Sordwin by Thom Baylay - Pending Submission



Nice! Excited to try this out!


So excited now ><!!!


A wonderful surprise to end my Sunday night with. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


Found some errors.


The glitch where Dandy/Daisy’s race doesn’t show up should now have been fixed. This was actually a glitch only in the demo version and not in the full game so thank you, I never would have spotted that!

Also, please remember to keep screenshots and other potential spoilers blurred or to send them to me in messages :slightly_smiling_face:

T x


I’m pressed for time this week but my finals should be over next week. How long will your audition period be open?


I noticed something odd, when I switched the style from normal to literary stats and then attempt to return to the game it dumps me right back at the beginning.

Also selecting “dress to impress” throws up the following error for me:

line 56: Can’t fairAdd to non-percentile value: -11

Is this intentional? #“Ay ay, Cap’n!”
*set trust_orion -3
You accompany the words with a snap to attention and a salute you’ve seen Ruby’s crew perform. ${orion} looks unamused and turns to take a fleet-footed run towards the town.
*goto detcom
You’re detracting a flat modifier here but in the opposite choice you only increment a fairmath percentage.

Lastly @ThomB Are all the mc’s “sailor” outfits, except the not currently working “dress to impress” option bare foot? Cause that one is the only one to mention any footwear.


Oops. Sorry about that. Forgot about that.


How about a save feature? I’d like to beta test but it’s difficult to do when I just have my phone. A save system would be really helpful :slight_smile:


I once again restate that I volunteer for beta testin :slight_smile:.


Please see the author’s post above on how to apply. =)


Thank you for Chapter 2. Your story had my attention from beginning to the end of chapter 2. I never found myself bored or skimming through the words just to get to the next choice. Incredible writing.
Thank you for allowing me the chance to read a couple of your chapters.

Continuity issues *spoilers*

I was alone on the ship, and my companion is Dandy, not Gunther.

I went to the tavern first, then to the Temple. That time I didn’t get Rivera’s scene because I talked a little with the owner of the tavern and left, so when this piece of text appeared, I didn’t know who that guy was supposed to be.

If you go to the Beths’ home after speaking to their mom and knowing who the kids are, you adress Lolli by her name, but a later choice still asks what her name is.

I asked the priest to heal me and the text says he does, but on the stats it shows I’m still hurt. Is that supposed to happen?


I recall a mention a long time ago of possibly adding the option to play a half-orc in a DLC. Is that still likely?


Thank you everyone for all of your help so far! These are really useful continuity errors for a chapter for that was a real maze to create! If I don’t reply to your messages individually, please know that I did read them and have taken the notes into account for future edits.
Also, just to clarify, this isn’t meant to be like a test :slight_smile: The final version is still a month or two away from completion and I don’t want to make any promises at this stage but I hope reading this chapter will give people an idea as to whether they want to commit their time and effort to helping me in the final edits when the time comes. To anyone who just wants to read and enjoy it for what it is, that’s great too :smiley:

To answer some questions:
@idonotlikeusernames The random restart will likely have been because I updated the files online while you were in the middle of playing. If it happens again let me know but it was likely a one-off glitch. The same thing happens once the games have been released if a new update is released while you are playing, it resets you to the beginning of the last chapter.

@IronRaptor - There’s really no rush! I have no idea when the full version will be ready but there’s definitely not a cut-off point for sending error reports :slight_smile:

@EagleOne1 Thank you so much :smiley: I’m so glad you liked it!! I hope the rest of the story keeps you just as gripped!

@mistylavenda - I did consider the possibility of adding races but the amount of time it would take would only take away from getting the sequel finished. I ran a poll and the overall interest was not that high for additional races so for now, there are no plans for DLC.

Thanks again to everyone and have a great week!

T x


This request is very minor.

I don’t know if the final product will be like this, but when I’m doing my “import” in the demo version, in the section where you pick your follower, can it be possible to say, “Daisy, the former stablegirl” or L “magic user and former agent.”

I had a very forgetful moment as to who was who during one read through and had to fire up Evertree to refresh my memory as to their names. Thanks!


Maybe you could add them when the sequel is finished. I love everything about orcs and their fantasy tropes. :grinning:


I disagree. If Orcs/Half-Orcs were going to be a playable race, then the ideal time to have done so would’ve been in Evertree. Especially with our handy, axe-wielding, half-orc companion with us at that time. I think the only people who would benefit from adding it now would be those that are new, those who re-roll for the fun of it, or (possibly) allow for a retcon and have an orc character pick Evertree options, similar to how the demo is set up now.


I though Evertree Inn was pretty darn good and after playing the demo I was not disappointed with the follow up! Very much looking forward to this


Loved Chapter 2! I’m already getting so into the mystery hehe

Captain Winter is certainly…forward. The three characters I plan to bring over from Evertree had very different interactions with them :smiley:

Luehel the Elf Mage: “Well, I’d love to…but I should really find Dandy and invite him along. No way he’d miss this!”

Natalya the Human Thief: “Wait, you can look like anyone? Okay, this might be weird but I’m traveling with this half-orc who is just so-”