This is for Every Skyrim player that has heard of Dawnguard (and if you haven’t go to to talk about it so it does not go anywhere else.


I’m quite looking forward to it, it’ll give more depth and gameplay changes to the whole vampire/werewolf thing. Plus I’m a sucker for crossbows, and more shouts is never a bad thing.


The last good thing before they shit on the series with the mmo


The online is diffent(god help us if it is not)game.


But if it does happen I will like another war but with sides(info from the wed site then scroll down then you should see it).


I can’t wait for non-sucky vampires.

Why would the mmo mess it up?


1000 people stealing you every thing from you (kills,loot,money,any thing else still on you-theifs*cough*me*cough*).


And what side will you be on(if you ask I am a vampire all the way though)


Ah, well I didn’t plan on playing the online game anyway.

Vampires for me, who’d choose anything else? :[


The MMO Sounds great, I’m A Vamp all the way, though i’m sad because i’ve got a PS3 and Dawnguard isn’t coming out for PS3 At the Same time as 360 :frowning:


The dawnguard(*cough*dead people*cough*)and mmo is coming out in 2013 by then I will maybe have 400 hours done


It’s only 30 days later : / Yeah okay that’s sucky.




Yeah, they have a deal with Microsoft; that the first two expansions/dlc’s will be xbox exclusive for thirty days.


Wait if they get smart maybe we can get expansions every so often.


I think I’m going with vampire, as in the base game their benefits are practically negligible and I wish to see how they’re being improved.

I’m a bit wary of the MMO, since what I’ve seen doesn’t exactly have that Elder Scrolls feel, and MMOs aren’t my thing, but I’ll stay open minded about it.


The MMO is not being handled by Bethesda, be afraid be very afraid.


Dawnguard is Coming out on June 26 for 360


Wait they are not doing it ALL GOD WHAT IS IT


Between the Elder Scrolls Online and Dawnguard I expect that the world will suffer greatly in production as millions of people “call in sick”