Kalina has shown us piss Lucifer off near constantly? Kill Gabriel and wear their skin like a coat? I got kind of graphic with the second one :sweat_smile:


Gabriel’s other parent is an angel. Like @Scorpio00 said, Lilith and Lucifer want each other dead. Lilith likes teasing Lucifer, but she would never sleep with him. And Lucifer dislikes Lilith but sees her as more useful alive than dead for the time being.

I hope the awkwardness lives up to expectations. Especially since at first Lucifer is rather oblivious because he doesn’t even consider flirting as something that Gabriel could be doing with him.

Lilith is a potential antagonist or “ally” of Gabriel, depending on your actions. And she is an archdemoness of hell. (And she would like Gabriel’s wings adorning her wall. They would just go great with her decor).


Will she try to seduce Gabriel and if so can Gabriel, as ruler of hell, make her his queen or something?


I mean she might try to seduce Gabriel, but i think it would just be to catch them off guard. She seems to want them very dead with their wings on her wall.


@Elysium has the right idea. Lilith would try to seduce Gabriel but only to try and stab them in the back. The only way to truly be an ally of hers, and not in a position where she might back-stab you at any time, is to swear fealty to her and help her kill Lucifer. Even then she won’t trust you.


Well… both of us will know now… I’ll never forgive myself for reading that spoiler.
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Why not? Sounds like fun.


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