SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP, Cover Art Done Oct. 29, post 1821)



When does this happen in the game? Because I don’t remember anything that resembles this :thinking:


Oh, I was talking about the original mythology in which Gabriel left heaven to avoid a war. I don’t know what’s going to happen in this game.


Hey, so I never check the forum, but today I decided to and found this. Just played the demo twice, and all I can say is that I love it. Very interesting story/plot! I can’t wait to see what you’re doing with it next. One thing though, and it isn’t even about the story. In the top post of this thread one of your descriptors is something like “train Nephilim.” Now, assuming that refers to the fae children, wouldn’t that kinda be a spoiler? I mean with the whole trial debating whether the fae children were really Nephilim or not and you just say it right there. Didn’t know if you meant it literally or if it was just something you said without really meaning that they are Nephilim? Sorry if what I’m saying makes no sense, I’m real tired rn and probably wrote like 3 run on sentences that made no sense.


During the trial, you have the opportunity to convince the council to train the fae children. As they are concerned of them potentially being Nephilim, despite the circumstances, as well as the fact that they are a danger to the council, your MC attempts to spare them from death and, in a way, you sort of become their guardians, with the objective to either prove they were never Nephilim or train them for the council to use in coming wars (something the council sort of agree with, better to have on your side then against).


Yeah, I wouldn’t say I convinced the council to let me train them. It was more I defended Ramiel, and the council ordered me to train the children and give them a report on whether they are Nephilim or not. Still, that doesn’t mean that the children are automatically Nephilim. When in the top post she says “train Nephilim” I was just wondering if she’s spoiling whether or not they are Nephilim or if there is another reason.


It’s not explicitly explained in the prologue, though you’ll see some mentions of it in scene 2. Enochian is their native language, but generally when speaking creatures can understand them in their native tongue though the angels aren’t actually changing languages as far as they know, unless an angel concentrates on speaking in only Enochian. When Enochian is being used so some of the people present cannot understand, it’s italicized–like the scene with Michael. The Babylon Matrix enables this in the shell, but while your normal archangel self you can understand and speak any dialect native to Earth.


Maybe, maybe not. On the one hand there’s a series of events that could create the ‘chosen’ one… on the other it’s what we assign importance to and how a single action can irrevocably alter the course of history. Is it all a coincidence? Is there a larger conspiracy at work? Am I just feeding wild theories? Who knows…

Thanks for the notice! It’s already been fixed and will be there in the next update. (also it’s “of his.” but thanks again for alerting me to this :D)

I’m glad you’re enjoying it! And thanks for sharing the info on your Gab!

I’ve never read anything abut Gabriel leaving Heaven to avoid a war! What original mythology are you referring to?

Also I am not basing anything in this game off of Supernatural. The show and this game do draw from some of the same sources so I’m sure there are some similarities but this game is NOT based on any other existing game, novels, shows, or other entertainment.

No worries, you made perfect sense!

It does refer to the half-fae children, and while I see what you mean by it being a spoiler, I also describe Ramiel as being Fallen, and Gabriel is not, which means we already know several things about the flashback before it begins. The outcome of the trial isn’t the emphasis of the scene, nor is it intended to be a surprise. Angels don’t have a word for other hybrids, either, and while there’s no official ruling for what non-human hybrids should be called,they usually default to Nephilim. The term is still meant to indicate human-angel hybrids; other varieties of hybrids are practically non-existent and assumed to be just as crazy and dangerous as Nephilim are… according to ‘common knowledge.’

And even if you want nothing to do with them, you’re given marching orders to at least monitor them.



Can Gabriel have nephilim of his or her own?


So I want to aks a question that maybe alreadyhave been asked (but I can’t bring myself to scroll through 1867 posts and Tumblr) :
How does other creatures (on Earth for example) view Angels (those who know of their existance)?
I asked myself this question while playing through fae interlude, because what I saw was that fae was seemingly … arrogant about themselfs? Like they don’t even had a glimpse of fear while seeing Gabriel (an archangle - one of the strongest servant’s of God thou). Were they created by differnt God or something?
Also I am curios about power balance in the game universe. Is there any hierarchy of power in universe or things there are somewhat balanced?


It was on Supernatural that Gabriel left Heaven to avoid being drawn into the prophesied fight between Michael and Lucifer. And also to avoid the responsibilities of being an archangel. I think that was something they did with the character that’s exclusive to the show.


Hi! So, after playing through the demo, i´ve got to say, that i actually loved it. It´s amazingly written, and that makes you unable to stop reading. I like how you introduced the characters, they have a really complex feeling about them that makes you invested in their stories. I´m definetly waiting for the next update to see what happens next.


Sorry I got it confused it was supernatural that did the whole Gabriel left heaven to avoid a war thing, in the orginal mythology Gabriel is just a regular archangel.


Sorry if the questions already was asked but when do we meet Iro?


Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for the verification! Can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen next.


I know I’ve talked about this on tumblr but I’ll post some more vague answers here for you :smiley: You can attempt to have children with either Leochlan or Laniwynn. However, we know you don’t Fall but Ramiel does, so…

Completely understandable! I have addressed most of these on tumblr (and there is an index the incredible @Lychee made that makes it super easy to find stuff!) Pasted answers are under details.
Q: How do other creatures view angels?


Note that this is some of the more common/prevalent species. There are many others besides.

Archangels are pretty powerful, so most supernaturals are intimidated or want to avoid angering them. Don’t borrow trouble.

Warlocks don’t like them. They have pacts with demons, so archangels are not their friends. Avoidance is generally the best policy.

Most of the weres aren’t entirely sure they believe in their existence. Some weres (and this is not really divided by species) have adopted Abrahamic faiths (Islam, Judaism, Christianity). In the case of Tadea and Leo, their branch of werepanthers are pretty strongly Christian, and they believe (and sort of revere) archangels. The werewolves have individual faiths as well as a pack regard for their pair of werewolf deities.

Vampires are not a fan of angels. Holy stuff, Grace, and vamps don’t mix.

Witches know about them and try to avoid them. The power difference is enough that even talking with an archangel could potentially damage a witch’s mind (not talking in the face-to-face sense, but through their magic).

Zaria’s mother’s species (Sauti ya hila) know about angels and just considers them another race that inhabitants earth. Archangels just happen to be one of the more powerful varieties.

And demons hate angels on principle. Most Fallen do as well. Devils are more neutral on the spectrum, not actually being from the earth dimension.

Here’s another post with a bunch of similar questions about the power level of archangels. It has links to each of the asks.

Q: The fae seem so arrogant? Were they created by a different god?

A: Fae don’t give a damn about what you are, except what it means in relationship to them. They aren’t from Earth, they don’t live primarily on Earth, and they certainly don’t respect your god. Each species of fae has their own origin story, and hey have different deities–but many of their deities live among them, except for the elder gods. So no, the fae don’t fear Gabriel. Why should they? Your god means nothing to them. As far as they are concerned, your god and your kind are children compared to some of their kind. Your god created angels. That’s about all the big G did as far as raw creation on a species-wide scale.

Q: Hierarchy of power in the universe?


Existence, the universe, life as we (or they) know it isn’t knowable in its entirety. There is a simple, golden rule to follow when considering your survival: There is ALWAYS something bigger and badder out there.

There are very few creatures left on Earth who could take down Gabriel one-on-one. However, many find strength in numbers, so there is still plenty of reasons to be cautious. It’s also difficult to compare powers, as the way in which you use them can vary substantially. A fertility god (I know, we said gods excluded, but humor me for this example) might be able to create life–but in combat, they might be almost useless.

As for what the MC will encounter?

The Four Horsemen. Ideas made flesh. Ancient creatures that cannot be killed, cannot be destroyed. Reapers, which individually may be dealt with, but serve as servant for a force too powerful to be deterred.

Hope that answered your questions! If you have more, let me know!

Thank you for the lovely compliment! I’m thrilled you’re enjoying it so far!

Actually an interesting point is that, at least as far as the New Testament of the Bible is concerned, Gabriel is never named as an archangel, just a normal angel if memory serves right. Only Michael is.

Will this be alluded to in the game? A point of rivalry? Perhaps… Especially since other religious texts acknowledge Gabriel as archangel.

We meet Iro on the first day of work.


This game is incredible! I honestly can not wait until the next update!

Quick question; will Daniel get to have some form of choices of his own? Like your actions influencing his or whatever? I really like this aspect, the game is incredible. Keep it up.


There are four base versions of Daniel, based on his alignment and his relationship with Gabriel. Other factors, like his dating life, can also be affected by your actions. These aren’t choice you directly control; he is his own character separate from yours.


So Gabriel might become a fairygod guardian angel? Or Not.


Fascinating information!


Oohhh, could you please tell us about them, if it isn’t too spoilery?


Idk if it is a spoiler at this point since the news has been out since ages ago but:

Light side leaning + loves Gab
Light side leaning + hates Gab
Dark side leaning + loves Gab
Dark side leaning + hates Gab