So I got bored and made the CoG logo in 3D


Whenever I get bored I sometimes like to play around in Maya and make simple things. Today I decided to make the CoG logo for no reason :smile:


I always wondered what that symbol meant.

Also cool!


Beautiful! Anyone know why we have that logo, anyway?


Maybe Jason knows?

Hey @jasonstevanhill!
Why is that cogs symbol?


Forged from the fires of Autodesk, great job! The symbol itself looks like a maze with multiple entrances and exits—like a choose-your-own-adventure game. The shape looks somewhat similar to a cog, which is clever for ‘CoG’. It’s a well-done logo.


I never thought about it like that, but that makes sense if true.







I always assumed it was a maze.


Fantom is 15 likes away from the Great Topic badge.

C’mon, people!
His work is worthy of that badge! :grin:


It could be a coincidence


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Great work, people.
Let’s finish the job so Fantom can get paid.

Edit: 2 more likes to go!

C’mon, c’mon!
The deed is almost done!


Lol @Packet is rooting for my post more than I am.


It’s got to happen!

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You deserve this, and you must have it!

Edit: Yes! It is done!

Superb, everyone!

Congratulations, Fantom! :heartpulse:


Oooooh, they should use your drawing now