SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP, Cover Art Done Oct. 29, post 1821)



Slowly sneaks in Ermm…don’t think a lot of people chose this… But, I chose a dagger! :grin: (I love daggers so much…)


I recently chose this one in a play through and I gotta say, I love the line where Gabriel scornfully reflects on those angels who make fun of what it meant for his grace to have manifested such a small weapon. Because angels making peen jokes. Or the angelic equivalent of it anyway.


@Dae-kalina Ok, so I’m disappointed that Lucifer isn’t an RO… but I am a bit happy Ramiel is (because for now I am having my MC have a crush on him in the flashback). However, I am curious, the fae Leochlan an RO too?


Not a solid RO, more like a quick hook that can happen. @VioletHikari


For the weapon thing my first Gabriel uses a staff like the pacifist bean he is. My second Gabriel uses.a rapier cause i love the suavw dialogue for his character.


Fan art.

My female Gabriel settling into parenthood:


Improbably large battleaxe.

No need for subtlety when your enemies are in pieces


I love rocking my Morningstar about. I kinda imagine my Gabriel like Sauron at the beginning of LOTR and just wreaking havoc left and right, shattering enemies lines and sending the sods flying through the air.

Also, a Morningstar annoys Michael which is always a plus in my book :laughing:.


Annoying Michael is fun!


Nice game. One question, what will the MC do for a living?


They work for the police. As a detective I think.


I’m looking forward to seeing Gabriel in the Earth job!


@Dae-kalina So, I know Lucifer isn’t an RO (that still bugs me!), but can I at least flirt with him?


isn’t he our dad? @VioletHikari


I wanted Lucifer to be a RO but then I found out that he’s actually our dad and changed my mind real quick lol


I love how I keep seeing you wanting to date/flirt demons/dark entities like with the shadow and Lucifer in Supernatural in New York and now this Lucifer here :laughing:


@Logan3000x and @forest Wait, what?! :scream:


According to the author, there are a couple of chances to flirt with Lucifer, just so there can be the maximum possible awkwardness when the big reveal drops.


Yeah, he’s our daddy. It would be awkward to throw a fling at him now, wouldn’t it? Though our Gab doesn’t learn about that until later. :smile: The way I see it though, if all angels come from God, then it means they’re all more or less related to one another, aka the theme runs in the family… if you get my meaning.


That would be several different kinds of awkward!