SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP, Cover Art Done Oct. 29, post 1821)



I understand ya :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Okay, but is nobody going to talk about how we can confess our feelings to Ramiel? I didn’t even know this was an option until I saw it talked about on the tumblr page.


Me neither!! :scream: I had to try it and see for myself after reading that in the tumblr


It had me so shook, but also I loved the angst that followed so :smirk:

I love Ramiel but putting Mr. Oblivious through that pain was way too satisfying, haha… And the fact that that is possibly Gabriel’s last interaction with him before he falls? O u c h.


Yeah I saw a mention of it on the tumblr, but how do you get that option?

EDIT: Nevermind I just checked back at the tumblr and it says how to do it there. :slight_smile:



Yes, the “Leave” option was my agonizing favorite for a reason. I love you, but I’m done with you. Alas, my Gabriel refuses to leave Ramiel. Even if he’s damned her along with him.

The connection that I feel to this story differs from many, many others as all that @Dae-kalina writes, I read. No flight plans set in stone, my character has no fear to be out of character as I find it imperative to traverse all options while the ley lines she lays down for us each gift a unique experience.

As in one specific path, to a specific path wherein Gabby becomes privy to Leoch sketching their beautiful back. Or how a bitter, hurt Gabriel reacts to the fae’s realization that they are in love as opposed to the way an easygoing Gabriel reacts. The quality and detail within is sublimely divine.


I did! I better start searching for that post!


What’s funny is that I picked that option on my first play through but after reading the second paragraph I restarted the game because I didn’t like that option IF ONLY I READ FURTHER ;_;


I couldn’t contain myself anymore lol
A SOS: The Mortal Coil fancast (more like “SOS PLEASE, THERE ARE HOT PEOPLE IN MY DOORSTEP” UP TOP :raised_hand:)

















Daniel (grown up)


Josie (grown up)



I had already constructed an appearance for some characters before the official descriptions came out so I’m kinda cheating, maybe? I Dunno lol Leo, Ramiel, (why is it always the ROs I want?!) Daniel and Tedea were so fucking hard to find I almost gave up pff


There’s a master post on @Dae-kalina’s Tumblr with all of the RO’s physical appearances, so that may help with potential fancasts:

That being said…

There’s only really one choice for my baby here:



Your Stephanie fan cast is beautiful! Who is she? :open_mouth:



Love your choice for Ramiel!


She’s zhang zilin :kissing:


@cookiemonsta OH MY GOSH, SEAN O’ PRY! i love that man. :heart_eyes: god, he is so dreamyyy. i cant believe u cast him as ramiel! now im gonna imagine its him regardless of what his actual description is. :joy:
ryder is supposed to have norse features tho, he has long blonde hair and pale eyes as i recall.



About Ryder, I know he has fabulous long blonde hair but like I said I already imagined how some characters look like before the official descriptions came out and he kinda stuck to me as having short black hair I don’t know why lol


oK!!! more gabe/peeps from this story ahh!! i waited so long to post this sorry.

(it’s lip stick)

story is fueled by gabriel’s tears

gabe again
gabe and michael

prefall ramiel

lawyer ramiel

that’s everything!
(1) Lucifer 2) Gabe 3) long post of everyting else)
(link to all SOS art)


So I’m sure this was addressed in an earlier conversation, but I couldn’t find it. So I looked through the male RO options and Michael wasn’t on there. I just really got an RO vibe from Michael’s actions in the play through and I’m just curious as to why Michael’s not a RO


He is a RO he just wasn’t initially. You can find out more about him on the tumblr.


I played through the new fae scene and I quite enjoyed the encounter with Leochlan, even tho I unfortunately won’t experience it in my canon playthrough (as I don’t trust Ramiel enough, especially after having a spear aimed at my neck). If this is a taste of what future romances scenes will be like tho, I imagine they be quite fun as well. ^.^

So I’ve been undecided about ROs, but reading the recent asks on the tumblr I’m really starting to take a liking to Ryder. He seems really sweet and fun, he might end up stealing my Gabriel’s heart. :3

On another topic, anyone else finding their alleged Archangel of God committing a surprising number of cardinal sins on a regular basis? So far I’ve got Wrath, Pride, Lust, Envy and arguably Sloth. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just replayed since the new demo, and I’m loving it. I read through the tumblr and I think I have a better idea of who my Gabriel will be.

I picture her being pretty stunned by the AROF designation. She’s starting to question her place in Heaven now, and her view of her new assignment has gone from “inconvenient, but whatever” to “I need a century away from these feather brained jerks.”

Leaving Heaven behind won’t cross her mind for a while, but it will eventually. She’s been losing her nesties one by one - Rami falls, Michael did a pivot and seems like he can’t stand her anymore (except for being briefly affectionate in the GAO before running away), so she’s a little clingy with Izzy because he’s all she has left. But eventually she’ll adopt Daniel as real family, not just “I have to watch him because God said so.” Then she’ll start adding her friends to her found family, maybe even Lucifer if he can try to behave as much as possible for the King of Hell. Michael will probably pop a gasket.

On tumblr, @Dae-kalina mentioned binging Disney movies with Daniel, and Lilo and Stitch will ruin my Gabby. Gonna be her first ugly cry.

Meeting Ramiel will be Gabby’s second ugly cry. :grin: