SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP, Cover Art Done Oct. 29, post 1821)



isn’t one the RO daniel’s teacher?(i remember a sex scene or post scene with a teacher(?)) @Dae-kalina one question!! can I just say I am daniel’s father instead of guardian? (when talking with other people and they ask who he is?)


For Tom Josie for anyone else Daniel or Michael :kissing:


First of all, I just want to say it’s always a delight reading your comments. I almost feel bad for what I put your poor Gabriel through. Almost. And I am now considering adding a very brazen Gabriel approach to the council.

As for the timing of that post, well, they say there’s no such thing as coincidence.

The only male RO he would be unable to romance is Tom. Tom is not interested in men. He will date a Gabriel who identifies as female. However, some romances may not be interested in your Gabriel depending on their personality. I hope that clears it up some! If not, please let me know and I will attempt to clarify.

You’re going to break him. Better make it a double of everything.

I’m with @Morphine on this one. Scar the kid for life, why don’t you. Josie is a werewolf and pretty nonplussed about sex. She doesn’t want to see it, but she’d still be better off than Daniel.

None of the ROs are Daniel’s teachers. The extra scene that was temporarily available was for Alice.

Not at first. The cover story is that you’re Daniel’s aunt/uncle/untie, and this is a ‘fact’ that people can find via internet sources. Later, when your relationship with Daniel is high enough, you can say that you’re his father. But saying it initially would cause more problems than not, because it’s pretty clear to everyone that you barely know the kid or how to take care of him.


Iro and Ryder correct? I remember reading THAT they are available to dark Gabby. OH well wasn’t interested I like it when my crush friendzones me lol


Where can I find the Alice scene?


@Dae-kalina Yes It’s much more clear. Too bad for you Tom. You don’t know what you miss muahahaha :wine_glass:


Can someone point me to the info about the Romances?


female: SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Update 03/17/2018)
male:SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP--Update 03/17/2018)


Was not expecting that one scene it really made me blush :wink:


I noticed there is no Micheal in that male RO post. So at which point and why did he become a RO?


I am all for Michael x Gabriel here :joy::joy::joy:
Gabriel: lets do it!!! :grin:
Michael: (shutters) i dont know how…:thinking:
Gabriel: SHIET! I dont either :neutral_face:


Tbh am really looking forward to family feels ft Daniel and Gabby. Especially since we’re not quite sure who or what the big bad wants other than Daniel (otherwise why would God ask Gabriel to watch over him)


Are we 100% sure that it actually was God who asked Gabriel to watch over Daniel, and not Lucifer?


You know aside from the tattoo and the “appeals to higher powers for guidance”, Leo actually reminds me of a character from a webcomic I read a few years ago called Strays. Here’s a pic of the character (I can’t remember his name) :



Yeah Dae-kalina made it clear that Lucifer doesn’t give a damn for the Satanspawn. What surprises me is how many of the readers seem to be taking this personally.


Really? Huh, for some reason I’m completely surprised to hear that… Oh well.

…there are weird people in this world… honestly I would only be getting offended if Lucifer hated my Gabriel… ok not really, it’d be more accurate to say I’d be heartbroken if he hated her!


It’s more because we are taught to always love family so when someone rejects they’re offspring right off the bat then we get supper appalled then angered.


I admit that I get surprised when I hear of scenarios where the family members reject their young ones, and depending on how they treat them (I mean abuse) determines whether I hate them of not. But if it’s just simple rejection, all it does is surprises me for a few minutes or hours, and then that’s that. The reason why I feel like this is probably because I have heard too many stories (both fiction and nonfiction) of the young ones getting rejected by their families…



Will Gabriel get to pick favorite Earth food?



Why am I here perched as a bird on a wire in the sunny afternoon, french tips tapping against china teacup, suddenly wondering about Gabriel’s other parent? Wondering if they had a hand in Michael being placed in their nest, knowing how staid and loyal to Heaven and its rules he was, and using such knowledge and him to their own ends, which ended up in events to Gabby’s own detriment. (A horrendous notion hits that Gabe’s very creation would help push Lucifer to fall, leaving a void in the power left behind.) Hence Michael attempting to mend the trespass against his only love with a truly special brand of blunt force and stifling overprotectiveness, all the while fearing Gabriel would too be led astray.

Mmm, indeed.

As blessed as a first time union for Mickey and Gabby would be, I cannot quite bring myself to put my angel through such awkward inelegance–Michael erratically backing up far too far away, boxing himself into a corner, determinedly steering at all the wrong angles…:crying_cat_face:
{inserts video of a twenty minute parallel parking attempt}

Still, always and forever my one true pairing, yet I am also unfettered with fascination by the poly possibility of Gabriel as the pivot in a vee relationship with Ramiel and Michael.