SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP, Cover Art Done Oct. 29, post 1821)



Ouch. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before but Daniel is my son and I love him very much so reading his reaction (and by extension Ramiel’s because he makes the appearance there) is a very painful player punch

And damn. Lucifer’s reaction is a huge spoiler as to what actually went down between him and Heaven and gosh I need more

@Dae-kalina is it possible to ask then for a follow up scenario of Gabby being presumed dead but somehow is alive? And somehow manages to collapse right in front of the RO / Daniel / Father Dearest / Izzy? Especially if they manage to be like “I promised I wouldn’t die right?”



Well, Gabriel may have moved on in that universe, but my soul surely followed, most treasured of all authors…:black_heart:

Deep, deep within the stage of denial, until Mickey ruined, wrecked, and shattered my delusion with his own. I desperately wanted Gabby to fall into his lap with all the gracelessness of Tom Sawyer interrupting his own funeral. Long shall I love my pastel-draped bully.


Bites lip.

Did…Israfel, once butterscotch, actually assume Gabriel’s strawberry grace? 'Tis possible? What is this wetness on my cheeks? Why did we ever go down this dark, beautiful path?!

Edit: Just a Tumblr boo-boo, then. Still gutted.

Hello, kindred spirit. My heart is now hidden away in an ornate box for safe-keeping. Here is the :key:.

Proficient as you are in brilliance, I’ll merrily be the Thelma to your Louise as we sail gloriously over this cliff. :heart:


One day they [the High Courts] will likely decide to wipe us out


So did I.

Yours is infinitely better.


Ah Quaintrelle, don’t ever change please

/hands you a tissue for your tears

Though now you have to take responsibility for all the angst that Dae-kalina says you’ve wrought.

This would be a very good start by the way coughs


Shit. All these angsty feels! :sob: my heart broke when I read Daniel’s. My poor son! Momma Gabriel will always be with you!

Edit: can we have happy ones now? Like some how Gabriel comes back to the Ros and Daniel, israfel and Lucifer alive when they thought they were dead.


Omg i love all of those story! Specially israfel anger towards heaven and lucifers declaration of war to god.

@Dae-kalina i love you more because of this


Seeing my children so broken and depressed… I want to cry :disappointed_relieved:



What would be Lucifer’s reaction to Gabriel Falling?


Answered here:


Thank you! Loved reading that!


Idk if linking slightly nsfw things is against forum rules but Dae just answered a relatively nsfw question on tumblr and it just made my day


Welp, I’m ruined all over again. I hadn’t played the Demo in a year and did my best to avoid the tumbler and, oh look, surprised I’m ruined again~ God I’m so excited for this game still, and the update game me life and a massive case of the blushies. I think I’m still blushing and I haven’t read since yesterday. Now I’m determined to catch up on the Tumbler. Cause why not fall in love with these characters and story more.

(God when plot hints come up I’m probably going to be a guessing mess.) also I got to admit I’m super excited for the first domestic mess of My tiny Gabe trying to figure out how to take care of a tiny human. (Though my dream one day is that they grow into possibly being super parent. Or at the least get to be the biggest hugger and trying to spoil thier little charge and try to pack him around while he’s still tiny.)

This story is still fabulous and I’m just waiting at the edge of my seat. This story is going to ruin me and I accept this ruin gladly! It could be twenty years from now when this is finished and I’ll be slamming my finger on that buy buttion like it owes me money.


That ask added ten years to my life. Which means I’m probably breaking even after that angsty one about Gabby’s death, god damn.


Well. Am dead. Ramiel has me seduced with that ask and that’s just not fair

Am also laughing at Gabby cooking and Daniel to the rescue. My Gabriel will learn how to cook because Danny is a growing boy and can’t live on fast food + take out forever


The Valentine present one? It was yum!
Ramiel’s was both funny and kinky. Pretty much:


I have to agree with @squarelyblue. SoS characters are absolutely disastrious for one’s health.

And the writing. Oh my. I will now go and furiously study your style since it is captivating. Just what kind of magic are you using?

In short, thank you for giving us such a lovely story :slight_smile:


I can’t with Michael’s YA novel obsession :joy:


What is Lucifer’s reaction to the ROs?


He basically thinks nobody’s good enough for his little angel.


So he’s a normal parent then? What of the ROs finding out who daddy is for Gabriel?


Found a couple of tumblr asks about Lucifer’s opinion on RO’s. Here is the list form and here is a more in-character response.

This one is kind of more about how they react to Lucifer’s disapproval than his identity, but close enough.