SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP, Cover Art Done Oct. 29, post 1821)



A perfectly legitimate response, though I do think it’s an intriguing character development ask.

The angst gremlins are mostly corralled in the angst-pit, though as gremlins are, they don’t always stay there.

This, folks, is what we call a suspicious fruit. At times sweet, other times very, very sour.

I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far! The next update might not be the most interesting one, as it primarily focuses on interaction with Ramiel, but we’re getting places.

@squarelyblue Wouldn’t it be the unholy trinity of angst?

Considering you can die, it might very well be…

Welcome to chaos of SoS! There is angst, but I like to think overall it’s not too dark–unless you choose to make it so.

Some aspects are more focused on a stylized version of reality, so there are some dark parts, but again, I like to think the overall tone, player choices depending, can be fairly uplifting.

That’s not inaccurate, but if you screw up so much that others have to pay the price, it should be (mostly) because you intentionally screwed up. Sometimes it’s fun to see just what happens when you play a Disaster.

  1. She looks great.
  2. This one was shared in discord as another option for sharing how your Gabriel looks:
    @ChristandJackel The one Gildarth mentioned is strictly for Gabs of the feminine persuasion, but the above one works for either.

This… summarizes how people tend to feel about Michael quite well, though most stand on one side or the other from what I’ve seen. (You either love him or hate him, with a few people just wanting to be left alone.)

@paragontethras I’d love to know more about how you feel about this relationship, especially since Raphael has a very, very small role in the game!


So, lately I have been thinking about a F!Gabby, mostly on the stoic/internally pissed off most of the time, and this is what I came up with :smiley:


Wish I could draw my Gabriels.


Even though I am not a skilled artist (and haven’t really drawn in years), I eventually gave in to the urge bc Gabe is too awesome :sweat_smile: even tho I never showed anyone lmao

Even if you feel it’s not good, I would still love to see it!

Even tho the reasoning behind this is embarrasingly self-indulgent and ridiculously headcanon’d on my part I can certainly type it up when I get home :see_no_evil:


All I can draw is stick figures.


My drawings don’t come from the top of my head. I always draw with references, taking picture of myself to do proper anatomy and all that. Without references my drawings are SHIT :joy:


What is everyone’s favorite wing color? Mine are the grey wings.


Easily the silver wings. The “molten metal” dialogue you get for it is probably the most badass thing you can/do get so far.


I… may have gone overzealous and made all of my Gabriel’s :sweat_smile: You have unwittingly created a monster, and thank you so much for sharing this lol


Grey because she can sneak up and scout better, not because the meaning.


Silver. But I think for my next test it will be dark as the fallen fu fu ~


The gray wings I love is a little dangerous because they may think you are a demon but the style is worth the risk. And I hope that being very honest does not turn the white wings


I’m looking forward to seeing the aftermath of going into the shell fir the first time.

Also seeing Lucifer again.


The other day I had a dream about this game…

I was an AROF angel fighting against my brethren because, after being infiltrated in the demon society for so long, I started to see them for who they were. There were your stereotypical evil demons, there were those who committed questionable but beneficial acts and then there were those who were just trying to lead a normal life. Freedom; following their dreams and aspirations, being merry, having children and loving one another beyond the platonic - something the constricting divine society would never allow.

My title and rank among the angels was ‘Compassion’. I was a strict follower of the Commandments that guided Angel society and very much into upholding justice and defending the innocent (which not all believed I was capable of due to my ‘soft’ nature). My superior was a bloodthirsty douche who wanted nothing more than to continue this crusade against the “unholy”, a war that laid waste to demons, angels, evil-doers and innocents alike. It was a blind massacre that had lasted for eons and wasn’t going to stop any time soon; angels were dying and incapable of replenishing their numbers like demons, the pride they held so high also being their downfall. There had been several attempts from the demonic side to broker a peace between them, to no avail.

At the end of it all, I realized that what differentiated a demon from an angel was nothing more than their title. When an angel becomes as bad as the worst of demons, can we really trust divinity at that point? And who are we? Where do we stand, when thinking for ourselves earns us the scorn and distrust of our former allies? When we allow ourselves to become so blind by hatred and racism that we forget our principles. I was brought to trial for disrespecting the chain of command and defending the enemy but stood firm in my conviction. Even if I were cast out of Heaven I would still be me, I’d still do my duty and watch over those that needed my protection.

I don’t know how the judgement ended because I woke up after that.


Molten metal dialogue? Where and how did you get that?


@Ardit_Maloku it’s flavor text that occurs pretty close to the beginning, though I can’t remember where. I think it mentions it right when you pick your wings, and then mentions it again later on when you’re in the battle.


The molten metal dialogue is when u choose the silver wings


What do the ROs look like @Dae-kalina?


Does this still get updated?


If you check with the author’s Tumblr account, they seem to be active on the asks. It is somewhat safe to say that it might be working on but no definite time line. Best to be patient and check with their social media accounts if they are still active since we can’t really ask for updates due to this project is mostly made on the spare time of the author.