Song of the Fallen WIP: Next Update - July 28th 2024

@Sariel_Mai Thank you soooo much, I must apologize, the gender and sexual orientation dynamics are still suuuper glitchy and broken. Originally I had gender locked to simplify the writing and game mechanics for myself, but then I quickly realized (thanks to much appreciated feedback) that gender locking is just not a great idea, unless you might literally have a story that can only work if that choice is removed. So I went back to my code and tried updating it, but it became a bit messy, and I also realized I’d need to think deeper about how the gender and sexual orientation function will really work in the game, especially in romance paths, but just in general, because gender and sexual politics does play a bit of a role in the world of the story, so I also want that choice to be reflected in the game play…

But long story short, my code is suuuuper buggy, it’s my curse for choosing to make a game with soooooo many branching paths, and we’ve barely even begun with the true meat…a big part of my time in December is gonna be to sort out those bugs, and better refine all the game play systems I have in mind. My heart wants me to just keeping writing the story forward and then loop back to squash bugs once we reach a deeper point…but i think i need to put on my big pants and start with the bug squashing first!


I’m really glad this is back! I remember reading it last year and loved it :relaxed:. That sister character who gave us the coin was super interesting and alluring but the MC has to be wary. And the best friend’s sister is the best


It’s OK! It’s still work in progress anyway, bugs and revisions inevitable. Take your time, and have fun with a process.

I’m glad I was able to help a little.


@Left4Bed Who are the ROs? Edit: Also, I saw a chance to try and romance Aivah as my female mc in the tavern during that festival but I never saw any option that sounded like you wanted something more. I saw the hold her hand option but it said platonically unless that was supposed to be some kind of joke by the author? If I missed it somehow, I’m probably gonna have to start over now.

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Is your MC a lesbian?
It can be a reason.
As it is now, game still coded with male MC in mind, and flirt options with Aiwah reserved for “straight” and “bisexual” MC’s.
It’s gonna be fixed in the next update, but for now it is what it is.

That kinda makes sense, though she still showed interest in my MC despite that.

Gonna check it out soon, the summary hooked me
(Also nice pfp, poster above me lol)

Sending much love and appreciation to everyone, the world is wild but I hope we’re all winning in the battle to maintain inner peace. I’ve been torn apart the last few years, but slowly finding courage and strength to pull myself together and birth the dream of finally finishing this story. We’re still a long ways off, but I’ve been getting back into writing. I’m preparing new words to drop an update end of the month. It’s focused on filling out choice paths that are still works in progress in the current version of the posted demo, as well pushing the story forward. There are still a bunch of bugs related to gender and sexuality logic, as well as some other glitches and probably typos. But I selfishly just want to focus on moving the story forward first (because that’s the fun part!) before I move onto squashing bugs. I do want this next update to solve the gender and sexuality logic issues though, so I will be working on that. Otherwise, thank you to anyone still reading and welcome to anyone who may have just started! Stay tuned :sparkling_heart:


It’s aliiive!


Really love this story, I’m glad it’s live once again!
Thank you for continuing it :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:
You’re an awesome writer, and we enjoy your WIP very much.
The flow is smooth and comprehensive, the characters feel real and humane, and the stats are well-balanced with enough touch of flavor-text depending on the choices we made :+1::+1::+1:
We’re ready to cry for our mother all over again :smiling_face_with_tear:


Can’t help to notice there is no save feature or did I miss it?

My chrome crashed ohh well.

Opinion on this WIP

This is very detailed in story telling, since there is no save I don’t know if the choice matter, I gotta say Author get me with this one, I don’t expect it to go from 10 -1000 in an instant, the story seem very calm and easy at first but author seems like to kick the gas when reader didn’t expect it.

I just want to ask is the weapon summoned have alternative beside dagger? Or is it already predetermined?

Overall really captivating story.

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Bella line 452: increasing indent not allowed, expected 4 was 6

well well, back from the dead again eh?

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I thought this wip was given up on. I’m surprised it’s back

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