SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP, Cover Art Done Oct. 29, post 1821)



I need a minute…
That was hot!


That was quite a scene wasn’t it?


This is such a well-written and engaging story! I am currently trying out all the possible branches and the writing is superb. The choices we have are different and they present us with a variery of outcomes.
This update honestly made my night. Thank you!

P.S. Haven’t noticed any mistakes besides some incorrect spacing between paragraphs (or is it intended?)


Yes :smirk: (20202020200202)


It would seem no matter what I do I can’t unlock these two options.


they are not done yet, the author said in the next update.


Ah ok (2020202020202029)


Looking forward to seeing how the Lani scene goes!


Love the new update! Can’t wait to for the next scene with lani


Will our Gabriel be able to say that she only wants to sleep with the Fae solely for the purpose of conceiving children? My Gabriel isn’t intent on finding a relationship at this point; she likes children, and she’s largely doing this to experience raising children of her own. Besides, the Fae version of family sounds fun to her—who doesn’t want to raise kids with your friend with benefits? (A lot of people, lmao. But my Gabriel is enthusiastic and curious, and she’s hyped about potentially being a parent.)


Goodness, that scene with Leochlan…hooo boy fans self
Haven’t been so engrossed in a love scene in CoG since Heart of the House, so this makes me impatient for the intimate scenes with all the other ROs. They are going to be the death of me, I know it.


Yeah. It was intense. Even though my Gabriel was only interested in women, she decided to try it with a man :sweat_smile: and she’s a virgin


@Dae-kalina I was incredibly happy to see the update was released. I thought your writing was impressive before but now I’m amazed by it. The backstory woven into a few simple questions with Leochlan was very well done. I’m not usually able to visualize scenes very vividly as I read, but the description of the celebration conjured really clear images. I look forward to more.

EDIT: I’ve tried to include a spoiler tag but it doesn’t seem to be working on mobile at the moment, sorry!

Spoiler description: Discussion of adult scene and related question and bug report.

The romance scene was outstanding and not just because it was…an entertaining read. The amount of variation possible between permutations of Gabriel’s prior experience and taking control vs giving it to Leochlan was admirable not just from a technical standpoint (I imagine the coding must have been intense) but also for the fact that each combination resulted in equally well written scenes with shifts in their dynamic.

I have a question: For the listed romances we’ve seen so far do you intend to keep track of whether they will be Gabriel’s first sexual experience? I imagine it would be quite coding-intensive but if each of the RO’s could have slight changes to their scenes the way Leochlan’s did that would be incredible. As a side note, after seeing the differences Gabriel’s prior experience bring to the scene, I got the idea that reading about a virgin Gabriel having their first sexual experience with Aelius or Iro would be quite an interesting read and maybe be fun for you to write? :smiling_imp:

The bug report: So I did a few playthroughs as an Intersex Gabriel and I noticed one line from Leochlan that I think was supposed to reference Gabriel’s anatomy actually refers to their gender identity instead and it leads to some odd lines. For example when I created a Gabriel with “top male/bottom female” who used masculine pronouns but Leochlan still mentions having the same parts as Gabriel which is contradicted in other versions of the scene. Also I created a Gabriel with “top male/ bottom both” who used they/them pronouns but Gabriel mentions not having parts at all.

Edit - spoiler tags must be on completely separate lines then the material you want to tag.


“Leochlan had no right sleeping with my little sister!”


A romanced Ramiel will go from “I love my little sister” to “call me daddy” reeeeal quick holy macaroni


WöW can’t believe I’ve never read this game before! Keep up the good work! :smile:


It isn’t about you[//i], so much as one of the twins getting the upper-hand

And I can’t dance with Lani even though my orientation was female only…

“Maybe no will notice?”

no one will (?)


Am I the only one disappointed that Leochlan isn’t a full romance now?:joy:


There are a lot more ROs that are better in my opinion.


Due to some incorrect flag tripping, you will once against have to restart the game or break it. Sorry folks, but this should be it for a while. No new variables should come into play for the next couple updates.

At this point I don’t think I am going to change that–the point is that Leochlan doesn’t want to start talking about himself. He’d rather talk about fae as a whole–and count it as talking about himself because he is a fae–rather than discuss personal details. I’ll take a look and see if I can try to clarify that.

Someone forgot to set the boolean >.> His relationship stats should now show.

That someone also forgot to put *page_break under some labels >.< Morning events should all start on a separate page now.

There are not currently any ways to do this. There will be one, but in general, this part of the flashback doesn’t contain a lot of opportunities for increasing relationship with any of the fae. They don’t think they’ll be seeing you again, so they don’t really care.

Odds are it’s probably not intended, but without seeing a screenshot or knowing specifically what paragraphs you’re looking at I can’t say or fix it. (i.e. Screenshots would be much appreciated :wink:)

Spoilers cough cough

Not during the Solstice celebration. If you ask Leochlan about himself, he comments “I have not been blessed with any children of my own, though in no small part due to the lack of a fitting mate, and a… complication resulting from being a twin.” What you find out is that, due to family drama–a curse–only one of the twins will be able to have children. When the appropriate time comes, they will have to perform a ceremony, letting one of them become fertile and the other permanently sterile. But if you after the Fae just for children, the opportunity will be there.

Thanks so much for taking the time to test out those variations! I bungled an assignment of variables in the start with my new system, so, uh, flags were not tripping correctly. It should be fixed now, but per usual, will require a complete restart. Other answers inside the spoiler tags.

The coding isn’t usually too bad–I’m a computer scientist so in theory I know what I’m doing–but sometimes I forget to double check things when I get distracted by writing.

I do have a variable that I track called Gabriels_first, so yes, that may be brought up. It’s more writing than coding intensive to do all the variations, but I intend on doing it that way. The game may take years to finish, but I’d rather spend time going into details and variations that make it seem more of a personal experience than writing generic enough scenes or a more concise linear path that results in a quicker turn-around. Aelius is similar to Leochlan in some respects with a virgin Gabriel, but way more possessive–don’t let him be your first if you want to end up with anyone else because he will very likely try to kill them. Iro could be a lot of fun, but she’s also moody and doesn’t always want to deal with virgins.

I addressed above the bug, and the correct flags should now trip for an intersex Gabriel.

Oblivious Ramiel doesn’t understand where his emotions are coming from, so defaults to the “I must be a protective older sibling, right? Couldn’t be anything else…”

Welcome aboard and thanks for the catches! Both are now fixed.

That boy will break your heart. So will Laniwynn. Course, that can happen if you want it to :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And here’s a tiny hint of Laniwynn’s path while I continue working on it.

After she offers for you to come back to her tent and have some fun…

“I would like that,” you state, accepting her offer. The pleased smirk is followed by the chieftain swooping forward, scooping you up and tossing you over her shoulder without even a grunt of effort.


…The link isn’t working for me. :sweat_smile:


The game link? Here or tumblr? Both seem to be working for me >.<