SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP, Cover Art Done Oct. 29, post 1821)



Gabriel before meeting Leochlan: I don’t get attatched to things that don’t last.

Gabriel after meeting Leochlan:

Gabriel: No, oh please don-
Me: *fighting back tears *…Do it.


My male Gabriel would be a combo of ruthless and suave, with a dusting of stoic and strategize.


Do we choose two types of Grace??
I want both the strategize and mercy one ;-;
(Would have picked the emotional one BUT I HATE CINNAMON BLEH)


Well I’m confused about what’s going on…


Angel’s grace have a scent depending on the angel personality . @VioletHikari


Oh the poor Gabs. :cry:

Just one for the sake of my sanity.

Way back when I was asking for ideas for Grace scents, @Quaintrelle made this comment

Now that I have the selectable Grace scents narrowed down, I could not resist presenting them in a similar fashion (though with less effortless panache).


I’d go with ruthless then.


Definitely emotional for my main Gabriel


My male Gabriel is going for number 10! :slight_smile:


Intimidation for my Gabriel, you don’t cross a archangel, never.


My female Gabriel has suave.


My brain auto added “by l’oreal paris” to the end of your statement…


{polishes opera glasses after (re-)reading the Leochlan steam}

This too is why I have dance, dancers, and body mods in everything I write, the tangible, inescapable sensuality. Worth the wait, and your words are always worth their weight in gold.

And lo, you went and made the love-bite flaunt at Rami reality. You did that. How do I love thee, @Dae-kalina let me count way number 3.1415926535897932384626…

O, Ramiel–the sweet, delicious pleasure pains.

And the reactions to his selfish surprise are astoundingly varied.

Shocked neurosis
Righteous indignation
Suffering disillusionment
Mellow understanding
Joyful acceptance

My absolute favorite mood is disillusionment, “Leave, before you get dragged into it.”

It calls to mind the moment–the very sound and movement of–that pedestal Gabriel placed him upon begins to crack and sway. That moment when you lose all hope and you know everything is going to change, including your heroes. That moment of standing on the precipice with the sole thought being that you’re going to lose him, a heartbeat before realizing you’ve already lost him.

The dialogue is perfect there. The tears perfect. 'Tis the epitome of my Gabriel, the only one that fits well and tight, instantly, deeply hurt, the lashing out, everything save the “Leave”.

My Gabby wouldn’t end up leaving. That’s how Ramiel avoids the pain he causes, she wants him to see for the first time and not be spared. She wouldn’t quite be willing to abandon him to his fate. No matter the recklessness. No matter that once again, Gabby’s well-being places after Ramiel’s own desires. And gloomily wondering if this is what he was fighting for when he left her to fight blind and languish in Asmodeus’ clutches.

She would be angry, but not murderously so, and once so loved Ramiel’s touch, but in this shocked breath would be put off enough that if he had tried to reach for her again, she would say to him: “Dont touch me.”
and then turn to Leochlan and purr: “But you, you can touch me.”

My Gabriel had waited. For Ramiel. For so, so long. Saving this purity for him alone was an epic battle of wills, fortitude, and a torturous undertaking considering how sensual and tactile my fluffy, feathered one is. And a pure Gabriel is awkwardly inquisitive and naively adorable and this all dovetails naturally with a soon-to-be leitmotif of loss.

I can imagine this then, losing Ramiel and losing the last traces of innocence, all culminating in a painful start to her journey of sexual exploration. Searching for that profound affection and attention outside of and apart from Izzy’s brotherly adoration. Gabriel always wanting more. Just as I do with this rich, rich story.

And the trial to come?

Council: "Just to be clear, you willingly followed Ramiel to a fae village, whereupon instead of returning immediately and informing us of his abhorrent violation of the law, you stayed to, and I quote, ‘have a drop or two of grape, trip the light fantastic, and end the night with a bang by adding your sacred feather to the fae healer’s cap.’

Gabriel: “As an admittedly self-appointed cultural attaché, I felt it best if Leoch and I were to bridge the gap between our people. And bridge the gap we did.”

Candid has increased.




A reminder to all cherubs, via official Tumblr, wild strawberries are Izzy’s favorite treat. :hugs:

Gabriel/Every other MC: Why do you hurt me so?

Moi: I truly don't know.


Secret Moi:


And it is both Spring and the {narrows eyes at elected officials around the world} Apocalypse…


The idea of parfumes is interresting. So I looked and the caracteristics of my Gabriel and I compiled them… He is a cake, there is no other explications :rofl:

I actually have fun with the scene of Leochlan 'cause I choose the path where Gabriel kneww a lot of things :innocent:

Yes, yes he is an angel so what ? He is a living thing too ~.

But… I have to say I didn’t understand everything about the RO… So I play a male Gabriel (who is a bad, bad angel ~) and I love MxM so I direct his attention on them. He can’t date them all ? That’s it ? Or can he dates them all and certains only with a female body ? Sorry I really didn’t understand :crying_cat_face:


He’s not a RO at all, just a one night stand opportunity. All the rest of the ros come later.


I know and I think it’s great that Gabriel can have some fun on the side. If we really want him beaing a person and not some automate it can be a way for him to developp.


Both my male and female Gabriel’s get around a lot.


Gabby was saving herself for SOMEONE but that someone kinda ignored her so yeah :neutral_face:

But I think I think I will still play as virgin Gabby for her desired RO. Imagine Ian finding out he deflowered THE Archangel Gabriel ONE SHOT OF EVERYTHING PLEASE


So… Depending on the RO, who would be the worst person to walk in on them and Gabriel?


I think the worst person would be Daniel :cold_sweat: