Sordwin by Thom Baylay - Pending Submission



OMG the hype!!! :scream:

I was just wondering the other day when a sequel would come. I miss the sassy half-elf.:weary:


I would love too beta test.


I would very much like to beta test


I’d love to help beta test the game.


I would also like to be in the beta testing session.


I too am interested in beta tester


OMG! I’d love to beta test this, I was involved in the beta testing for evertree inn and it was a wonderful experience, thank you so much for letting me participate! And having a second part is even more exciting!


I would love to best test!


Volunteering for beta test here. :slight_smile:


Hey all,

A quick update for everyone. I have just finished Chapter 7 and can confirm that Sordwin will have 9 Chapters plus an epilogue. So I’m finally on the penultimate chapter :scream:

When Chapter 8 is complete (By end of April at the latest! I hope…) I’ll be updating the demo to include a little more content so watch this space. When that happens I’ll also probably start recruiting Beta testers :wink: Thank you everyone who so far has offered their support!

With any luck Sordwin will be in the editing stage by end of May. I may have to give up everything else in my life to get there but hopefully it will be worth it!!!

In the meantime, please continue to tweet, comment, review and rate Evertree or just send your positive thoughts out there. Your support is everything :blush:

Thom x


Yayyyy I get to see my elf mc again! :heart_eyes:


Looking forward to trying it out soon. =)


Yes !!! Much hype! Daisy is one of the best characters. She’s quite mischievous and fun which is probably why I played evertree non stop to try out all the routes.


Am really looking forward to part two;)


Looking forward to the next part of the story. Definetly one of my favorite reads


You can through me in as a beta tester please!!! waves hands around

I played the sordwin you put out on the evertree thread, and loved it. Good job Thom, once again.

Love the character of Orion, and love the small details. (Like if your elvish you can understand Orion’s muttering, lots of swearing) :slight_smile:


Only the last chapter and the epilogue to go.


Thanks @Urban for keeping the forum updated! You are correct! Only one more chapter and the epilogue to go :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I believe I made a bold promise that when I finished Chapter 8 I would update the demo to include more content… I have not forgotten this promise and hopefully this weekend will be when that happens. Keep watching this space!

This new update will also be the opportunity for anyone interested in Beta Testing to help me out :smiley:

In the meantime, keep spreading the Evertree love! It still makes me so happy to see the great reviews and comments and the fantastic artwork that people have sent :slight_smile:

Have a great rest of the week! Talk again soon,

T x


Can’t wait for the updated demo :grin: this is one game that I’m really excited about.


The Evertree Inn sequel Sordwin demo has now been updated to include the first 2 chapters! ->

For those of you who are interested in becoming beta testers for the full game when it gets released, I will be using this demo as a sort of trial run. Please send me any and all typos, continuity errors, glitches and broken choices as messages either on here or to my email address:

EvertreeInn [at] gmail [dot] com

To everyone else, whether you want to beta test or simply want to read the demo to find out what’s going to happen next, thank you so much for your support. I always like to hear what people think and I hope that Sordwin will be as much fun (if not more!) than Evertree.

Thank you!
T x