many games are you writing?


Am I the only one with a severe multi-tasking problem? I CANNOT work on one game for a long time. I have to work on 3 or 4. I have 5 different ChoiceScript folders on my desktop, and I’m making a resolution to not make any more…

This is probably irritating and troubling news to people who are following Sovereign Reality and Tavern Tales, but rest assured those two are my longest games and the others are really just exercises…I like to write in different genres, see what style suits me best.

It’s not like I’m a professional writer–yet. So I can afford to…dally…right?

What about you guys/gurls?


I feel your pains maman, when ideas come in I just gotta get them coded, and then something else come up and yea -.-


Same here in a sense. I’m not even done with my stuff and I’m already planning out a sequal and a prequel and a different game altogether in my head. Sometimes I wish my inner thoughts would shutup for awhile, at least while I’m aaleep


So so true =(, that planning ahead…has me writing the ending scenes of the game before I can barely finish the introductions.


It is common for me as well. I currently have 2 WiPs in advanced stage of development (for me this is 20k and 33k words respectively) and I have ideas about at least 3 more.


Right now I’m writing two games but the going is sliw


I’ve got quite a list of games I still want to make, but I know that if I start on any of them my current project will bleed to death :frowning:
Because of this I try to only work on my current WiP (though I do write down any ideas I get)


I have had problems with working on only one project. I have Ghost in the Library, Norif, Hangman, Thermopylae, Thiefs Apprentice, and The Aztec Way.

I had to finaly limit myself to only work on one game as it gets confessing jumping from one game code to another. If I had time to code everyday it would ok, but I often have Togo 4 to 5 days without coding.


Normally, I restrict myself to one game at a time.

However, right now, I’m working on two simultaneously.


I normally need to write two stories at the same time or else I lose interest on it.


I have seven in the works, but I am currently only working on 3


Just the one. All the other ideas can wait – I don’t have time for them now. :slight_smile:


I have only one right now, which is a miracle considering I always work on multiple stories at the same time. I currently have ideas for a new game but I don’t think I’ll do anything until my current WIP is complete.


I’m not a good multitasker. I’m putting all of my free time into my one WiP. As much as I want to start writing Stiff Justice, it will have to wait.


You have no idea. I have a folder on my desktop that has literally like 30 or so WiPs that I fully intend to write out. Thankfully, I only have a couple super massive ones. The rest are designed to be small affairs. At the moment, I’m focusing on a select… five.


I’d like to make a cog/hosted game but alas I think I lack the ability, resources, and time.


I’m working on one here on the forums, and one hidden behind a sheath of … not being on forums, I guess. But of course my forum one is my priority as always, just when I get writer’s block, I just swap over.


I’m working on three - Trial of the Demon Hunter (update,) Judgement of the Fallen and Colonising Kepler 62e. Usually I work on Demons Among Men (the series) 6 days out of the week, then Kepler one day out of the week. It means I can still have steady progress on Kepler while also focusing on DAM. Plus, it’s sometimes refreshing to write in different genres every once in a while.


Glad to see I’m not alone!

Mad respect to those who can pound away at one story until it’s done. It’s probably why I never finish mine!

@Sam good luck with those games, I can’t wait to play Kepler. I love space/space colonization (and my secret third project is a sci-fi as well…kind of in the vein of Firefly and Star Wars, though I wouldn’t mind doing a space Colonization one since Civilization: Beyond Earth is coming out soon!!)


Thanks :slight_smile: you too.