SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP, Cover Art Done Oct. 29, post 1821)



After watching devilman crybaby I can back to this glorious project

Can humans fight against possession and win? And if so could they possibly use the spirit or entity’s powers?


according to Tumblr; no.


Then is there anything humans can do to spirits if they don’t have powers?
Also I have to che k this tumbler for petes sake


The Tumblr is really fun!


so this is how we will look like if we date Stephanie and make our body over 6f.


You… didn’t know that? I believe somewhere in this thread, the author did state that Lucifer is our dad. You can actually check out their tumblr as well! Very interesting!


Well excuse me, but there is a lot of posts to read and I am just too lazy to read every single one of them :no_mouth:

Um, I don’t have a Ttumblr :sweat_smile:


You don’t need a Tumblr to view the author’s


Stephanie is 5′ 2″/157 cm.

I feel her pain more than I can describe ;-; but

Iain is 6′ 4″/193 cm.
Ramiel’s preferred form stands at 6′ 6″/198 cm.
Michael is 6′ 2″ (though when he pops down to earth, his height actually drops down to 5′ 10″) so 188/178cm.


As someone said, it’s still possible to read the author’s posts.

It has some nice little scenerios about various characters which if course includes “Lucy” as some people seem to call him. This includes what pops thinks of the MC’s ROs.


I’m looking forward to seeing the big spoiler on Lucifer!


(?) What spoiler?.. @lokidemon007


that Lucifer Is really you all along…


Well, that is technically true; Gabriel was partially made from Lucifer’s grace, so that kind of makes them a unique fragment of Lucifer and their other parent. :thinking:


Cue the X files theme :laughing:


That would be a fun crossover.



Lucifer is actually Tom Selleck. His mustache is a power limiter, he shaved it off and became the king of hell.


I am leaving this here
a game , free


It seems I was flagged, I wonder who was the…meh… doesn’t matter. one bit of information about the game I linked, it has as lead designer our dear SoS: The Mortal Coil’s author @Dae-kalina.


Who do you all picture as Lucifer?