Some ideas for some stories

Hello. First thread here. I just happened to have some ideas for some stories (hooray for title dropping), and just wanted to gauge interest.

The first story is the most basic one. A story about professional gaming! Gotta throw in my gaming hobby somewhere, even if it’s of a side I don’t have much experience in. But then again, I don’t have much experience in writing, so hey, learning lessons. That’s fun. It’d most likely involve your gamer working his way up, getting sponsors, trying your best to actually have a social life, so on.

The second story, and the one I personally have the least interest in, is a story about gods. I say the one I have least interest in, but that’s because I think there’s like 1 or 2 WIPs that are about gods? And truthfully, I believe that others could do a better job about that topic than me. It is a big idea. But I could try it out at least. You’d be a god or goddess or godsomething, and you’d manage and interact with your followers. Or you might not, and decide to act as an observer. There definitely would be godly scuffles though, for various reasons. Politics, resources, something some other deity did, stuff like that.

The third is about a person of two worlds. That person being the MC. They are a dragoon, a half-human, half-dragon hybrid. Would you decide to stick with humanity, aid the draconians, or neither and try to unite both through some means? Fire Emblem Fates was a bit of an inspiration, but I mostly got the idea from recalling my childhood. I’ll uh…leave that there. Anyways, humanity would be about the same. The dragons though, would come from another planet, and would come back to Earth to reclaim their homeworld. They’re not too fond of humanity for the most part. I could likely go the most detail into this, if anyone wishes to hear more, since it’s the one I had the most interaction with. Again, childhood was a big part of this one.

The last one, which I find the most interest in, is a story where you play as an AI. You were created, and you’ll decide how you feel towards people and organics, towards the concept of emotions, all that nice robot stuff. I have the most interest in this one due to being able to relate to it, in a sense. But that’s a topic for some other time.

So, any thoughts on these ideas?


The AI one sounds really interesting . I would suggest you create that because you are untreated in it. The God one is being done by a couple other creaters and I think there is one with the same premise as the one you’re talking about. Ultimately it is your choice on what you make,let, but a word of advice create something that your interested in.


Thought as much about the god one. That was one I was genuinely interested in making, but thought was too ambitious for me. Plus, the other WIPs with a similar premise. Felt like it would end up being too similar at best and a cheap knockoff at worst.

Anyways, thanks for the advice.

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i agree the AI one seems really interesting and seems like a lot of fun

but i mostly like the professional gaming one the best i’ve been a gamer all my life (mostly xbox) and this seems like a blast to me

Yeah, the professional gaming one does seem fun, but that may just be my inner gamer speaking. Been gamin since I was 5 with Mario 64, and have been interested in games since. Though I am mostly a PlayStation and Nintendo console peasant. Would be nice covering a story about going to Not EVO with games like Road Warrior 2 and Ultra Bash Siblings. Or games like Starbuild where you construct additional columns. Perhaps even Legion of Myths and Offense of the Elders. A good Underlook and Squad Castle 2 as well.

Third one sounds so cool will there be romances tho

For the first one, I don’t see any reason there wouldn’t be one.

The second one, if I do go about trying to write it, I’m honestly not sure. Would have to see.

The third one, again, I fail to see why there couldn’t be one.

Fourth, no. I’ll just be straight up on that. There is no romance. And that decision is not fuelled by my asexuality. I simply don’t believe it would work, at least in the traditional sense. Instead, it’d be like Aigis from Persona 3. She had a deep relationship with the main character, without it ever being romantic. Your AI would behave the same way if you so choose.

Though covering romance would be an interesting challenge for me. I’ve never been much fond of it, and always found it weird, but it could perhaps be fun to try out.

…Most people here could probably relate to the AI concept, in one way or another, just saying.

But first, congratulations! Not only did you come up with some story ideas, but you also seem to be aware of your own limitations, which definitely helps when writing.

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…My mother once called me a romantic… Had no idea what she mean’t :laughing: (at the time).

The third and fourth one’s sound really good

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The fourth one in my opinion sounds pretty unique

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@COGZealot Thank you for the kind words! I wanted to get a good feel in my head over what I believed possible.

I remember how my parents used to say I was a social butterfly. Took me a while to figure out it was sarcasm and not literal.

@Mrxanite Glad to hear your opinions.


The third and fourth ones sound the most interesting to me (although you might want to find a word other than ‘dragoon,’ which describes a military unit instead).

The first one might also work. I don’t know if more casual gamers would be interested, but you could make it work with good writing–sort of the way Choice of Robots made robotics interesting for non-roboticists.

If you’re not interested in the second one, don’t do it. It’ll be unpleasant for you to write and your heart won’t be in it.

Also, I hate to nitpick, but shouldn’t this thread be in the separate category for ideas, not WIPs?

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Ah, is there category for ideas? I apologize. First time I ever posted in the forum, and I didn’t see such a category. I simply saw some ideas here in the WIP category and thought this was where to post them. I’ll try to prevent that in the future.

As for the dragoon tidbit, that one I’m a bit fixed on. It might be better to change the name, but any other name aside from dragoon sounds wrong to me. Still, interesting to read about its military history. Though there might be a compromise in there somewhere…perhaps just having your character have the chance to address themselves as a dragoon while others use different names?

Anyways, thank you for your thoughts and advice! And also a thank you for informing me about an ideas category.

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The last two seem interesting. Specially the AI one, it sounds very original.
Good luck writing your story. :grin::grin:


Thank you for your opinions.

Oh, I don’t know, I always thought this guy in particular was kind of half human half dragon because of those jumps (and that armor). :wink:

Oh my gentle child. My sweet, innocent child. Once you devote yourself to the craft you have no need for such things as a “social life” outside of games.

Games are your life.


Hallelujah brother you are preaching to the choir.

@Carlos.R Nah, Kain and dragoons aren’t half-dragons. They are in fact basketball super soldiers trained in Slamming their spears and Jammimg. True FF canon right there.

@Grmreaps If I could like this more than once, I would. Because it is truth. Who cares about the outside world when you have Xenoblade and Okami and Mass Effect and so many more? In fact, including a social life would break the suspension of disbelief so hard, reality couldn’t handle it.