Social Networking - Pros, Cons and Preferences!


Call me curious but I’m wanting to start this little thread on this rather controversial topic.
It’s been bugging me a while now, how some people like Facebook, others like Twitter, some like both and others refuse to have either!

So tell me, which social networks do you like, why do you like them and what do you look for in them?

If you don’t like them, tell us why! Is it privacy? Lack of desire for drama? Etc!

– I should probably note that I consider forums to be a kind of social network… :stuck_out_tongue:

As for myself I like Twitter for following things of interest like authors, companies, game developers (like COG(^^) and ArenaNET) - stuff that interests me, I use it a little bit like my own personal news feed.

Facebook annoys me, I like it’s ease of communication but I can’t be doing with the drama on it. I’ll pop on maybe two times a week to like the odd funny comment or post for a friend’s birthday but I don’t actively use it at present.


I guess I love forums the best, since I don’t really use Twitter or facebook, i check them once or twice a month and leave it at that, since all my friends post stuff like ‘Dad just bought lunch back :)’, nothing really useful or interesting


I personally use facebook.
I think it’s neat to share pictures and watch other peoples stuff, also the message system is something I like.


I use facebook to keep in touch with everything. If I need to get ahold of somebody and my phone’s messing up facebook’s the way to go. I get invites to parties through facebook. I got reminded of drill dates through facebook, and I talk to old friends through facebook. The sheer fact it’s so widely used is what makes it useful. There’s even study groups for my classes through facebook. Made arabic so much easier.


“…but there is nothing controversial about being social.”

Are we talking about social network for own CoG project? (or any other project for that matter)

I for one am pretty much at the same wavelength with what JimD posted on the wiki. Both Facebook and Twitter are powerful for getting the word out and building a fanbase. Both exercise different culture, partly thanks to Twitter’s 140-characters policy (is it still 140 or did they go for an upgrade??) that most users tend to have relatively short attention span. Drama on Facebook is unavoidable though. Even if you’re admining over a page and not on personal account network, your page’s fans would have drama of their own out of nowhere… it just happens :smiley:


Facebook’s also been useful for helping people in other countries spread ideas and information. Egypt was a key example of that. Also if you’re in favor of globalization I would def point out social networking as an aspect of that.


I deleted facebook… I realised that eventually a lot of people end up on there that are merely chance encounters not actual valuable friends who stick around when you need them. That plus, eventually I guess I didn’t want information about myself, my relationships or whatever to be plastered online. It also never had much of substance, drama and statuses about breakfast or being bored doesn’t really inspire anything to be fair. Oh and social games took over!

So, I limit my online socialising to forums. Though, I’ve now deleted MSN since no one really uses it anymore! >.>


Check out a cook site called game decider


@xt1000305 - That’s my thoughts exactly, some people post just for the sake of posting and it can be quite annoying!

@noogai - The message system? Now that is interesting, I’m glad you mentioned it; I too like how the instant chat and PM (Or “inboxes”) are seamlessly combined, it’s quite something.

@FcA - Yes and no, while I’m interested in seeing how people would use them in relation to CoG, I’m definitely just as interested to see how you might use (or not use) them in every day life! But advertising, that’s a fair topic. Which one do you think is better then in that regard, out of facebook and twitter? I can see twitter being a more target orientated - what with it’s suggested follows and such. Facebook would get you a lot of views of friends of friends, but what are the odds of them being interested in your project? Not too high I wager.

@RVallant - True about MSN, I’m largely on Skype now.

@Mardam - I will!


@CJW I think I’ve digressed, lol.

Well, for personal use I haven’t really found both to be vital… I guess that partly depends on the interaction behavior of people you surround yourself with. Originally I had Facebook account for work connections. But a lot of other people seem to have different idea of using social media… before I knew it I was getting requests from grade school friends. That’s not my idea of jumping in on the bandwagon. Nobody gives a crap when I link some articles from like Gamasutra, but then again not everyone plays or works in or is in any way familiar with videogames or software/technology industry, so I end up sharing silly meme pics =D>

Twitter is interesting tbh. The traffic noise is unbelievable but I do like the follow suggestions like you said. Everyone seems to have attention span of a 3-yr-old and, of course, there is a whole lot of spamming. The #followfriday channel is great for gaining new fans. I haven’t had any success with Facebook page, I guess the first thing to do is still to have at least some demo content ready for going viral and pick up your momentum from there. (For my project - if I ever get it out the door one of these days - I’d have accounts set up on both platforms. Maintaining regular updates is kinda lots of separate work though.)

Forums would be on a different category if you ask me, as it has always been. phpBB boards and the likes were popular even before the term social media was introduced. Much more interest-focused in nature, or as @Xt1000305 pointed out above, you know you’re always onto some useful information.


Marketing-wise, Twitter and FB are a necessity. @FcA as soon as you have a demo, start using them. Link to both from the ending scene (that’s how I do it). Let me know the link, and if you want, I’ll post it on my Twitter feed and FB page.

Personally, I use FB to keep in touch with friends & family I don’t live near and to stay current on things going on in their lives. With Twitter, I follow creative people who provide some degree of inspiration to be a better writer.

I do enjoy when people share links to articles.

FB is also great for feeling “connected.” There are days when I am home alone for 5-6 hours in a stretch. I post on FB and see comments in minutes, and it makes me feel like there are still people out there.


I’m definitely not big on the direction social networking has taken. Every time I bother to log into Facebook, I’m reminded of why I choose to be anti-social. It’s always someone trying to start an argument with someone else. I really don’t want other people’s drama invading my otherwise happy life.

Unfortunately, Facebook seems to be the common primary medium for party invitations these days, so it’s a bit of a necessary irritation. One that I will only put up with when an email notification of an invite comes in. :slight_smile:

Twitter, I pretty much just use as a news feed. I like that I don’t have to subscribe to anyone’s personal problems. I can just keep up with stuff I want to keep up with.

Honestly, anyone important enough for me to be interested in their personal lives knows how to call me, text me, Skype me, or come over to my apartment. Nothing better than catching up with good friends over a cup of tea. :smiley:


@FcA Some interesting points and I agree entirely with the conflict of interests.

Now, as for the Bulletin Boards, two years ago? Maybe three or four, I would have agreed with you. If you check out some of the latest packages and software solutions though, you’ll find they’re really starting to get more and more in common. You may have also noticed how even if a site isn’t like Facebook it’ll often integrate with it, and although I hate to admit it, on occassion it has proved convenient to sign up to a site with my facebook and/or google account.

What I wasn’t impressed with was Google trying to slap my real name on my YouTube account; no, google, no, bad company, bad! -.-

@JimD I’m going have to pay you to tutor me on the arts of social media advertising, haha. I really envy the facebook activity, no one honestly gives two blinks about what I put on there (whatever it is), however, to be fair, I don’t give two about what everyone else puts on there either.

I do find the odd page or group that is more “niche” can be quite entertaining, but I don’t tend to use it to keep in touch with people, I just hop on Skype.

@CS_Closet Drama? I like to think of Facebook as a form of ‘Social Playground’, it’s like being at High School again. ^^

"Honestly, anyone important enough for me to be interested in their personal lives knows how to call me, text me, Skype me, or come over to my apartment. Nothing better than catching up with good friends over a cup of tea. "

You MUST be English!? :smiley: