SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP, Cover Art Done Oct. 29, post 1821)



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No problem. I’ve read every post on that blog at least once, and sometimes search for old ones to refresh my memory. Might as well link them occasionally.

Nobody’s done this in a while but I decided to borrow @Quaintrelle’s character template so I can gush about my Gabs.

Anatomy of a Gabriel

Angelic Gender: Female

Manifested Weapon: Sword and shield

Wing Color: Gold

Currently Imagined Grace Scent: Cinnamon (Emotional) or Strawberries (Merciful), I haven’t quite decided

Personality Traits: My Gabby is that fierce kind of love that wants to protect those who need help and drive out evil. She’s very emotional and unreserved with her affections around people she’s close to (Iz, Danny) and calculating how to undermine and destroy people she hates (Lilith, Iro). She’s a smartass and mischievous at heart, although this part of her is a bit darker since Ramiel was cast out of Heaven. Her pranks are less games these days and more “fuck off and leave me alone, MICHAEL.” In happier times, she will laugh at just about any joke, no matter how bad, just because she sees it as an attempt to play.

She’s disillusioned by the Council and feels like a lot of the rules of Heaven are overly strict, stifling, and without much room for mercy or forgiveness. That “at risk” stamp is probably accurate, but finding out about it just makes things worse. She feels stabbed in the back by the Council and frustrated that Michael buried it – she tends to think it’s better to hash things out than ignore them and hope they go away.

Favourite Tactical Position(s): Healing, or using Grace to smite fools from on high. She’ll get in the thick of the fighting if she has to but it’s not her preference.

Current Character Statistic Strengths: Empathy, Ingenuity, Affinity

Current Character Traits: Merciful, Suave, Subtle, Emotional, Candid, Strategize

Current Skills: Offensive Grace

Team Humans or Team Angels: Team Humans (initially just Team Danny, but she warms up to humanity after a few years)

Shell Gender Identification: Female

Shell Name: Gabrielle

Shell Surname: Bennett

Shell Description: 5’10, curvy redhead

RO(s) of Choice: I honestly haven’t decided yet. I know she’s inexperienced because I just don’t see her being close enough with anyone, and she’s not really a no-strings girl.

I have my eye on (in no particular order): Ramiel, Sabriel, and Iain. Aelius is a maybe just because I like him, but I’m not convinced my Gabby will be tolerant with the whole binding souls deal. Same for Michael, I know he’s supposedly in love with her, but he’s really shooting himself in the foot with his patronizing bullshit. Depends on whether he can admit his feelings and apologize, I suppose. Right now, Gabs thinks he hates her and that she’s a huge disappointment as an archangel. She might try to be diplomatic when he’s around, but she has written him off.

(Let’s be real, I’m going to replay and smooch all of them.)

Favourite Earth Food: Thai curries and noodles of all kinds. I think Gabby’s first encounter with spicy food is going to be fun.

Favourite Human Colloquialism: I don’t know about favorite, but she is going to be real confused about the difference between a butt dial and a booty call. I imagine her saying she just booty called someone and her partner never lets her live it down. Swearing is also going to be very funny to her, and she will parrot any new ones she learns until she gets them right.

Relations with other characters - there is a metric fuckton of words below this cut. I warned you.

Ramiel: First, she’ll have a good laugh at the idea of Rami as a lawyer and feel bad for his paralegal. (If he doesn’t have a paralegal and has to do all his own paperwork, she’s going to laugh even harder.)

As for their personal relationship, I think Gabby will be keen to rekindle the friendship with some caveats. He will need to prove he’s learned from his mistakes, and I think she will be somewhat guarded given how oblivious and cavalier he was in the past. Rebuilding trust will take some time.

Assuming he turns out to be more reliable and just a titch less dense, they’ll probably fall back into old patterns. She sympathizes with his reason for falling, and tries to involve him a bit with Daniel, in a fun uncle kind of way.

Israfel: They are ride or die. Particularly before she goes down to earth, Izzy is her only friend. They are very physically affectionate, lots of handholding/wing touching/leaning etc. I think he’ll stay her #1 priority even after her friend circle grows. Any ROs will have to ride in the backseat. I don’t think she’s blunt or threatening enough to give Charleston the shovel talk, but she’d be thinking it.

Michael: I loved the little snippet on tumblr about how Michael got added to the nest. I used it as a basis when I sketched out my Gabby’s personality, as well as her relationship with Michael. So my baby Gabs used to glom on Michael, climb him, pull his wings, and drag him into all their rule-breaking shenanigans. She loved pranking him with Rami, but to her it was just games and she didn’t realize she was hurting Michael’s feelings. At some point they started becoming more distant, and then Ramiel’s fall is likely the stake in the heart of that relationship. Michael doesn’t hesitate to criticize Ramiel and she blows up at him in her grief. Cue millennia of slapfighting.

Now, her emotions toward Michael are all tangled up in her feelings about the Council and Heaven in general – from “meh” to “no thank you” depending on her mood. She’s partly frustrated with his response to the AROF stamp – Michael did her no favors by burying it – but she appreciates that he thought he was protecting her.

She’s confused by what she overheard between Michael and Izzy, and he really threw her for a loop in the hallway. He initiates hongi and then says he has faith in her despite doubting everything else? It completely upended her understanding of their relationship and she’s not sure what to make of it.

Even assuming they reconcile, they are going to have some fundamental disagreements. Michael thinks Gabby’s #1 priority should be safety and not risking herself, and she thinks that is an egregious waste of her talents. Power should be used to protect those who are vulnerable and help the helpless, not cocoon herself away in heaven being no good to anyone.

Sabriel: Not the greatest first impression, but I think given some time she will understand Sabriel’s mama bear personality. Based on some of the things you can overhear (which is non-canon to my Gabby but informs my guesses about how they will interact), I think she and Sabriel have similar worldviews. Or at least my Gabby’s views are trending towards Sabriel’s. Hoping we can have movie nights and get some pop culture tips from her. Have you ever witnessed the disbelief when someone says they’ve never seen a Star Wars movie? Not very under the radar. Hopefully they’ll develop a friendship where Gabby can bounce ideas off her and get a more nuanced view of the world outside of Heaven.

Lucifer: Awkward. Gabby will probably use Ramiel as a go-between at first (which he’ll appreciate, I’m sure :roll_eyes:). She might agree to meet with Lucifer face to face if Rami is present, and there will be lots of eye glances like “are you fucking kidding me” and “is he full of shit?” Assuming Lucifer makes an effort to be nice and convince her he’s not such a bad guy, honest :roll_eyes: she will eventually defrost and be willing to form a vaguely familial relationship. He will probably catch no end of shit from her for the whole business with soul contracts, not that I expect him to stop anytime soon. Definitely looking forward to adopting a hell hound though – “are you SURE it won’t burn the house down?”

Daniel: I know I said earlier that Iz is Gabby’s #1 priority, but Danny is her other #1 priority. If she had to choose between them she’d probably spontaneously combust. She’ll sleep in his room when he has nightmares, she’ll learn to cook healthy food so he’s not eating takeout constantly, teach him to swim, go camping, teach him to drive (lol she’ll have to learn how first, but she’s got time), and watch whatever kids’ cartoons and Disney movies he wants. She’ll probably be reading parenting magazines and blogs while on stakeout. At first, protecting Danny is her God given duty and damn it if she won’t be the best there is. I think she will grow to genuinely love him for himself and want to see him be the best version of himself he can be. If we ever get that scene where Danny’s art is exhibited (like that angsty Gabby death ask on tumblr, but with live Gabby), she is going to cry in public.

Also, I can’t wait to see her face when he decides he’s too old to be called Danny anymore.

Alice: They are going to get on like a house on fire. I honestly don’t know if I want to partner my Gabby with Alice or Iain more. I want her to help Gabby set up a Tinder profile and then laugh her ass off when she discovers my innocent lil angel understands NOTHING.

I’m sure Alice will twig to the fact that Gabby isn’t human, rather than just super sheltered. Gabs isn’t the type to lie about it if asked, although she would downplay exactly what kind of angel she is. “Guardian angel” is close enough to the truth.

I desperately hope drunk karaoke is in their future.

Iain: Given that Iain is ignorant of the supernatural, I’m sure he will think Gabby is super sheltered. At least for once he won’t be the only blushy ginger around. I picture them having a similar relationship as Rami and Gabby used to – horsing around, pranks, bawdy jokes, drinking contests, discovering Gabby can’t hold her liquor, making fun of her for it the next day…

I imagine he’ll be one of the last to find out about Gabby being an angel (unless they’re in a relationship, then she would want to fess up first). “You’re… WHO? WHAT?” “I didn’t lie, I told you my name was Gabrielle. It’s not my fault the Church pronounces it wrong!”

Stephanie: Not sure I’ve seen enough of to know how my Gabby will get along with her. Probably pretty well, Gabby is inclined to make friends with most people if they aren’t jerks. Given that she’s a witch, she might find out about the halo earlier than some.

Charleston: Seems aloof, so I’m not sure how he will get along with Gabby. I feel like she might annoy him. She would at minimum have to dial down the chat and the touchy feely. Assuming he dates Izzy, there will be a little “you better not make him cry” side eye happening.

Zaria: Gabby hates seeing people left out so she will make an effort to learn some ASL, otherwise she will write her words down so Zaria doesn’t have to do all the work to make conversation. When she adopts the hellhound, Zaria will become her go-to person for dog questions. “HI ZARIA! I ADOPTED A DOG. NOW WHAT DO I DO?” written on a notepad. I’m sure Zaria will facepalm and put together some links in an email. She probably does raw food for Rolo and may give Gabby some tips.

Tom: Josie seems about the same age as Danny, so playdates will happen (Gabby read about them and they seem like a good idea since Danny doesn’t have nestmates). Tom and his wife will get broadsided by all her parenting questions, so hopefully they have pity on the poor girl.

Josie: She seems funny and bright, and a good influence on Danny.

Karyn: Seems nice enough, not sure she and Gabby would be that close. I don’t think Gabby would understand half of what she says, what with all these apps and chatsnaps.

Leo: Given that she meets Leo and Tadea as kids, Gabby’s going to think of them as cherubs for a long time and have trouble breaking that habit. Leo is probably going to be insulted by how adorable she thinks his crush is, if she even realizes it’s a crush and not just extra friendliness. Sorry, dude. She wouldn’t be cruel or hurt his feelings on purpose.

Tadea: Seems like a nice girl. I could see Gabs trying to adopt her or be a big sister.

Aelius: Given that he seems to still have a trace of conscience left, I think Gabby would try to charm him into behaving. As much as a denizen of Hell can behave, I guess.

Iro: Gabby remembers the magic words: please, thank you, and step off, bitch.

Ryder: Using your powers to enslave demons is kinda funny and they probably have it coming. Using your powers for world (or regional) domination is a “hell no!” from her. She’s gonna have to apply a boot to his ass at some point but she has no special animosity for him.


Out of curiosity does anyone have the fear that since Daniel is a Satanspawn he won’t be able to reunite with Gabby when he dies? Like does Heaven automatically bar his soul because of his parentage






If Heaven does guess who’s going to go AWOL on them >:C

Also I should redo my Gabby’s profile since we have new info on grace scents and what not


Gabby: “I’ll go get my dad and then you’ll be sorry” :angry:


So you mean to tell me Gabby is a Malfoy?


Oh crap… that thought never came into my mind! I just assume that when angels dies, they don’t go to heaven, they just disappeared.


Gabby: “My dad could beat up your dad” >:c


Well. When angels die they die for good. In Gabby’s case they’ll just leave their shell and return to their angelic form (in theory)

But Daniel is a big question and it’s not heaven if my son isn’t there >:C

Btw currently listening to Dear Evan Hansen and I can’t decide if this feels more like Gabby x Michael or Gabby x Ramiel (but it does give me feels regardless)


Not really an issue for my Gabby, since she’ll be taking up residence in hell. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh my male Gabriel will definitely day that!


Daniel: “My dad can smite your dad”


Parent off ft Gabriel? Yes. Good.

Honestly looking forward to Gabriel and Daniel shenanigans and Heaven (Michael included) will have to pry this family from my cold dead hands


Hey so I just realised, do we know anything about satan? Not ex-angel satan/lucifer I mean the origional demon satan

Like is he a massive Douchebag like the books or is he just kinda ehh?
Does he have fire breath or rip a mountain in half?
Also how strong is he? Like 1 to 10 1 being muggle human 10 being God



I swear my Gabriel is gonna get stomped every step he takes to try to become the strongest

My Gabe in a nutshell:


So what I’m getting from this is either Lucifer and Satan are two different entities, or Lucifer became a deity at some point in our life.
I know Lucifer is our dad and I thought a angel too making him not a deity. This bring to bear the question during his banashment did something happen to make him many times more powerful and a dragon or is there two Satan’s?


Satan is both a being and a title iirc. Lucifer carries the mantle of Satan but he is not Satan himself and the real one is somewhere out there

Which if you read the what if scenario of Gabby getting clapped Lucifier actually thinks of himself as still being on the side of God. Which makes me believe that the real antagonist of the series is in fact the first Satan and for some strange reason needs both Daniel and Gabby for his plans


The original Satan is a red dragon and some kind of OP extra planar deity. :woman_shrugging:

Lucifer gets called Satan but he is actually just a very powerful fallen Archangel (and the King of Hell). Angels know he’s not the same thing, but it’s both insulting and a way to avoid acknowledging his former position, so the name stuck.

As for the antagonist, I think there will be several. I read on the game tumblr that the Apocalypse will trigger at some point, releasing the four horsemen. Lilith will be an antagonist because she noticed Gabby is important to Lucifer, and therefore a weak point to be exploited. Some of the characters we meet can also be antagonists. Like if you want to be evil, the good aligned NPCs will try to fight you, and vice versa.