So...i found this adult text-base adventure i allow to post this?


First thing first, I found this very nice adult/hentai/porn/fetish games. There are 3 games, all in the same page which you can play, both in browser or download. All options in sexuality is available too be straight, gay, lesbian, girl-with-genital, furry and…yeah I am a sick fuck. :sweat:

Nevertheless, the games is good text-based adventure and I just like to inform people of it.

I am sure you can’t post link to adult stuff here on this site, I think. If I can, inform me so I can post the link, with a +18 warning. If not and you interesting, PM me I will give you the link.



I’m not sure but considering that the flaming love WIP hasn’t been taken down I think it’s fine. You might want to wait for a mod to give the okay first though.


sure I will wait for them to reply.


Ahhh, you found Corruption of Champions.

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What is that???


Oh dear lorde why ;-;.


inb4 the CoG forums go inactive for the next couple weeks, lol! Seriously though, fenoxo has some very quality interactive fiction there. Certainly nothing to be ashamed of if you enjoy it. It just goes to show how many different aspects and forms this medium can take.


It’s true, fenoxo’s stuff is some of the best text erotica I’ve had the pleasure of reading. I mean, it’s surely not for everyone and I can’t blame anyone for wanting nothing to do with it (some scenes can get plenty creepy), but in terms of possibility and player interactivity, it’s really great.

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Out of the bag? I’m running to the airport


There WAS a bag? I thought ‘it’s CoC isn’t it’ the moment I read ‘adult text-based adventure game’. But I’m sure it’s alright, even if the moderators decide not to allow the discussion. No one’s posted a link yet, at least.


Haven’t played Trials in Tainted Space as long as CoC (obviously, what with the insane amount of contenct CoC) has, but I remember that I didn’t really like the map feature. I much preferred the ‘click here to go wherever’ of CoC. I also got…uh, defeated. A lot. Bloody bees and their bloody pheromones.

…hmm, now I feel like playing again. Just to see what new stuff has been added. Weekend saved, I’d say. :kissing:


Consider us informed. But please take the discussion elsewhere.

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