SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP, Cover Art Done Oct. 29, post 1821)



Fun update! I enjoyed the council scene and seeing how the government of Heaven operates. Just curious, what kinds of angels make up the council and how are they selected? I think it kept talking about Watchers, so I guess I am wondering what exactly they are as well. To be honest I do have some lore questions
What is the main difference between the two Fae courts?
What are all the types of angels and what are their roles?
Back to the update, I liked how you had the one guard angel express her views on the council deliberations and it helps further personalize the angels and how they are living creatures, with their own hopes and dreams, if a bit bound by duty. Also, considering that based on some things I have seen on the Tumbler, it seems that Ramiel will end up fallen, which makes me worry about his kids. Also, would love to see more of Heaven! I love the world building with the multiple Gods and planes of existence. It is always great to see people make some fun, mythological stuff out of Biblical materiel, which is far less done as opposed to the Greek or Norse Gods!


Well, maybe you could do something like the author of Unnatural did where once you finish the game you get a code which you can enter before replaying and it could unlock those scenes? You could include the extra scenes with the price of the full game instead of putting it behind a pay wall, and then there would be added replay value to see those POV scenes in game without spoiling anything for a new player.


Found another typo relatively early on:

He should work on his speed. You can hardly fault me for be fast and accurate enough to eliminate single targets with precise strikes of Holy Fire before he can, you say, idly sending your Grace into your dagger, watching as the tip starts to glow like molten metal.

Be should probably be being, I think?


Could have a scythe as our weapon or is that exclusive to other creatures


Why in the world my preferred sex is always male??? Is there no way to choose what my preferred sex is??? I am male MC BTW…

I think a simple question about our preferred sex will be more accurate rather than confusing us.



The guard that wishes us well is that Sabriel?


I think it means what sex you prefer to be, not prefer to date?


Nice update.
I recently discovered devil may cry and Virgil’s(half demon or half angel half demon in reboot) iaijutso is amazing.
Think an mc with high agility could ever get a katana and do something like this?


What??? How can that be??? There are 2 different stats for them. One is your gender and another is your preferred sex.
There must be something wrong…


I don’t know what’s so confusing, when lucifer saves you, you choose your angel form’s sex, then with Sabriel your human shell sex (male or female), then choose what you shell’s gender is (if you identify as male just pick male here too), then in the flashback is when choose who you are attracted too :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This is what appeared for me when I played as a Gabriel with both male and female genitalia. So yes, preferred sex is your sex whereas gender identification is your pronouns.
Maybe it would be more clear to change it to preferred pronouns and sex, @Dae-kalina :thinking: I understand why it could be preferred sex since Gabriel chose their sex, therefore it’s their preferred one, but I could also see how players could get confused and think that their orientation is decided for them.


Yes… actually that’s the very same page where I got confused. Thanks for uploading that. And now after seeing few examples I finally understand what is going on. But I still think that is confusing for any new player until someone make them see otherwise.


oh my goood, the ramiel angst was d e l i c i o u s :stuck_out_tongue:


Ramiel was excellent. Loved seeing more of him!


There’s a bug when you try to go back to heaven your on a never ending loading.


So umm… maybe this is indelicate, but I’ve just got to say it.

That love scene with Laniwynn was hot. Like, “caused a physical reaction,” hot.

The other stuff was good too, but seriously…I should not have read that at work.

Okay I’m done.

The trial, and all the quietly pining for Ramiel was delicious.

If I had to make a criticism I’d say that it’s probably time to get on with the main part of the story. Of course I am loving the big flashback. It just seems to come at a weird time in the story.


Quote from the SoS:MC Tumblr "Ramiel’s offspring have names already picked out: Lyriel and Ramanoch. "

Oh no, they have names. And they’re cute names too.

Knowing they’re probably going to be killed by Gabriel at the behest of the council, I am so sad. Thanks. My heart hurts now


@Dae-kalina If Gabriel is ordered to kill the twins, is there any way to fake it?


It really made my night when I saw that this had been updated late last night. So far, I’ve played through twice with two different iterations of Gabriel and 'm working on playing through with my third. I love the new content you’ve worked in to what we already had, like the little scene with Michael after the battle in Procellae. Michael pushing a sleeping Ramiel aside so he could take his place cuddled up against Gabriel made me laugh.

And the trial scene was prime angst. I love it because, depending on your Gabriel, there can be a lot of internal conflict going on. My Heaven loyalist Gabriel is torn between what his duty to Heaven says he should do the instant he learns of the twins, and the fact that it’s Ramiel. He actually lies to the council about why he wishes to return to the village which is a Big Deal. My other Gabriel, who is actually the deceptive one, is upfront about their intentions and kind of doesn’t care if it pisses the Watchers off. Neither Gabriel actually believe this will end the way Ramiel and Lyana think it will. They hope so for Ramiel’s sake, but don’t have much faith.

All in all, this was a really nice early birthday present for me.


I like how I stumble onto cool projects soon after new content has been added. Anyway, I desperately loved what I got to play–the worldbuilding is stellar and mysterious, and Gabriel has that righteous anger thing I love to play going in spades. But I can’t get past leaving the fae village.

I get an infinite loading bar. I’ve tried 3 times on 2 different computers and 1 day apart, taking different routes to get to that point. Browsing the forum did not offer any solutions from the reader’s end, but since other people have managed to get past that point I have no idea what happened. xD

If I need to report this to Choice of Games instead, let me know.