SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP, Cover Art Done Oct. 29, post 1821)



We have the official cover art (sans title which will be added later). Done by the amazing Erion Makuo (Find more of her amazing stuff here)

The wings look amazing! (All of it is amazing but the detail on the wins in particular is just gorgeous!)

Don’t know if you still feel like answering but I am certainly still curious!

That is quite the dream! And maybe picking up on few of the central themes in game…

Check the FAQ at the beginning of the thread! There’s also a masterpost on tumblr that squarelyblue shared here: SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Updated 8 August 2018)

It has some other posts you may be interested as well.

As I have time. It is not a dead project but it is an extremely long one so updates tend to take a while. And considering I just got the official cover art commissioned, I’d like to think that’s a good indication that I’m here for the long haul :wink:

Thank you for answering! (And she/her is my preference for pronouns jsyk:) )


Wow that cover art belongs in a museum :cry: :hearts:


Daniel is so gorgeously rendered that I feel like a proud parent but I have no claim on that :))



It’s been awhile since i visited and whoa… that is some nice Cover… and Hello, Daniel!


It is just me or Daniel kinda looks like Mike from Stranger Things? :heart_eyes: oh and Lucifer is soo cool! :heart: Love it


Amazing artwork!


Well I hope Daniel is ready to have his cheeks pinched and his hair ruffled. I’m already on my way :smiling_imp:


MC doesn’t realize that it’s not god, it’s Lucifer…
Ooooohhhh… the reaction the moment MC realize that it’s Lucifer…and that s/he is also a child of Lucifer… ooooohhhh the irony


His story description sounds like Percy Jackson


Put that under spoilers please some people don’t know/ don’t want to know


Agreed, but most likely know.


OMG, really?:open_mouth:


Thanks @Gower


I swear I should’ve read this a long time ago, but I just had the time recently and it didn’t disappoint me. Your work is awesome, way awesome! Looking forward to see more of your work! Thank you for your hard work!


Very beautiful artwork, I’m anxiously waiting for the release, alas for now I’m distracting myself making various avatars of my Gabriel, this time is the “anime Gabriel”.


Nice work!


Is anyone else sitting with their tin hats on what the actual plot is going to be like? So far we know we have to watch over Daniel but why? And where is god? And what do the four horsemen have to do with all of this

[Ngl, I’ve been sitting on this for a while now]


A million times yes. Because I was thinking, Daniel being the grandchild of Lucifer is not really special, there are plenty around the world, so what is it that makes Daniel so important?!


Right! There’s so many ??? that are up in the air and the only thing I can think of is that there’s some kind of hidden prophecy that only god knows or maybe even Lucifer does – since one of the responses he has regarding his fall seem to imply he’s there to serve heaven despite not being an angel anymore. So if he’s duty bound as the devil, then maybe he knew he was going to eventually father a harbinger of doom or a saviour. Apart from genuinely wanting to rebel for Gab

And curiously, why Gab? Was it because they were there at the right time/moment? Or something more in the works :thinking:


I imagine is Gab because they are the kid of Lucifer, so I mean, they are technically Daniels uncle/aunt so…