SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP, Cover Art Done Oct. 29, post 1821)



@Dae-kalina I apologize if I offended you. Offending you was neither my intention nor my desire.

I was not suggesting removing the dream scene. I was suggesting removing the host of the dream scene and letting the dream scene happen naturally the way selecting preferences happens naturally at the Fae village. I suggest that the scene to set such variables should be about setting the variables rather than whether or not the MC trusts the host.

Thank you. I reread the scene I had in mind and I think another option that might be easier would be for Ramiel to simply add the words “in advance” to his claim that Gabriel knew nothing about the children. It would actually be true, but it doesn’t look that way currently when Gabriel gives a detailed speech about that Fae tribe. In other words when Ramiel’s defense of Gabriel is that Gabriel knew nothing, Gabriel showing detailed knowledge of the situation is a bit awkward.

On a different path at the trial, Gabriel having actually met the mother claims otherwise during testimony. An alternative would be to state that duties as Fae ambassador involve meeting many Fae without ever addressing whether Gabriel met the mother or under what circumstances. Implying that any knowledge Gabriel has of that Fae tribe is due solely to Gabriel’s duties as Fae ambassador would probably be safer.

Anyways, these are just my suggestions hopefully phrased in a way that is not too far on the blunt candid scale of things. I like the idea for those differing approaches though.



I just found this WIP and after playing the demo I am hooked! Really excited to see where the story goes :grinning:

If I may offer some feedback, I found the part just after Lucifer smites the large beast to be a little strange. I’m guessing he shifts planes and then arrives just in time (maybe Gabriel can speculate on his sudden appearance), and that why he showed up when he did will be explained later. The conversation after I thought was a little out of place because it happened while the battle was still raging. I’m not sure if it’s possible to move it to after they escape the collapsing plane, but it could be something to consider.

While reading the skirmish at the warehouses, I was a little confused to as how the angels can fight the demons out in the open without anyone noticing. It was only when Micheal was angry at Gabriel for telling Israfel to use his Grace that I induced normal mortals can’t see angels and demons. Perhaps Gabriel could make a mental comment about that while preparing for the fight.

Apologies if this has been brought up before, I haven’t read the entire thread.


You know I love this. But I was just thinking, I still think a scythe would be nice for a weapon. But that’s just me. Because there aren’t enough scythes as weapons now a days.


Before I elucidate on the update:

Long still in the earliest stages of angel dating sim Miraclr, and I am delighted that I cannot unsee the crossover with SoS… except there Michael is such a Sabriel and Lucifer can be oh so brimstone warm for MC’s form.

Such as:





Also, the SoS Tumblr. Twirling through and I stop at NSFW tags because hello, hi, sensualist, and sometimes I need to laugh a little on a Tuesday. Alas, since social media is akin to me staring into the sun, forgive me for bringing #Sinday within these hallowed halls, but I am wrecked–

{spies SoS fan attempting to insert tentacles into the narrative}


blessed that I will rarely be there to participate in live asks. Truly though, most answers were good for my soul.

So, thoughts and baubles…

Here is yours truly happily sailing on the good Vee Rami/Mickey polyship

all very la la la

except @Dae-kalina approaches under darkening skies

Vee polyshipwrecked!

inching towards that triad are we, fellows? {flings a tomato at Ramiel’s square derriere}

even if inching is Michael’s forte


Now, here we have

Mm, the last book me and my Gabriel read was Stephen Hawking’s biography…


always lovely how all characters have become rich and full-bodied the more we learn via Tumblr, even as many yet exist outside of the game, far more dear and delicious to me are some, whilst surprisingly soured slightly on others who I imagined were to be once bright celestial bodies within Gabriel’s galaxy.

Most of all to grow dear and delicious with in my good graces is Aelius whom I unfairly placed in a black-hole purgatory with his low verve for acts of physicality and perpetual world-weary state–not one I tend to gravitate towards–and yet, I dare say the little devil has horned his way into my second most beloved of ROs.

Speaking of my number one, ahh, recently viewed that the song Kiss With A Fist from my centuries old Mybriel playlist is nearly official for the Michael pairing and, well, my small heart grew three sizes that day.

Of course the melody for MyMy and Gabby’s early nesting in a rocky romance now leads me passionately, emotionally, melancholically here:

Onwards to the update. Glorious update.

More Leochlan bits about his bits, spoiling those of us with a fetish for inked up, pierced down, heartlessly violet men.

Now, no need to revamp a thing for me, only curious if during the trial scene judgment we are able to internalize and/or express that we are concerned for Ramiel’s fate and his fate alone. I couldn’t quite find a path which completely seperates the desire to keep him safe without viewing the children as innocent, (as in succor him, spite the spawn), which I believe exists, but then again I am hazily amidst a sugar high. And the upcoming cell scene will shatter all glass hearts, yes? Yes. Gorgeous.

Happy birthday, queen. I do hope the posts of dessert linger sweetly on the palette. :hugs:


I’m not at all offended! Just unsure of if my intention came across through the various deceptions.

Bit of miscommunication here. I would never take that scene out completely. It has to happen. I was trying to say that the host is a bit meta because it amuses me and dreams are funky weird things anyways, and, at least to my way, it pokes fun at the whole setting of preferences that is fairly blatant (and has to be lest there be confusion.) I appreciate the feedback about the host, and I may very well remove it in the long run, but that means restructuring the scene and that’s not where I want to spend my time right now, because the scene isn’t as critical as other ones.

Ramiel straight-up lies to protect Gabriel if Gabriel knows. He’s not going to implicate them.

I get what you’re saying about Gabriel then countering his words by giving away information that supposedly they don’t know. The Council doesn’t believe Ramiel. That’s what the whole perjury speech was about. However, it seems that it’s not clear about that–Gabriel either tells the truth (because they’re candid) or tries to fudge along with Ramiel (deceptive). There is no crime in knowing about the fae tribe. The intent is that Ramiel is saying Gabriel knew nothing about the Nephilim, which Gabriel can still contradict. I’ll take another look at these, though I’m sure I’ll probably miss something. There’s a total of 256 variations for the trial scenes.

They’re good suggestions and I appreciate your feedback :+1:

No, it cannot be moved to later. It will be explained later, but for now Lucifer could not approach Gabriel like that were they in Heaven.

Maybe. But frankly, archangels don’t really care about that too much. It’s not their responsibility. That’s what lower angels are for. I will take a look and see if I can clarify that, however.

Scythe would be cool, agreed. I am not adding more weapons. There are already eight, and the variations depending on them are quite time consuming to write. Adding yet another weapon is not an increase in scope that I think is necessary.

I may have died a little reading some of those screenshots. The dynamics are quite interesting. And it has now sparked a trend in the discord. Oh dear. Impending chaos.

Tis a shame. #Sinday is a weekly all day occurence, however, and if you even wish to submit something but cannot make the time, please do (perhaps with a note so I do not contrarily delete it.)

And here is how we educate Michael to use his words to be specific. Else… well…

Oh? I admit I am curious to see which of the disaster children have revealed their natures too much up-front.

He would be most pleased to hear that.

It is a perfect song for them.

As for the bit in the spoilers tag; I don’t think I’ll change it (but then again, who knows) as the only way the Council will declare Ramiel safe is if the children are innocent. So ever if you are sure they will be little balls of insane destruction, you have to think of them as innocent–or at least convince the Council of that.


Sees tumblr post about breaking up with the RO’s whilst also being deep in the relationship.
Me: haha… how dare you do this to me. (Ignores post in it’s entirety)


There are some horrible angst gremlins lurking here and in the discord. Between that one, the Gabriel death, and Gabriel cheating asks…


We have a #fluff-cloud channel now for all our fluffy needs though~ :kissing_closed_eyes::two_hearts:
I wonder who these angst gremlins you’re talking about are? gg


The Karyn and Stephanie one hit me hard :sob:


Time to make your own fluff tbh because the angst is strong


Honestly, pretty much every one of those break up scenarios hurt me physically.


They were definitely interesting to read.


This. is. lit.

I literally can’t, @Dae-kalina you have magic hands. Writing is on point and I am dying for the next update. Got me sitting here at 12am shook with this story!!!


“What he said”


There’s always tumblr and the discord. DK has been doing in character asks and ficlets that get posted there, and they’re always great (except when they’re heartbreaking).


The holy trinity of angst: the infamous break up ask, Gab is dead and the everyone has to deal, and last but not the least if you want more pain then try Gabriel dying in the RO/family member’s arms and having to hear their last words

/bows out


God I absolutely hate those??? “Dying in Daniel’s arms” is definitely the worst for me… Especially since my Gabriel tried to kill him and then didn’t want to have anything to do with Daniel, didn’t like him and shit. And Daniel was afraid of him. It took a loooong time for them to start getting along and even longer to develop some father-son relationship. When I think where they started and where they ended up (“I want you”) , it breaks my heart. I really want this scenario to be in-game tho. I love angst.


I’m new to this game–I just found it today and played through the demo instead of working–and am in love with it. Awesome job so far! I love the story and love romance aspects better than any other game I’ve found thus far.

But now I see the word angst in the post right above mine and fear for my life… Is there more info on this game and where the story is headed than what was in the demo (I can comb through the 1777 posts but if someone answers, that’d be great).


in here


Run! While you still can!

But if you do go, get some water to stay hydrated.