does any body know how to get remaried?


Yes go to maras temple and talk to guy who sell the amulet or, kill your mate if you do they got money for the testament


i did all that but it hasn’t worked.


Do you have hearhfire? And i got the skyrim guide so has to work work for me you are in pc i got 360


yeah i got hearfire nd im on 360


Edit: Nevermind I was wrong :slight_smile:


You can’t get Re-Married. learned that the hard way and had to restart half my game


Unless they released it with hearthfire, in which case… *puts gun to head*


ugh :L


I kill aela the huntress and all go well i remarry perfectly maybe a problem of versions i got the spanish


i married the girl from riverwood.


Bad choice if you do sven or elf quest she flirt with them


:expressionless: well that lil ho


is their any way to delete all of my skyrim save?


I dont understand what you try to say you can delete in your hard drive memory profile and ingame settings


nvm i just started a new game.


Pretty sure you can’t, as there’s a PC mod that allows you to just that (ddivorce and remarry).


You can with heartfire the exclusive dlc to xbox allow remarry adopt children and built houses its based on the pc mods and at least in my xbox works even its said in trailer, probably its just a typical bethesda bug. In pc you have dragonborn dlc in december?


I don’t believe it changes the marriage system, and it’s not exclusive to xbox. You can get it on PC too…


there arent any dlc exclusives they just havent released anyting for ps3 and they didnt plan for it to be like that