Song of the Fallen WIP: UPDATED! - Chapter 3 &4 (January 2021)

Hmm, I have an 404 error loading data after MC memories of Ehren, is this end of the demo?
By the way the game is great, looking forward to next update! Ehren just adorable!

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While the mc is in a rotten situation wouldn’t those additional years make Ehren a bit on the old side to still be living the way he does in the opening?

I ain’t seen nothing yet aye?
Oh how excited I am : )

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Wow, loved your writing.
I was hooked after the first page, well done! I’m currently at the first chapter and already came here to thank you for it :smiley:


After reading this my heart hurts. Thank you.

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Holy crap my favorite author is back


I remember this story! Loved it back then, love it now. Sister Helena is still suspicious. Can’t wait to meet the girl from our dreams (again).

Welcome back!


I hear what you’re saying, and I’ve been thinking about this ever since I first read your comment. In a way you’re right, it does make things a bit strange, but I feel that its necessary to highlight Ehren’s immaturity despite his age. The arc he goes through sees him lose the wide-eyed perspective he holds of the world and gain a more realistic and colder outlook. At a certain point, it plays off of the decisions you’ve made and the type of MC you become. But that will be later.

I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who’s been reading and enjoying the game, it really warms my heart to receive such a welcome. In other news…

It will be more of Chapter 2 (which is a bit of a long chapter) and will include the opportunity to go to a festival being hosted in your town. The are four events to choose from, one which corresponds to each of the FourfoldNations in the world, namely:

  • The Sunblessed Monarchies (where you find yourself)
  • The Windswept Lands
  • The Seaborn Isles
  • The Starlit Imperium

You’ll have the chance to learn more about the mythos and setting of the world, as well as a brief introduction to a character from each of these four cultures. You’ll also have the opportunity to engage with Ehren and his sister Aivah (who you meet in the chapter)

For those who played the old demo, most of the text will be the same as before, with a few minor changes and code for the gender choice added. The only thing that wasn’t there before is the option to visit a Magistar from the Starlit Imperium. In the old demo that scene had not been written yet, but I’ve managed to write that out so it will be included.

The update will be coming in the next few days.


Aww…no matter how annoying my mc proclaims it to be on occasions he already has the colder, more cynical outlook and the snarky defense mechanism, cheerful and starry eyed Ehren is a pleasant distraction, although he’d never openly admit to it he likes Ehren the way he is now. In any case I think the story was being set up to pull the mc and Ehren in very different directions indeed where they are likely to end up as (mortal) enemies or something.

So as a Valentines gift to all of you, I pushed through the week and posted a v2.1 update for Song of the Fallen. This update continues Chapter 2 (which is more than twice than length of Chapter 1) and takes us:

  • Into the Call to Unity, a festival in your town that becomes an opportunity to get introduced to the cultures of the Four Nations.
  • I also begin to integrate skill checks and more game mechanics in addition to the narrative, character development and world building.
  • if you go the Starlit Imperium event, you encounter a short fight scene. It would be really nice to get critical feedback on how that scene feels and plays out since I’m still learning how to write fight scenes…its also the only scene that wasn’t in the original demo
  • we also get introduced to Aivah, Ehren’s younger sister and one of the potential RO’s. Ehren’s is also a potential RO, though things begin to get quite tricky with him down the line…
  • This isn’t the whole of Chapter 2, hopefully I’ll post the rest of it by next week.

But jah…i hope you guys enjoy, always keen to hear your thoughts. I try to stress test and debug as much as I can before posting, but I always miss things, so if you encounter something weird, holler at me and I’ll fix it.
Here’s the link if you don’t wanna scroll up:


The first birthday present I have gotten in 8 years and it is from someone who does not even know me… MEGAHUGELOVE!!


Happy late Valentines Day!! I hope you had a good day! Will there be a save system?


You’re missing an quotation mark at the end of the first one.

also I got this far until I got an error


there was a game ending bug right after I went up to try to get drinks at the bar and got asked about my mother.

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So this is probably one of the best written WIPs I’ve seen (and I’ve been on a recent WIP binge). I was so disappointed when the previous demo ended and have been stalking, waiting for an update. And it was so worth the wait. I am enraptured with this world, the characters and the plot. I have been hooked on every word so far. But I did notice a few things if you don’t mind my pointing them out.


But… I didn’t tell her?

Paragraph repeated.

HEr should be HER

And lastly…

I keep getting this at the end of the festival. No matter the order or what I do last, I always get this error after, and sometimes just before, the MC says they have to go home. And it’s breaking my heart because I need more. :wink:

And now I’ll go back to lurking and waiting for more. But first, thank you for sharing your world and your work with us. This WIP is an absolute jewel and I look forward to more.


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Is it the end of the demo?

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Hey Bed yah lil goon I had a play of Chappy two and had a bloody good ol’ time.

It seems that you kept your word on the personalities thing since even if you didn’t it at least f e e l s like my characters personality has been shaped by me.

Since I pick the “Nice but down to earth” options such as pointing out my friends dipshittery but if he isn’t being a drop dead dumb fuck I’m nice to him.

So currently I can describe my current guys personality as “sassy cunt extraordinaire” dropping hot burns in between his cuntish nice guy ways. Since nice guy plus down to earth = that it seems and I have no problems with this.

Also the sister seems cute.
Shame she gonna be blue balled for the rest of the game though :^)


I love this! :heart:


oy oy…seem like I’m having an issue with the update…

the fight with roach? there is one scene…and then I get an error: Our apologies; there was a 404 error while loading game data. Please refresh your browser now; if that doesn’t work, please email with details.

I wanna know…what happen next…:persevere:

Update: Call line 4353: Tabs and spaces appear on the same line