SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP, Cover Art Done Oct. 29, post 1821)



I don’t have children, and can’t imagine how painful it must be when one of them inevitably says ‘I hate you’. If Daniel ever grew to truly hate me I think I would implode :upside_down_face:

and I can’t even contemplate the vice versa. I logically understand how some Gabe’s could resent him at first but… Daniel is my son. He’s mine now, and will be nothing is not aggressively loved and cared for.


We cherish this child in this house and I will fight anyone who says otherwise

(Like if you hate Danny boy in your file, congrats I’ve now adopted him. I don’t make the rules)


This is SO GOOD! (Can’t believe I never played this before!)

Few questions (sorry if these have been answered before): Angels don’t have parents because they’re created by God, right? But can they produce offspring with their fellow Angel? How would they even do that? Is it even allowed? (I’m guessing no because of what Ramiel did?)

And why can’t we romance Lucifer?! :sob: :broken_heart:


I always view Lucifer as a ‘parent’ figure for Gabriel based from his answers in Tumblr.


Well he is your parent, so that’s good lol.



See @No_This_Is_Patrick post why he is not a RO :rofl:


What?! No way! Is that for real?! How come?? :fearful:




Welp now I feel disgusted at myself


Hahaha, I love it every time I see people finding out about Lucifer. We all went through the same :joy:


Glad to know I’m not the only one :joy:


Sometime I feel like my Gab is the only one that doesn’t really care for Daniel. He didn’t get a choice in having the kid foisted on him, he has exactly zero parenting skill and he knows it, finally the last time he he was watching over kids his nestmate ended up Falling which kinda taints his view of the whole thing.


My Gab doesn’t really care for Daniel either. She’s not mean to him, but neutral at best. He’s a job for her, no less no more.

I feel your pain. I wanted Lucifer the first time I’ve played too but then my poor naive-self went on Tumblr… :nauseated_face:


Guess it’s time for me to go on Tumblr lol


. Ramiel tried having a kid with a fae, not an angel.

Yep, it’s full of info like this and other goodies like details on characters not yet in game!


Oh I know that. I meant that I assumed that angels reproducing with other angels are forbidden that’s why Ramiel tried having a kid with a fae and not another angel. Turns out that I’m wrong apparently.

Anyways, thank you so much for the link! :smile:


@dae Your writing is insane. I am shocked that you arent a rich and famous writer…or ARE YOOOOU???


The obligatory heartbreak and then reveal. Tbh if there was a drinking game on this, we’d all be dead from alcohol poisoning


I’m just looking forward to seeing overprotective daddy Lucifer!


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