Song of the Fallen WIP: UPDATED! - Chapter 3 &4 (January 2021)

Oh snap! That’s a mistake, do you remember where that was?

This part.


Thanks! I’ll fix that.

So I’ve updated the demo to include the first section of Chapter 2, as well as corrections for the typos I made in Chapter 1. I’ll be adding the rest of Chapter 2 over the coming days. Thank you for reading.


Good to see that this is back.

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I chose my character's gender as female...

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Was there a problem where the game used the wrong pronoun?

Oops sorry, I thought you’d be able to see it;

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Love how this is written…

Plz provide kleenex…cose chapter 2 brough tears to me eyes :sweat_smile:


If you do manage to pull that off I’ll be quite impressed since most authors seem to struggle with that or just ifgnore it’s inclusion

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When u chose the female name vera this happens

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My MC is female.

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This Is really good! I look forward to seeing more!

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I think the MC should have been 9 during the flashback instead of 6, assuming years and seasons work the same way as they do irl. Im looking forward to the rest of this and keep up the great work!


ugh!!! i love this so far. keep up the good work


Hi, I love the WiP and just wanted to say that your writing is wonderful. Also amazed at how fast you updated haha.

I think I did spot a mistake though: In my playthrough, I accepted my friend’s gift but when my MC heads out they start thinking about how they turned it down.


Wow. I just played through it and it was amazing. I love the setting and I fucking love Ehren. I usually hate set friendships but he is too fucking good for me to hate him. And Heleana is really interesting too, I hope we see more of her. I’m really looking forward for the next update.

Yep, same thing happened to me.


I hate forced friendships in games but these are not bad can’t wait to see were the story goes from here.


Man that chapter was fucked!

A n d I l o v e d e v e r y s e c o n d o f i t

I’m making my character a hard ass meak prick but when push comes to shove he will do what’s right.
I also love how this was portrayed when he was talking to that really stabbable nun! Even though my character was being a bit rude, such as saying how it was hard to just ignore what she is, he was still nervous, he isn’t a dumb ass after all. And how he got progressively more confident and bitter when telling the tale was quite fun to!

Good show @Left4Bed ya glorious fuck!


@VioletHikari @Terrell_Williams @Umbreonpanda Thank you so much for pointing that out! I often get confused when i’m weaving through the web of code, especially now as I’ve been updating and adding pathways that acknowledge two distinctly gendered types of PC’s. I’ll make the necessary fixes in the code. This type of feedback is really quite helpful, so if something like this does happen again in future updates, please let me know and i’ll be sure to work on a patch to fix it.

Thank you :sweat_smile: I spend a lot of time writing and rewriting, trying to get it to sound just right, I don’t always succeed but I’m very happy in the moments that I do. The conclusion of Chapter 2 will be the point in the story where the PC has all the familiar stripped away from them and is sent off to survive the unknown and confront the Call to Adventure. Before we get to that though, I really want to make the Player feel the texture of the Storyworld their Character is living in. So what’s coming in the next update is an opportunity to spend some time in the town, as well as interact more with some of the other Characters that live in the Storyworld with your PC…the tl;dr is you might feel the need for kleenex again.

I really hope I get it right, or at least make something that gives the Player a feeling of control over there character, both in their actions and in their emotions.

Thank you! I’ve fiddled with my initial plans for how old the PC and the other Characters around them are going to be, everyone was a few years younger from what im deciding to make them now, so i didnt pick up on that as I was changing the plot…but i’ll make that fix, i’m glad you’ve enjoyed the story so far! :smile:

Hey there, thank you so much I’m glad youve been enjoying the game :sweat_smile: I hope to have another update, that continues Chapter 2, sometime in the next two weeks. In terms of the mistake, I’ll get on that I see @Baam had the same problem. It would be helpful to perhaps get a screenshot of the page where you encountered the error, but either way I’ll fix the problem. :ok_hand:

I’m really glad Ehren’s Character is coming off so well with people, he’s quite a key Character so it’s important that people aren’t turned off by him, but then there’s also the issue in a lot games of having plot directed-friendships that feel unearned and offer no real input on the Players side to meaningfully affect the relationship.I know this is something a lot of people aren’t a big fan off, myself and @Arcane_warrior included…which is the idea behind the Personality mechanic, its meant to give the PC input into how the relationship behaves and reads…Also, there will be at least once more interaction with Sister Heleana.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.