SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP, Cover Art Done Oct. 29, post 1821)



The Tumblr for this is fun!


wow just playyed this and its fantastic!


This was funnier in my head, and isn’t actually possible, but… I thought of it earlier and couldn’t stop laughing to myself

Ramiel: I want to be a parent
Gabriel: …I mean that’s cool I guess
Ramiel: You don’t understand- I WANT TO BE A PARENT SO BAD
Gabriel: alright man, chill

Daniel Appears

Gabriel: …
Ramiel: …
God: Look Gabriel, I’mma need you to do me a solid and parent this kid.
Gabriel: …K


Thank you for your feedback. It’s definitely something I’ll keep in mind, and one of my reservations. But, frankly, I wouldn’t want players seeing most of the stuff the first time around anyways. Just a thought, though.

You’ll just have to wait and see, won’t you?

Yes, it most certainly is! Thanks for the catch :heart:

No stuff in-game, yet. A lot of spoilers and character previews/questions on the tumblr. There’s also a discord where some of us hang out and chat, sometimes about SoS, sometimes about random things like drop bears.

Glad you’re enjoying it!

This was great for a laugh! Thanks for sharing it


The Update as of 8 August 2018
First of all, you may have seen some of these changes as I sneaked some of them in at earlier times. However, this is a comprehensive list of changes since the last official update.


Also, while I updated the game on, I could not use the compiled version. I recommend using the link above rather than the dashingdon version for the full effect and more save slots. Overall wordcount now spans 300k+ The trial scene, which is the main addition, is over 90k words with 256 total variations.

As always, if you spot a typo, bug, or there’s something that flows funky/weird, or you have another suggestion, please let me know! This is only a first draft of the game.

Plot updates :


We’re almost done with part one of the fae flashback. This includes both the village route, the skipping route (which is not a route of equal length intentionally), and the trial. Still to be done to finish it is a conversation scene with Ramiel in his cell, and then part one will be officially complete.

  • All of Laniwynn’s solo branches are complete and available

  • All of Leochlan’s paths have been revamped to fit better with the style and length of Laniwynn’s (each scene more than doubled in length)

  • The trial scene has been completed. There are 3 primary branches based on if you went to the fae village and returned with Ramiel, if you went to the fae village and returned without Ramiel (and know his secret), and if you have no idea what is going on (skipped the fae village completely or left right away).

  • The dance with both option is now available. No, this does not lead to a poly scene with the fae twins.

Scene edits :


As a player pointed out in the forums, the choices made during the first scene picking your combat proficiency was not well-reflected in the pre-battle text of the second scene. This is undergoing revisions (and will finish with 200+ new little combinations for how the scenes can play out)

Due to some variable changes (see below), the scenes revolving around choosing sexual and romantic attraction have been revamped.

  • You can now choose to be asexual and aromantic (NOTE: This will not allow for any variation of romantic paths, but includes platonic paths)

  • You can choose to be asexual and romantically attracted to people–this will effect relationships, though you can still choose to be physically intimate/

  • You can choose to be aromantic and sexually attracted to people–this will effect relationships, some more than others, and may change the availability of some characters who require romantic feelings for a serious relationship (TBA).

  • You can choose to be romantically and sexually attracted to people.

  • 2/32 combinations from Scene Two: A Host of Hunters have been revamped to fit better with earlier choices. These are currently sneaking behind the enemy with either a morningstar or a staff. Each weapon tactic combination will have eight new variations that support the eight choices you can make during the first scene (four initial skill choices, then two trait choices). The rest will be rolled out as they are completed.

Under the hood :


The stats screen was heavily revamped to provide a cleaner flow. New things (listed below) were added to it. More variables were created.

  • For those interested in having a more-than-strictly-platonic relationship with a character, there are now two components to that: a sexual attraction and a romantic attraction.

  • In the same vein, there are now more variables for tracking how those relationships are proceeding. Yippee!

  • The stats screen now includes a character description, just in case you forget what you look like.

  • The stats screen also has more sub-menus so the first page doesn’t look like a bomb went off.

  • Skills now include a verbal description for all the different variations of Angel Blades. Also, you have some higher skills to better reflect your rank as an archangel. Level up! ((Rank 5 does not have the text yet, but you can’t reach that rank quite yet either ))

  • You will have a base wing color of white and an Angel Blade of a spear if you feel like looking at yourself in the stat screen before you can choose these.

  • There is now a romantic relationship sub-menu if you are interested or possibly interested in someone. This also includes aromantic relationships that are more than platonic.

  • Your traits now come with a verbal description.

  • Your characteristics now come with a verbal description.


Seems the codes wants to be loved too


…someone may have forgotten to take out the testing stuff. Oops.
I’m gonna go fix that.


You’re not here as an archangel. You’re here as a criminal. Until you have a clearer handle on the situation, it’s best to keep your mouth shut and watch. @{(emotional>50) It’s hard, given the mix of emotions you’re feeling right now, but it’s best for everyone.|That’s the way you prefer it, anyways. Keep calm, analyze, and don’t let anyone see how you’re feeling.}

You focus on maintaining a calm facade,@{(emotional>50) well aware that’s not your area of expertise.| an old habit that suits you well in situations like this.}


There’s one more after that for the fae encounter


Both of those should be fixed (testing remainder and multireplace fail) on both versions now. Thank you both!


Hello! I’m currently playing through the latest update, and I’m currently reading the Fae scene. When it comes to the point where we share our thoughts about the statues to indicate our sexual preferences, the option for being exclusively attracted to females is missing. I have attached a photo so you can see where I’m experiencing the error.


I kinda thought that happened because my Gabriel had stated interest in Ramiel?
Who is not female.


Oh, you have a point there! That definitely could be why.


If you’ve shown interest in Ramiel, the option is supposed to be hidden. So if you said any of these options:

  • #Pull back. I’m not sure what my feelings are towards Ramiel, and his touchiness only confuses things.
  • #Lean into his touch. I’m not sure of my feelings towards Ramiel, but his touch is comforting.
  • #Pull back. I want to be more than friends, but Ramiel seems oblivious to my feelings, and his free touches cause more pain than comfort.
  • #Lean into his touch. I want to be more than friends, but Ramiel seems oblivious to my hints. So for now, I’ll take what I can get.

You will not have the opportunity to be exclusively interested in females. Because overall preference is set after your past attraction to Ramiel, I did this to avoid variables that would conflict with each other.


Hello! That definitely makes sense to me now, thank you. However, I also did not receive the ability to say that I am only interested in physical relations. Is that also because of my choice in that scene? I chose to let him touch me even though I was unsure of my feelings.


Thanks for bringing that up!

It is at the moment, though since you’ve pointed it out, I’ve gone back and changed that (it will only fail to appear as an option if you are in love with Ramiel. Being unsure will now allow you to select that you are aromantic). I haven’t updated the demo with the change, as I’d like to make some more revisions first.

It’s mostly because the addition of physical attraction vs emotional attraction (do I want to bang and/or am I in love with them) came after the original scene where Ramiel’s past was set. At first there was only one variable to keep track of, not two. There are no setters for being physically attracted to him at the moment; I will likely go back and alter those choices to make it flow better. I’ll probably push a patch tomorrow where the choices are revised to look more like below (where the first one is romantic feelings, the second is desire to be physically intimate)

  • Pull away/lean in you’re in love with him (romantic/???, will remove the option of being exclusively interested in females)
  • Pull away/lean in ??? (maybe/maybe, will remove the option of being exclusively interested in females)
  • Pull away/lean in no romance but yes bang please (will not lock options)
  • Pull away/lean in good friends (no effect later)
  • pull away/lean in why doesn’t he just leave and never come back (no effect later)

So I’ll add in two options and likely tweak the wording of the others, as well as assigning a few more variable where it fits. I’ll also go back and modify the choices in the fae village so that more Ramiel specific variables are set versus just the global ones.


I suggest that you make dashingdon the main version of the game, or make sure the non-dashingdon version uses the most recent choice script version with the settings menu to change foreground/background colours


Amazing story cannot wait to see where it goes from here.

As for any bugs i found this during the trial scene while playing a female mc

You focus on maintaining a calm facade,@{(emotional>50) well aware that’s not your area of expertise.| an old habit that suits you well in situations like this.}


Here are the typos I found



@Dae-kalina I think the current way the game lets us select sexual orientation and whether to be romantic if the MC does not accompany Ramiel just seems suspicious. I would suggest there should not someone inviting us to dream but that the dream just happens on its own.

It would have been nice at the trial to have the choice to just remain silent. If the MC does accompany Ramiel, then Gabriel’s strategic defense of Ramiel implicates Gabriel in knowing more about the situation than had been admitted.

I hope we will also get the option when dealing with Daniel to feel sympathy for his circumstances and being willing to protect him from Michael without implying that we want anything at all to do with raising him. Protecting a child from murderous demons and archangels is not the same thing as volunteering to raise him.

Here are some typos in the latest version.

I find a variety representations attractive, and these are fine pieces of artwork.

I think it should be variety of representations.

You would also love to know who is feeding them their information. They are woefully misinformed. Of course, Ramiel doesn’t respect the distance you’ve tried to put between the two of you, so it isn’t an entirely unexpected misunderstanding. Nevertheless, if you’ve been dragger here because the Council thinks you are complicit, they are going to be woefully disappointed.

It should be dragged.

“I admit I left with Ramiel this morning, but I can back incensed. While I did not know the true extent of his actions, I knew upon entering the fae village that there was something out of place.” Summoning a tear would probably go unnoticed by most of the Watchers, so you don’t bother with that bit of theatrics.

I think it should be came.

It’s a nice fantasy, but that’s all it is. You don’t plan on proving his innocence. You can barely handle proving yourself innocent. And after he presented you with the woman he had slept with, you aren’t sure you if you want to tell him.

I think it should be either you or if you.


This word should not be there.


Bit of code weirdness going on below