Slightly bi-sexual?!


Am I the only one who’s like…slightly bi? ._. Like, attracted to women and men but with like a 90% preference for women?




I’d say It’s complicated


Lots of bi people have preferences. Possibly the majority, but I haven’t researched it or anything.

When you factor in that people might feel differently about different genders (e.g. I’m a woman and I worry about whether or not dating a man would be best for me due to Bad Personal Experiences, misogyny, whether or not he’d expect different things of me than a woman like marriage or kids, etc.) and worry about possible exposure to homophobia, preferences really aren’t that unusual. I consider myself 50/50 on attraction to men and women and both still have a pros and cons list attached them–some of which are rational and some not.


I’m probably a 2 on that scale.


Yeap, men for one night activities.

It seems i can’t get attracted in long relationship with males. The one must be almost perfect if i ever do. As someone who influenced by Oscar Wilde, i see no difference if you enjoy. That means physical for male and emotional for female. Also that helps maintaining more steady relationships with females as you become more sexually satisfied and not chase for having sex in all the opportunities.(unlike most men)

And i don’t say i’m at the point of sexual satisfaction as that is such a hard thing for a human-being (except asexual and variations).


The labels for all the sexualities at times confuse me past the LGBT and heterosexual labels once you start delving deeper into specifics and as I still think I’m evolving on exactly what and who I like, I tell everyone I’m an equal opportunist although I lean more towards liking the male end of things partially because I want a small army of children (I’m female).


I don’t really like saying “Oh, I’m a 3 on the Kinsey scale!” because I don’t feel like my sexuality is a static thing. It’s fluctuating and changing and sometimes I like men more, sometimes I like women more and sometimes it’s equal. So, I like it more to just say I’m bisexual because as a label it fits me just fine.

What you describe sounds like you could be Heteroflexible (if that is a label that sounds good/right to you). Like, you do identify as heterosexual, but once in a blue moon, you are attracted to the same sex.


i consider myself as a bi (im leaning toward male, but i cant denied that i find women interesting as well), though i hate the thought of doing sex with either gender (so am i aromantic ?!)… :thinking:


That would be asexual, not aromantic. :slight_smile: And hey- welcome to the club. Like both, sex with either makes me terrified and nauseated.


Sounds like you could be asexual and biromantic, but it’s your label and you must decide what sounds right to you. A friend of mine once said to me that I am probably demisexual and panromantic, but I don’t really identify with that.


For me, I’m strongly attracted to all kinds of women in general. For men, though, they usually have to be a very specific type, and I also have to like them on a personal level. XD


Sounds similar to my scenario. Lots of people have tried to call me demisexual and panromantic, but I’ve met a person I was heads over heels for, and we were together for ages, but all I wanted to do was kiss and cuddle and play with her hair.


A popular theory, supported by things like the kinsley scale, is that sexual experience is not binary or trinary, but it exists within a spectrum.
The implications are that while words such as “gay”," straight", “bi”… can be useful to describe your position in the spectrum, at the end of the day they’re just words and have their own limitations. It is up to you to decide which words would you like to be described with, as long as it makes you feel comfortable, there are also broader terms than bisexual such as “queer” or “heteroflexible”.

By the way, I’ve heard that in theory, cases 0 and 6 are extremely rare, and that most straight people are in the 1 and most gay people are in the 5.


ah, i see… thanks~

well, label is kinda confusing… i guess i’ll called myself bi or asexual… :grin: or i’ll just completely ignore label at all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

great minds think alike ? :flushed:
i always though the idea of hugging or cuddling, kissing forehead, or playing with each other hair kinda hhhhnnnnggg~ :heart_eyes:


Really I don’t care where I get my kids from but the old fashioned way is quickest I suppose? Part of it is the other ways are a bit pricey. And most of my experience has been with guys so I know I like them, sort of need more data from the other end to confirm several theories.

It’s harder to tell too for me what I might actually like because I’m a bit more shy than most so going out and finding someone is like buying the Mona Lisa for five dollars. Adding to the fact of I also have something called schizotypal personality disorder which does not help socializing at all: People with schizotypal personality disorder are often described as odd or eccentric and usually have few, if any, close relationships. They generally don’t understand how relationships form or the impact of their behavior on others. They may also misinterpret others’ motivations and behaviors and develop significant distrust of others.

Basically the few friendships I do form are probably gonna last a lifetime or a long span of years. But you can imagine how this affects attempting a more intimate/personal type of relationship.


After quite a few years of ruminating on my own sexuality, wondering on whether I was interested in men, women, and all people in between, I ultimately came to the conclusion that the best definition of my sexuality by far was a vague shrugging movement.

You like who you like, I suppose. That’s all one may need, really.


If someone is non-binary what would they count as in the scale?


Do that. No one needs your labels to like you or you don’t need your label to like someone :+1:


Slightly bi-sexual while that to me seems like a odd thing to say(like being slightly dead or slightly over the line) it’s all up to what you think in the end.
Me I’m not really sure what I am anymore a pulse, a good conversation, and not a total ass and that’s all that matters for me, granted over the past decade I kinda don’t want anything sexual anymore. I used to think I was straight, then I thought I was bi as a kid, now there is just so many different labels it’s to hard to keep track and it’s just whatever, you are a double helix humanoid beyond that I don’t pay attention anymore.