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Yugoslav Wars is certainly a very interesting conflict and would provide a lot of moral and ethical problems for the player. However, unless you were to only focus on Kosovo War, it’ll be a lot of work for you considering how complex was the conflict and how many military factions participated. I’d wager people wouldn’t be happy if you forced player to support one side (I know I wouldn’t be, since somehow I doubt it’d be Serbian side), but that leaves you with JNA, VRS, SVK, ZNG, HKV, HVO, ARBiH and countless militias. Perhaps splitting the game into few instances, each focusing on s single theater would be best? Naturally the conflicts were interwined and can’t be treated as completely independent wars, but there are ways around that, like filling what’s happening in the other theaters by news reports or something like that.


Looking at other military games (Golden Eagle, Sabres series, Broadsides, etc.), they all work very well in a fictional setting. That way you don’t need to nitpick small historical details, and there is the chance for you (as a player) to make more of an impact on the world, as you don’t need to follow what actually happened, like in a historical story. I think a good idea would be similier to United We Stand, where it takes place in a fictional country in the real world. That way you can set up your own context free from restraints, and put more of your own personal touch into the game.


That looks like it’d be very long to code. You know, he would have to create a lot of different events for each category and possibly different RO’s (if he wants to), so as to avoid that people say “The part of the army you’re in doesn’t change the game”.


while yes it would take a long time it would add tons of replay ability to the game and he wouldn’t necessarily have to make new ROs and as I said it is just a suggestion so he doesn’t have to do it plus even just having two different paths would be still amazing


True, and a NCO needs to go through a period when he learns that War Never Changes(Fallout 3 reference). War changes people in a way that has never happened, it can also separate families and put able-bodied men and women in the war. Maybe we can add an ending that had a peace treaty between the soldiers and the Islamic Extremist group. The MC might have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or Depression.


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I’ve been writing based off a fictional world so as to steer clear from the possible implications of writing about a real war. I’m no expert, so doing that would definitely not do it justice or give the subject matter the necessary respect. Beyond which I think it would be a lot easier to write about a fictional country and killing fictional people.

I think both of you have great points, and I definitely liked the way United We Stand did it. The freedom to set up my own context / or have readers/testers have their input without having to care too much about historical accuracy would be a great plus as well. That said, I think I would want to incorporate some of the themes and motifs of war - having realistic situations instead of gamey action film-esque prose.

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I’m not being as productive as I should (been side tracked by work and a couple short stories) But I think writing IF is always a balance of writing enough branches, but not going too crazy!!! So I think both of you are right to a certain degree.

If there’s one thing I learned from Gladiator: The Road to the Colosseum, it’s that writing multiple paths can get really painful really quickly, but not writing paths makes for boring gameplay. So I think I might go for a few major arcs, but many minor story arcs or side stories!

Heh never played that game, but yes! I’m definitely going for that vibe. But at the end of the day, I think it’s all about balance! So yeah sure, it might be easy to go really dark, or go the action hero route, but I think it’s the teasing of real moments that makes an IF truly come to life. The camaraderie of a route march. The heart break of an enlistee and his high school sweet heart. The rescue of a child from a burning house etc etc.

Do you have any suggestions? :smile:


I think world war one because it was just a fuck up that started it so no side can clam moral superiority. If you did world war two the nazi would be to evil to feel bad about killing them.


But everybody did fucked up shit in WW2 fucked up shit will happen but it’s war there are really no good guys and bad guys in war it’s just people fighting for what they believe is the right cause good and evil all depends on the point of view of the person and we all have different views on whats good and bad.


By my likes me personnel with games of war I would like me that they had those mimentos epicos in that the mc struggles in a fight body to body with a sword with the enemies more proximos and goes shooting with which are far, was tambem one of the beautiful scenes of guns of infinity, and on the construction of world could happen how two paises that always hated and like each ensinamento of some parents said like the another and bad and the mc discovering that neither all that they said was truth


I know that I’m a little late to this party but this sounds like a great idea and I’m kinda sad that I’ll be going to boot camp in a month. Now after some thinking I realized u could include rape by having the MC stumbling on one of their soldiers taking advantage of a civilian or female enemy and how the respond to that.


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