SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP, Cover Art Done Oct. 29, post 1821)



I accidentally stumbled upon the ultimate song to listen to as you read the Prologue:

I couldn’t believe how the song lyrics match the writing (in feelings, imagery and passion.)


I have to tell the author you have talent so do me a favor make gabriel have the option to save the twins and even make them loyal only to our MC (gabriel)


That could be interesting.


@Dae-kalina Loving all of this trial angst :ok_hand:

Some typos and stuff







And for some reason, choosing “All I can do now is hope that the Council shows mercy” or “I am glad to be of service however I can be” doesn’t increase candidness, but it seems like they would since all the other choices increase a trait.

There’s also a bug I just noticed near the beginning. Choosing to read your file increases the subtle trait, even though it should be blunt. Likewise, stealing Sabriel’s chair increases bluntness instead of subtlety.


@Rony_Lima_Ferreira_d Unfortunately, that’s probably not possible. As much as I’d love to be able to spare those kids,That would almost definitely result in Gabriel falling. Like, Lucifer already tried the whole rebelling against heaven thing and since they’re his kid, I’m pretty sure the council isn’t gonna take their chances with a ruler-breaking Gabriel

Also, after rereading the trail scene I noticed that Raphael doesn’t like Gabriel much, it seems they know Lucifer is Gabriel’s dad, cause they imply as much at one point in the trail scene with some catty past comment of theirs. Anyway, that made me think of this.

After learning that Lucifer is their dad

Gabriel, standing silently, staring out into space
Lucifer: I understand if this is a lot to take in I just wante-
Gabriel: No, I mean, honestly I’m fine with it. It’s just… every conversation I’ve ever had with Raphael suddenly makes so much more sense.
Lucifer: … THAT is what you’re getting from this whole conversation?!

In conclusion: Raphael is a little bitch and I don’t like them.


At one point the council would order Gabriel to kill them and he would go against it, he would fight them leaving them almost dead but before killing them he would cause them to be sent to a plan of existence far to what he would do with that the sky thought that gabriel would have made them turn to dust and after many centuries when we are in the land in charge to protect Daniel we could find them as they are twins one of them could hate gabriel by leaving them almost dead in some desertic place for you sentences of years while the other knew why Gabriel did what he did.

That would be a great dynamics for the plot do not you think?


Nah I would rather just kill them. Not sure why I have to deal with Ramiels mess. I’m an Archangel, the Wrath of God someone like Israfel would be better suited to this task.


This may be a type choice:
advice: Gabriel we decided that as much as these hybrids are not insane they are a danger to the sky I want you to kill them.

Okay, I’ll kill them.

I will fight them but I will let them flee at the last moment.

I’m just licking myself for the mess that Ramiel did have other do the job



When does Raphael make his little comment?



Raphael uses they/them I believe. And what is it that they say? I feel like I’ve been through that trial half a dozen times (for all that sweet, sweet angst) but I don’t recall seeing any words from them. Just a lot of facial expressions that sure spoke a whole lot lol


Oops, sorry, I changed the pronouns to they/them. Damnit, I can’t find it anymore… I don’t think I hallucinated it but maybe? If that’s the case I need to not take my meds right before reading stuff. Hm… okay what I recall it saying something along the lines of how they think you’re a bad influence, and that that they made a catty comment in the past about how they should’ve gotten rid of you? IDK. I MIGHT’VE HALLUCINATED IT. (If someone finds that line screenshot it so I know I’m not crazy. If not, maybe I should go to bed.)


Maybe it’s a A witches curse ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


You are assuming the kids will be fine and not insane, have I miss something and has there be a confirmation from the author about this?

Because what I predict is that despite everything, the kids will be insane. We know Ramiel will fall after this. If the kids where sane, Ramiel would not fall. But those are just assumptions of mine.


looks at all that beautiful ace rep Yess YESSS


@rosemary_and_sage ohhh is this maybe what you’re thinking of? (I highlighted more than i intended. Don’t mind it)

That’s the only thing I saw in the flashback that sounds like what you described
Im also half-skimming instead of straight up reading so if i missed the actual thing you meant… dont mind that as well


Found an error while being sentenced by the Council.

You focus on maintaining a calm facade,@{(emotional>50) well aware that’s not your area of expertise.| an old habit that suits you well in situations like this.}


@pandaboi hey you found it! I’m so glad I’m not crazy. :slight_smile:


Okay the game tells me what I’m feeling and it got it wrong.

Told me how I wanted nothing to do with Ramiel when what I was actually thinking was " I’m annoyed with the Irresponsible annoying sibling who got me in trouble with their irresponsibility."

Just like my view on Michael is “My sibling, who I love, even though I might have to stab him in the face and it will totally be justifiable homicide.”


Is that what happens if you choose to stay in Heaven or return after leaving Ramiel at the village? I haven’t done that yet but I must for more Israfel/Michael interactions. It sounds more like Raphael not liking Ramiel more then the comment being about Gabriel. Now, being brought back with Ramiel for the trial? Rapahel is a smug bastard.


I loved the path where you stay in Heaven instead of leaving with Ramiel. The interactions with Michael and Israfel are great! Especially when you choose to hold Michael’s hand. Him scooting his chair closer to you is so sweet :heart_eyes: I love that boy lol
And I can’t wait for the option to speak to Ramiel after the trial. That’s sure to be interesting… especially if Gabriel is in love with him and has confessed it :wink: