SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP, Cover Art Done Oct. 29, post 1821)



What fun is there in that? But I’ll think about it!


I actually do that… a lot. Especially with PlayStation games because I don’t have one but the games are always awesome. I am a sad person. :frowning:


Hell i watch people play games that i own ( Namely Xcom 2 since i can barely beat it on normal)


like I always say:

nothing like watching gameplays on youtube to remember my poverty


Um, could the videogame discussion go to a different thread?

Subject Change! What’s with all the runway-ready Lucifer fancasts? For the embodiment of sin and corruption, he seems awful pretty. :slight_smile:


I think it has something to do with the idea of (pre-Fall) Lucifer as ‘God’s favorite angel’ (IIRC, I believe it was Milton who popularized the idea of Lucifer as a paragon.) SOS contains something of Pre-Fall Lucifer as a paragon as well, seeing as he is described at one point the game’s text as, “…the brightest among his fellows…” And people tend to think of the ideal Angel as beautiful/model pretty (blame the Renaissance for this one, lmao!)

There’s also the idea that the embodiment of sin and corruption is handsome because Satan is the ultimate tempter. After all, people are inspired to commit sin due to temptation. I’m sure Satan can tempt many a soul with charisma alone, but attractiveness tends to augment one’s arguments.

On a more personal note, I like to think that God (or at least SOS’s God) created Angels to look like the Platonic ideal of a human (think in the style of the hyper-realistic Hellenistic and Renaissance sculptures.) Hence why Angels look runway ready. :wink:


And here we have on the runway wearing the seductive battle armor by “fallen from grace” it’s the latest angel line and I must say it’s so tempting it’s almost sinful…look at him So heavenly and it will only cost you a low price of a war with dad.


The Platonic ideal of a human is a skinny white dude? :stuck_out_tongue:


Lmao! Certainly not, more like the Platonic Ideal is somebody with a six pack who doesn’t skip leg day. (IMHO, this goes for both male, female, nonbinary, and everyone else regardless of where they find themselves on the gender spectrum.)


I’m sorry if it’s kinda derailing the topic but I think you can use emulators for PSP games since they are kind of impossible to get a hold of at this point.


Lucifer is the ultimate tempter. Being good looking comes with the description.


And Gabriel’s good looks have to come from somewhere!


Makes sense. Biblically, Lucifer was supposed to be the brightest and the most beautiful of Heaven’s angels before he fell. And then there’s the juxaposition of everyone expecting him to be monstrous when he is in fact, beautiful.


Wasn’t he supposed to be the “morning star bearer of light” and the first angel love by god most of all until his rebellion. I think he was also supposed to have exemplary musical aptitude among angels thus all the songs about that sort of thing.
Sucks for Lucifer.


I’ve always preferred the idea of angels being bizarre looking, utterly alien creatures. Wheels within wheels, covered in eyes. Chimeras with four wings and four faces. Way cooler than handsome shiny bird-people.


I do not know how legit ‘canon-ish’ these are but there are many angel hierarchy charts to keep track of their appearance, title and importance. The chimera ones, that you’re talking about, are called Cherubim :slight_smile: . Lucifer, in his angel days, was most likely a Seraphim.


Of course they do! Will we find out who the other parent of Gabriel is?


So, lokidemon007 how is the story going for you, what do you think about it?


Which story? I have a few going.


Oh, the story is call The Mortal coil.