SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP, Cover Art Done Oct. 29, post 1821)



a few might have referred to him as a Seraphim or Cherubim But never outright named him.
A few referred to him not (Again not directly) as either but as a Archangel, just like Gabriel, and Michael were, as they were supposed to be much closer.
None of it wants to Directly state what he was but regularly he was a Cheif angel, or Angel of great influance, wich a archangel was Translated as Chief angel.
of course this is all Dae’s story so it doesn’t really matter.
Edit: Archangels had Higher status but Not higher class than the Seraphim…


I definitely agree! Handsome shiny bird people really don’t compare to the alien grandeur of hovering, burning wheels covered in eyes (and it certainly explains why Angels generally had to preface their meetings with humans with something close to, “Be not afraid!”)

But for what’s written in SOS, the angels that we have seen so far are human-looking, so it’s sort of fun to imagine characters like Michael and Israfel as flying fashion models, lmao. Even so, my fingers are firmly crossed that we get to meet some angel characters that look like wheels within wheels or multi-winged chimeras!

@Dae-kalina actually answered this question in her blog (WARNING: it’s not spoiler-free) right here


I know who dad is for Gabriel but who is mom?


she hasn’t been introduced…


how is babby formed? how rouge angle get pragnet?


they mix their aura and put then inside a egg ((?) if I remember correctly)


I think that’s how they make omelets.

Incidentally, error report: after switching chairs with Sabriel, the MC suggests a new ‘paint of coat’ for her office.


When a angel and angel love each other very much they play tennis and that’s how Babby is formed.


Lucifer is such a fun character.


I thought it was Football?


It’s only a month late. Moving across states is not fun.
First off, DO NOT TRY TO LOAD AN OLD SAVE. I transferred over to CSide, and as part of that I changed a lot of variable names around, trying to get a better flow for writing. Subsequently, if you try to load an old save, stuff is going to break. Badly.

Also, this update includes the first batch of content I would say truly garners the mature rating. Optional sexy times are available, and they definitely garner the rating of M. If you wish to skip the M rated content while still following the route, go to the stats section and toggle the mature content filter on. This will not automatically skip the M rated content, but will provide a #Fade to black option right before the M rated content.

General Update/Bug fixes:

  • Act 1, scene 1 has been revamped. It’s not a huge overhaul, but I feel that it flows better. Now you can meet Athiel.
  • All scenes up to the flashback have had their first editing pass (by me, so there are likely still typos to be found).
  • A few entries have been added to the glossary. If you are unsure what something means, check the glossary. If it’s not in there, pester me.
  • Added stat changes to all scenes up to the first flashback
  • Renamed some stats, added others
  • Added another option to the Michael confrontation in scene 3.

Story updates and requested feedback:

  • As always, if you encounter a grammatical error or bug, please post in the forum with a screenshot. It’s much appreciated!
  • 3/5 of the paths through the fae flashback have been added. If you skip this flashback entirely, then you won’t notice anything changing. The alternate path for skipping has not been implemented.
  • The fae flashback scene is over 60k words, over half the length of the rest of the scenes combined. Lot of branches to explore.
  • Are there any other pressing questions folks want to ask Leochlan? Submit them here or on tumblr and they may get added to his question menu.
  • If there are any areas where you feel more responses/other responses than what are there would be appropriate, please let me know. I make no promises about changing anything, but odds are favorable that I will.
  • Anything else you feel like commenting on!

Next up (and likely to be more snuck in than a major update) will be Laniwynn’s path and the path for dancing with both fae which leads into Laniwynn’s and Leochlan’s individual paths, but has different banter leading into them. The trial scene is in-progress, as well as the skip for the entirety of the fae portion of the flashback.

And for the author’s fyi, please take a moment to select what gender you roll while in angel form.

  • Male
  • Female
  • Both
  • Neutral

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Replies to posts below, after the sketch of Laniwynn.

Primarily of Norwegian and Italian descent, and the rest is a mutt of other stuff. If it makes you feel better, I’m the tallest one in my family :smile: But I did go to undergrad in the midwest, and the average height of my friends was pretty tall too, so that influence is in here as well.


There will only be one primary allegiance. Other factions may be a supplementary ally, but for the sake of my sanity, current plans are just one. At the beginning of the story, the werewolves are disgusted by the Panthers. They consider this particular branch to be a disgrace to all weres, but weres have a general policy of non-interference with each other.

Young Leo tolerates it, but once he hits 18 he’s not a fan. He wants Gabriel to take him and his affections seriously, and he’ll go out of his way to prove it.

There’s more upcoming options when Gabriel and Daniel get into a house, and I have added an additional option to the Michael confrontation (though only if you attempted to kill Daniel). Most of this will be expressed through the way your Gabriel interacts with other humans, but you can definitely express discomfort, annoyance, and a plethora of other variations of ‘I don’t want to do this.’

I’m going to let you take a stab at the update before going too in-depth on this, but I will say that certain breeds of pureblood fae are not capable of experiencing love as humans can.

Welcome aboard! This ship makes frequent stops and moves a glaciar pace, but it still goes!

A reminder that this is a work of fiction, and my version of Satan/Lucifer is a fictional version with his own past. I don’t want to say too much for spoilers, but I will say that Lucifer in this game has not killed millions. Also, feel free to dislike him, but I wouldn’t call my version the incarnation of all evil. He’s far from the worse character you can encounter in game. The pinnacle of morality? Definitely not. But pure evil? Not what I would call him. Definitely a bit of a condescending prick at times, though. We don’t get most of his backstory until much later, but Lucifer has his reasons. They aren’t quite what you think. No one in this universe is perfect, including Heaven’s god.

That is a perfect description of Ryder.

Resolve is a useful trait, especially if you want your Gabriel to have difficulty ending fights or solving things quickly.

Steals this moment for later…

@Vox already found the earlier post (thanks!) but I’m just restating for clarity.
The real Satan is a different person, and a character you will encounter. Lucifer, post-Fall, was often confused with this character and eventually Satan and Lucifer came to mean Lucifer. Satan is different, however.

Rafiki is my inspiration for much of the head thwacking with the staff.

Angels share a lot of traits with humans, much as they might deny it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not what I would consider one, no. Can you have an intimate encounter with him? Yes. There’s also super spoilery stuff that can come from having a relationship (of sorts) with him, but I’m mum on the subject for now.

I love it! So sweet.

Yes, you can flirt with Lucifer. Because awkward moments for the win, especially with a semi-oblivious Lucy.

It’s definitely not the same as human relations, for most of them.

Plenty, but it usually requires use of magic objects or at least knowing where/what the spirit is. Which can be difficult, to say the least, when you don’t have powers. Faith can act as a power for some people, however.

@Logan3000x Thanks for linking that. It’s off-topic, but that’s the project that was eating up a lot of my time and energy. Really excited about how it came out. Going to stop talking about it here though. :zipper_mouth_face:

And love all the fancasts for Lucifer and Israfel.

Welp, tired writing leads to swapping up phrases.:sweat_smile: It’s been fixed. Thanks for the catch!

Angels can look like whatever they want. However, as currently most of their power is generated by humanity’s belief in their god and Heaven, most of them assume a human-appearance. We have met Jarenuel, who prefers to take on the form of a dog, and with the revamped prologue I introduced two other variations of appearances.



Secondly, some things; I think that asking Leo about himself and about the fae should be two separated questions it kinda is off topic. Also Leo’s relationship stat doesn’t show in the tab. And maybe cut the pages in half or when the scenes change? When I chose not to dance with anyone for example the drinking, Maribeth and waking up later is all in one page it can get very confusing o.O


How do I dance with the chieftain? The option is gray out for me.


that’s because he is a one night stand and is not family.


Yeah but Lani’s is shown and when you ask him about himself it says thag the relationship is increased so I think that it may be a bug :confused:


then it probably is. have you tried to increase your mc relationship with lani? I have tried but can’t find a way and neither can I dance with her.


So far I didn’t get relationship points with her at all maybe later? Also you can’t dance with her or with both of them cause these scenes aren’t written yet and will be added later (it says so at the Tumblr)


Likewise, I was unable to dance with Lani.


alright, thanks…


How do you increase your relationship with Lani?