SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP, Cover Art Done Oct. 29, post 1821)



This is amazing I love your work! :heart_eyes:


More like an aunt/uncle/untie who is liable to burn down the kitchen if left to their own devices…

@squarelyblue got them for you! Though for at least a light inclined Daniel it’s less “I hate you” and more “I owe you nothing.”

A solid plan I approve of.

@Morphine linked the post, but here’s a condensed version for you as well!
Angels can be created by God (or rather the automated production based on available resources that God has set up) or by other angels; angels create other angels by tearing out some of their own Grace and combining it with that of other angels. It’s allowed, but few do it because it can come at a high cost. All angel children are treated the same, however, and parents are not supposed to claim or acknowledge their offspring, hence why Ramiel looked for a different species of partner.

This is an equally valid, though more difficult for me to write personally, way to approach it. Maybe he’ll grow on your Gab, maybe not; either way is supposed to be supported.

Definitely not, though thanks for the sentiment! :smiley:

Quite possibly. Though I hope someone doesn’t realize until the game is out… the revelation does feed my gremlin heart.

@Bizimo and @PlantHoarder
Thank you both! I hope you continue to enjoy it, and that it’s worth the wait!


Of course it is! I’ll wait for as long as I have to for Ramiel :heart_eyes:


@Dae-kalina willl there be cooking mishaps for Gabriel?


I headcanon that so hard. Ain’t no way Gabriel has intrinsic knowledge about making french toast-- hundreds of slices of bread were sacrificed along that journey



Who knew being a human was so difficult? :angel:


fire alarms go off. Sabriel runs in with a fire extinguisher Sabriel: “HOW???”


A few of my Gabriels will be bad cooks. Others will be decent.


It’s canon that at least at first Gabriel is not a good cook. The last time they were expected to cook was way before electricity and can be summed up by roasting meat over a fire–little skill involved. It is one of the skills you can raise, as an interaction with some of your coworkers.

There’s also a short featuring Daniel and Gabriel’s bad cooking here if anyone is interested.


Sabriel: Okay, Gab. Here is your new home and job and identity. Now you know how to cook food and feed a small child, right?

Gab: Duh, I’ve been to earth before. I know how to hunt wildlife and cook it over a spit.




Can a Gabriel with high affinity use Grace to cook?


My guess would be no? Can Gab even have access to their grace powers in the shell? I mean, my last understanding of it was that the shell itself is a power suppressor (literally made mortal) until Gab decides to leave it or has to


I thought it just a body made for gab so his angel-ness doesn’t show


Once I started playing, I didn’t want the demo to endddd lol. I’m hooked and very much looking forward to reading the rest of the story.


Can you imagine how pissed Sabriel would be if Gabriel tried to use their grace to cook and had to call her up because it turns out that they severely overestimated how much power it would take to make ‘grilled cheese’ and now all the windows are busted out of their house and there are scorch marks on the walls. Oh, and the shell isn’t doing too good either.

Daniel: Oh! I think our neighbor’s baking a lemon cake!
Gabriel: Oh shi-


But… aren’t you people forgetting something…
Gabe was sent to earth before… that means they had a lot of time to cook for human…so even if you are useless at cooking, anyone can be a perfect cook if they are using kitchen for that long…no offense, but even I(I never went to kitchen in my whole life) can come up with something perfect or almost perfect if I spend even few months trying to burn the whole kitchen.
So, the point is… Gabe should at least be a decent cook if not one of the best house cook…their struggle with kitchen should not be possible.


Except the last time they cooked on Earth was when “roast the meat on a stick over the fire” was the height of the culinary arts. So nowadays they’re starting from square one.


The renaissance had a bit more than “roast meat on a stick” going for it in the culinary sense, but yes, the technology differences would be an issue.


Whew. That was pretty intense.

I feel that I never knew what to expect. At first, I thought maybe I would be the son of Satan? Then, I saw that I would be the guardian of such a character, and I thought maybe this would be like Choice of Alexandria. Then…the Ramiel trial, and I no longer have any idea what this story will be, and I don’t care. I just want to see the rest.

This is well-written, dark, and challenging. I turned all the filters off, and thus far, I can’t say I’ve seen anything that would require them, though I was impressed by their existence. Writing this must have taken forever.

I do have a couple of nit-picks:

  1. I didn’t care for the “choosing” of my slider attributes in the scene with Sabriel. Let those things happen naturally, I say. Many of those attributes had already been adjusted by in-game choices, so the questions about them shouldn’t be necessary.

  2. Huge wall of text after the Ramiel verdict.

  3. Speaking of Ramiel, I wasn’t crazy about having to decide how I felt about him so soon after meeting him, and being unsure what was going on in the story at the time.

That’s basically it. Great work, looking forward to more.


Ok…but do you really need skill to cook some basic food like… Rice, Boiled egg, Boiled vegetables…curry…or the food prepared by machine like oven, freezer etc.
I am not sure but I think this will be easy for even Gabe for first few months.