Sina Sona ala sona e toki pona?



kalama li toki pona. mi kute


mi jan open e toki pona


1st hawaiin now Bengali ? lol


The language is called toki pona


The comments mean
do you speak toki pona?
You speak toki pona. I listen.
I’m a beginner to toki pona.

In that order


no sorry , I don’t .


That’s ok


I was just reading about it… Very interesting concept


Found myself utterly confused for a moment, then a quick Google search enlightened me. Thanks for sparking my interest in this.


sina jan pona tan ni


Just gonna put his here


toki pona in English translate to good speak or simple speak


suna pona


Is this a conlang?




What’s its “thing”? What makes it unique? How come you’re studying it?


I google translated “toki pona”

It means flap in English

Also “Sina toki li toki pona” is apparently smoked tobacco.
hmmm, I’m gonna search this “conlang?”


The reason I study it is that is probably the most minimalist conlang out there. There are only 120 words, so it’s easy to learn


120 WORDS? Wow, that’s… wow


Toki is speak, speech and pona is good, simple in toki pona, so toki pona means good or simple language