Played the online game…I can’t sleep now. Anyone else played it?


No i’m just to scared but i’m planning to play it when i have time


No, because cheap scare tactics and no plot nor strategy.


I’ve played it. Didn’t especially scare me, though I enjoyed the concept. Seems like the flashlight doesn’t last nearly long enough, and finding the pages is very difficult.


i watched a youtube video, the guy almost crapped himself


I didn’t play it. Not only that it lags, but I’ve already seen these:


Ive played it. ts kinda freaky. Doesnt keep me from sleep though.


It is not scary what so ever


It’s suspensful…I keep thinking that Slenderman will pop up when I wake up…


At first glance I thought this would be about a multiple choice game about Slenderman. I am now very disappointed and slightly motivated to make it.

As for the game, I haven’t played it yet. I keep meaning to though.


@Trywm I was hoping it was a slenderman game as well :frowning:


A Slenderman game? That would either be really good or absolutely terrible, but definitely one or the other, nothing in-between.


Yeah like your a detective investigating slenderman, and all the children hes kidnapped, and while your out in the woods investigating the latest disappearance you find a note. Apparently slenderman wants you to leave him alone. I think it could be done well, like with awesome fight scene and like he goes on a rampage in the rural town nearby and you face off against him along with a police blockade. Could be epic!


i dont know if a slenderman game would go well, at least on choicescript anyways


I haven’t played it personally, but I was so scared just from watching someone else play it on youtube.
Also, a slender choicescript game could be good if it was done right: with lots of suspense and really conveying the to-be victim’s feelings. Also most of the choices would need to end in your person being raped.


Just played it. Scared me when i where in the bathroom building. Its not very scary only when he just pops up


I should make a game! It would be suspensful…how would I do it?


I did a whole day of Slenderman research. Couldn’t sleep that night.


Me too. It sucks. I’m starting on this Slenderman game. I’ll be working on RISE too.



That’s the only part that freaks me out. Everytime I go in there I get trapped :confused: