So who are you IRL?


Long-time lurker, part-time coder. Just wondering who we all really are behind these usernames. XD

Such as gender, age, general geographics. Ever go to university? What did you study? Or if not yet, what DO you want to study? Those who have jobs, what do you do? Fun facts?

Sorry if this is weird lol. Just have a theory that COG fans are probably from all walks of life, and I’m interested in the demographics that make us up. You can be as specific or as general as you want of course.

I’ll start off: I’m a dude, in my mid-20s, live on the west coast of the US, though I do a lot of traveling for my job. I’m a photographer. I went to the University of Washington and was an art major. Or in other words, I have a death wish when it comes to financial prospects…


We’re a small community, so I feel like this is less creepy than it should be.

I’m a lady, seventeen, just graduated. I live north of Seattle by the Puget sound, and am entering college next year. I love to travel, and I take silly day trips all the time. Getting lost is no problem. I go on hikes in the mountains and kayak on the water.

I love reading and I’m suuuuper into fantasy novels. I prefer it when girls are the main characters. I’ve always loved myths and fairytales, and I go to the library like everyday. Also I’m way too into clothes and I need to stop going to the mall.



I’m being asked my name and age by a creepy stalker called sesquipedalian.
No, jk man no offense. It’s interesting, and sometimes surprising to hear about some people irl.


never hid who i am in any chats so why start now

my name is Chris & im from Kentucky, a 39 year old Video Gamer & have always wanted to make Video Games.

my name has 2 sources 1st is the DC Comic Character Lobo, 2nd Lobo420 means High Wolf


could be fun I guess
I’m a guy i’m 16 still in highschool, I live in Virginia, and I still haven’t gotten over the red wedding from game of thrones


I’m a 20 year old female currently attending college, and majoring in Psychology. After this upcoming semester I’ll be done with my Associates and working on my Bachelors. I’m also working as a dishwasher (and stand-in cashier). I live in Missouri :smiley:

I like to write, and slowly but surely, I’m learning to code on choicescript, and am working on a game of romance (shameless self-plug).

Hm… Fun fact. Well, odd one, anyway. My cat (who I adopted from the pound at just a few weeks) likes to jump on my shoulder and wrap herself around my neck. Or, twist herself when I pick her up, so she’s on her back in my arms, and just stretch out, and stay like that.

I’m also currently healing up from second degree burns (apparently caused from the sun) that I received on a four day camping trip which included 24 miles worth of Kayaking and Canoeing.

Which, I mean, you didn’t have to know about the cat or the camping, but whatever. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh… why the hell not. But I’m not giving out my real name.

I’m a 20 year old male from Alaska and am currently studying in multiple fields such as astronomy, philosophy, mythology, and things similar to that. I like trying to figure out what is going through the heads of both fictional characters and historical figures.

Fun fact: I contact random people to ask them if I can work on projects for them so I can keep my mind stimulated. Surprisingly, it’s been around 50/50 of yes and no. It is also the reason I even have a profile on here now.


Yay, peer pressure!

I’m a guy, 19 yrs. old, from around Chicago. Currently studying at a local community college and am going into engineering. I am unemployed and desperately need a part time job.

I’ve been working on a story since freshman year of high school, but due to laziness and school and the usual excuses, I haven’t gotten very far. From when I first found this community a couple months ago, I’ve thinking of writing a game taking place in the world I’ve already created, but, once again, laziness gets the best of me.

Also I just had four more people take residence in my house, one of which is 3 yrs. old; so that might have hindered me as well…


22, girl. Recently graduated from UC Berkeley! Fun fact: Cal has a ton of ridiculous courses, like ones on video games, Harry Potter, Star Trek, etc. And these are for credit. There was a male sexuality course too, but it got canceled because the class literally had a field trip to a strip club.

I’m currently in CA, but I’ve lived in a bunch of different places - including China, where I was born. Aaand I’m heading to NYC in about, damn, a week and a half, this time for law school. Fun fact #2: I’m going to be in the same class as Bo Guagua (communist “princeling”, wiki it) because apparently Columbia’s where it’s at for scandal-laden refuges.


well my name is Porter, im 13 years old i live in the netherlands.
what else would you want to know of me? :stuck_out_tongue:

(i think most people didnt even realise that i am soo young)

MAJOR EDIT: (it seems that i forgot my entire life)

colitis ulcerosa i have it 1 year now but im also (almost) 1 year on the forums.
because of colitis ulcerosa i found CoG. when i was in the hospital and bla bla bla, my mom and dad bought me an ipod and i was searching for apps to enjoy myself and so i found CoG.
if i would never have got this disease, i wouldnt be here at the forums, and i would never have known about CoG.


I’m a 15 year old Canadian gal, enjoying the summer between my sophomore and junior years in high school. I’m a theatre nerd and I always have to participate in my schools productions, whether it’s onstage or offstage, though acting is what I’m most passionate about. I really hope to make a career of it one day.
I’m actually a real tomboy too, love sports (especially football) and doing things outdoors, like camping. I actually dont even enjoy reading or writing that much, or video games, so I don’t know why it is that I love to play choice games. It’s one of the most random things about me. If I were to tell anyone I know in person that this is one of my favorite things to do in my free time, they’d be pretty shocked and baffled.


41yo married guy with 3-and-a-half year old triplet daughters, born and raised in NJ. Having a hard time finding steady full time work, so I work 2 part time jobs and I also volunteer at a hydroponic farm. Longtime fan of fantasy and sci-fi.

Fun Fact: Make Room For Multiples, Barton Triplets…that’s us.

Wanderlust (WIP)

Hello, so, I’m a 21 year old guy born in Denver, CO but raised in Qatar. My mom is from New Mexico while my dad is Qatari, making me a dual-citizen which is pretty awesome, and I’m currently living in Colorado and hoping to major in geophysical engineering.

A few fun facts/hobbies: I’m a big time gamer, and I love choice of games. I have 6 siblings, but the best part about that is that we were all born in a pattern of girl/boy/boy/girl/boy/boy/girl. I’ve also moved around quite a bit growing up.

I don’t know if that is sufficient, so just ask me about anything if you want.


So, 25 yo guy born in South New Jersey, but raised all over with my military family. Currently not in school on account of work is killing my time or that, and I’m becoming more and more disillusioned that it’s the right choice for me. I’m currently a shift manager, trying to move up from that and my boss isn’t too happy about it.

Fun fact: I’m 6’8


My names Curtis, I’m 14, I hate everything except, Video Games, Comics, Choice of Games (obviously.), Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. My favourite music is Metal, Rock and Classical.


Oh, and I’m English.


I feel like I’m an outlier here. 63, male, live in Ohio and am a fourth grade teacher. I teach English and History so it’s no wonder I found this place.

I grew up with Choose your own adventure books and really enjoy them.

Fun Fact: I live with my 8 year old grandson.


Sure, why not?
I’m 18 years old lady from Argentina, currently in college and hoping to be a full-fledged pharmacist one day. In the mean time I do odd jobs for my mother, who happens to be the loveliest creature on earth and the one who raised me by all her lonesome self during these looong, eighteen years. Best boss ever.

Long time fan of fantasy, romance, and roleplaying. There isn’t out there I -truly- dislike–But animal abuse is my own, personal berserk button.

…So yeah! Cheers from Argentina!


Hmm let’s see what to put…
17yr girl born in Cali currently in Michigan. Big video gamer a rarity for girls in my school. (Apparently if a girl mentions playing and beating Halo 3 in 12 hours she’s considered weird) joined the Army back in April so just waiting for Senior year to get over so I can leave home. Want to go to college for either a degree in video game writing (plotlines characters quests stuff like that) or Criminal Justice. And bloody horror movies are a must Dawn of the Dead always.


It’s kind of strange how we’re all from different places, from all over the world, and yet we’re all so close together, you know?