So apparently CS supports gifs


I don’t know how useful this might be, but I randomly discovered that CS can support gifs using the *image command. Just as an example, here’s my tiny demo with a cool gif at the beginning.


It’s great isn’t it?

I wish there was slightly better formatting for them. For Julia Caesar I had a relationships page (that updates as you meet each person) and showed pictures of them. No need to play just hit the relationships button. But I had to insert a bunch of linebreaks to get the formatting right and I’m sure it won’t work well on different browsers.


These examples are both cool, thanks for sharing them.

But, uh, if in the beginning “there was nothing. There was only blackness,” then why is that accompanied by a picture of something?


That was just an example I inserted to show that it’s supported. If I was actually going to insert a gif into my game it’d be something that made more sense and something I had the right to use.


Yeah, I figured.

The Onion did a spoof world atlas and my single favorite entry in it is about Sweden. It’s a photo of the first parliament meeting after passage of Dogma 47, which requires all government sessions to use only naturally-available sunlight. Since the meeting is in the dead of winter, the photo is simply a black rectangle. It’s one of those things, like the “Jake from State Farm” commercial, that I laugh at every time.