SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP, Cover Art Done Oct. 29, post 1821)



I’m seriously hooked after the demo, though. I’m hoping it doesn’t all turn out dark and miserable. I’m not a fan of unhappy endings and misery. There’s enough of that crap in real life, lol. But damn, the story is just so engaging. I couldn’t stop and had to get all the way through the demo.


Hmm, in regards where the story is headed, maybe some of these posts on the plot outline might be helpful :slight_smile:

What’s going to happen next:

Flashbacks and some plot outlines

Project Plans


Hey heeeey, welcome Chani!

Yes, seriously, go through the tumblr. A lot of it is pretty angst-heavy but there is a lot of information about the game in general, as well as info on ROs (even those not in the demo) and even ficlets :slight_smile:

In addition to the above, as far as the ending…
spoiley spoiley spoilers


@Phoenix_Wolf Thanks for the warning! Unfortunately, I tripped on my way out. Think I sprained my damned ankle… guess I can’t run just yet. :expressionless:

@Lychee Thank you very much for the links! I’ve already started reading them. I wish I had found this game sooner!

@paragontethras Don’t take this the wrong way, but I love you. I’m a spoiler whore from the lower levels of hell. I read the last chapter of a book before I read the prologue, if that tells you anything, so spoilers are welcome in a huge way. Thanks!

Now I’m off to read more on tumblr and find those ficlets…


The angst in this game is going to be real… If you are not careful with what you do, a lot of the people you love will die. There are already reads that are going to happen, and the author is of the view of “if you fuck up, the people around you are the ones who will pay the consequences”. So… Yeah, this is going to be a long, painful, soul destroying journey :joy:.


Hello, I wanted to draw my Gabriel, buut unfortunately I have no drawing skills :(. Dejected, I tried to find " avatar makers" of angels and finded a really cool one, alas has only female option, so I coulnd’t make my M!Gabriel. Here’s the link, if any of you want to draw your Gabriel but also sucks at drawing:


I take it that these are only for Gabes of the feminine persuasion?


Way to piss on my parade @Meira_Litch! Of course, all I see is “you have to play the game over and over again until you get an ending where your idiocy doesn’t end up killing everyone you love!”

What killed me in the demo was that I started out hating Michael and wanting to smash his bloody face in, but by the end of the demo, I actually kinda wanted to hug him (and smack him upside the head for being an idiot and hiding stuff). I usually don’t do a turnaround on characters that quickly, so I found the characterization impressive.


…I think a lot of you severely overestimate the angst in the actual game. A lot of the prompts I answer are because we won’t see that in-game. Yes, people can die, and some must; the second book is a war, essentially, and characters are on opposing sides. @EvilChani My intention is not to have to play this game over and over again to get a good ending; there are no instant kills from one bad-choice.

*On mobile, can respond more in-depth later


Thanks for clarifying. :slight_smile: I’m glad the angst won’t be that bad (very very glad) and that it won’t take so many play throughs to get a good ending. I’m just really impressed with how good of a job you’ve done already. I was engrossed halfway through the first scene and couldn’t stop. I was just upset when the demo ended! :wink:


I’m always surprised reading about people finally liking Michael. I totally hate him. Strongly dislike at least. Thanks to the spoilers I know some things that make him less bad in my view but really if there was not the possiblity for G/R/M as a couple I’ll totally destroy him and I’m interrested cause I never saw a trio like that in couple but still I prefer Ramiel. Or Ryder. Or our dear Aelius.


See, I’m the exact opposite-- I can’t understand why people hate him so much, when he hasn’t done anything super unforgivable or even really had enough screentime to be annoying.

I also just think the sheer scope of his existence makes change a little hard to come by, and habits/mindsets difficult to break, so I cut him and the other angels a little slack.

Obviously, he has made some mistakes, and his prejudice against humans could rub people the wrong way, but you could say the same of most of the characters. Dae-kalina did a very good job of giving her characters both major flaws and redeeming qualities, so I dont really hate any of the characters yet (though some do make me wary).

I admit I am also excited about the poly options. Can’t wait to go that route. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


George RR Martin? Lol teasing


Actually it’s more like imagine you’re walking peacefully and BAM someone aggressive stand against you.

I really see Michael as some big bad boss in a game.

I mean, someone is or speaks to you in a way not friendly but more like an enemy, I’m sorry but I don’t see how someone can take it well. Sure, Gabriel is an angel but as you can see in the demo angel doesn’t always mean nice, pretty & naivety, youhou !

And when I’m speaking about why I don’t like Michael, I’m not event thinking about the fact he dislikes humans. I like Iro and clearly she is not the more… How can I say it ? Iro will totally try and maybe succeed to manipulate and probably dispose later of Gabriel.

I really think Michael is not likeable. Just look the first interactions between him and Gabriel in the demo.
Plus : He’ll make a great enemy. Like the one always against every decision not conform to heaven’s rules that Gabriel or any other angel could make.

And I think it’s great the author could create a character so dislikeable. In the end, I see Michael more like the opposite of Gabriel. To finish : if people like Michael so much it’s thanks to the spoilers. Dare to say youdidn’t find hime more endareable after reading them :joy:


Michael is a stickler for the rules. My main Gabriel views him more as a rival while my Fem Gabriel has a romcom style tsundere relationship where she realizes that she’s always thinking about and talking about him even when no-one brings him up.

Main Gabriel has a bit of a superiority complex and sees Michael as the closest thing to an equal. They have the same sword, same stoic attitude, and same devotion to following the rules of heaven. They even both had the immediate decision to read the boy’s essence before even asking his name and they both had the immediate reaction of immediately opting to kill him.

It was really fascinating to read since you make your decisions first and only then see/ hear what Michael does.


Actually the reason I find so easy to like Michael is precisely because of the demo. I presume you have play all the paths and listen to the conversation of Michael and Izzy? And if did so, if you try to make peace with him you will get a glimpse of him, of all the regrets he has for treating Gabriel the way he has been doing, still, you can also get a glimpse of the intense and unconditional love he has for Gabriel.

This part of the demo made me feel incredibly close to him, and just wishing to have more of the game so we can finally learn the reasons as to why he acts the way he does, even if all he wants is to look after Gabriel.


Agreed! It’s always exciting to start out a game already having history with another character-- it makes me eager to uncover the dynamics of the relationship. And I know we both enjoy characters that are a bit of a challenge to get close to :wink:

@Wolfie I think the relationship you have with Michael is one that I mirror with Raphael. I definitely do understand the tragic appeal of the kind of friends-to-enemies/ two sides of the same coin/ fated to kill each other sort of relationship… yummy angst.




I wonder who you are thinking off… most certainty not someone who’s name starts with an M :roll_eyes:


If you were referring to Raphael in the context of the game, there is this. You can scroll down to the bottom and work your way up if you want!

If you meant more like, ‘why do you see your Gabe having that relationship with them’, then I would def be happy to brag on my Gabe a bit :grin:

lolol we are hopeless but I love it

Out of curiosity, who else are you looking forward to romancing in this game? /bouncing in my seat/