Silliest Names You've Ever Used


So because so many CoG, HG, and WIPs allow us custom names, I was wondering if anyone ever picked something particularly goofy? Because sometimes I do just to make myself snicker. For example, in my personal WIP, I routinely test it as Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl because it amuses me greatly.

Also in Heroes Rise, my hero codename is Swan Queen. Because I am SwanMaiden on CoG forums, but also because that’s the name of a couple I ship on the show Once Upon a Time. So every time they are like, “Swan Queen!” I giggle helplessly.

I also once named myself Sparkle in a game whose name now escapes me. But playing a deeply serious game while being named Sparkle is amazing.

Share your silliness!


I don’t ever pick a goofy name for the MC, but in anything that lets you name things like your pet or space ship or whatever, I almost always use some variation of Shaquille O’Neal. The most ridiculous was the WIP Team Zero (iirc. it might have been a different title) where I called my secret HQ “The Shaquille O’Neal Wonder-Bunker”. Lost my mind every time I read it.


I use Sir Farticus if the game is focused on royalty or knights in shimmy armours. For hero games I use Roar baby Roar. For Tin Star I used the name Star Sparkle. For Zombie Exodus I believe I used Brains Galore as a name. That’s all I can think about naming my characters when I don’t feel like playing the game seriously. :grin:


I usually pick something lore-appropriate the first few times I play a game. I played the Heroes Rise trilogy several times, though, for the different love interests. My third character was a pretty aggressive antihero named “Dandy Hammer.” Even though it wasn’t an option in the game, I imagined her dressing something like Mary Poppins, but with a constant sneer plastered across her face.


Santa Claus.

I pretty much cried from laughter when playing Zombie Exodus with that name.


Mr Stabby. Doesn’t really work because everyone uses ‘Mr’ as a first name. Hmm, maybe I should use ‘Mister’…

In Mecha Ace I called my squad 'Vorpal Squad ’ not realizing that it automatically adds ‘squad’ on to the end anyway. So went through the first time with ‘Vorpal Squad Squad’ which made me giggle far too much.


I was showing a friend a bunch of the games and decided to be silly with it because of that. I played Choice of Robots and Choice of Rockstar as “Flargle Swargle” and just could NOT take anything seriously.

And Flargle Swargle, with her killer robot the Flarginator, went on to start a robot rebellion.

I still don’t know where I got the name from.


I don’t have any particularly silly MC names, but I do like playing with other input_text possibilities. My “lance” in Mecha Ace was Lancety Lance Lance. I’ve played Kendrickstone with gender set as “fizzgig” and pronouns “hmmph” and “hmmphr”. In Heroes Rise, Black Magic resembled “a slab of tuna” and my parents’ wedding song excerpt was “…ain’t nothing but mammals,” which ended up having nice thematic resonance, I thought.


Sometimes I like to name the main character “Batman”, because why not?


And this is why if I ever create a game there will be no customization input text options. You will be provided a very limited list of names, or even better just one name, and you will like it That or I’ll let the player type in their name, and immediately have their parents get upset with the attempts to change their name and everyone insist on calling them by the default name anyway. Because I have no sense of fun… :stuck_out_tongue:

I generally prefer picking the names from a list, but if the game forces me to input a name, then I will be Max Power. But I won’t enjoy it.


Pfff, I had so much fun with Heroes Rise. My superhero name was always my first name backwards, Ylssel. Very clever. And I remember my parent’s song line was “U Can’t Touch This” and Black Magic resembled John McCain. :sweat_smile:

And of course, I’ll never forget my Leeroy Jenkins character in Zombie Exodus.

@Havenstone, I just remembered the song you mentioned! Omg, that’s beautiful.


I decided that Black Magic looked like a moose.

When I was little, I played this pirates game on the PC, and I always named my male pirate Oprah Winfrey.


I only go by Porter, unless I’m a woman of course. Then it’s Lucy.


I use goofy names for goofy games; I don’t think I’ve ever played a serious sort of game with a silly name (e.g. Sparkle Defeats the Space Marines), but that does sound fun. Arithromancea deVore was my Eerie Estate Agent/Haunted House for Rent character, and her rival was ESTOFLAVIO (yes, in capitals.)

At one point I named a character for an “evil” run-through Sandrine Lachrimosa because I figured she had some repressed rage at her parents for giving her a silly name. But then it started to grow on me, and I think I’ve used Sandrine for some non-ridiculous character names since.

When given a chance to name a spaceship, it is almost always called The Cornucopia Of Excellent Goods at Low Prices (from the book Tuf Voyaging, but it makes me smile.)


I think the silliest name I once did was when I played Choice of Broadsides. I named my character Xany Hedgatron, and tried to do everything wrong. I ended up killing five of my own people in the first battle, imprisoned after killing off more of the crew, and dead before I even got to the rank of commander. Also, my guy was a complete jerk: I punched Jones in the face, kept Villainueve imprisoned, denied medical supplies, and shot a child. Hedgatron probably had his death coming.


I didn’t even know you could be imprisoned or shoot a child! :anguished:


Just remembered I had a killer military robot in Choice of Robots named Muffin. You could say he was a little nutty.


It was my first time getting the autonomous scene
It may not be silly but my robot was Glados(its a good robot name) so yea robots rule the world in that time basically.


The silliest names i have ever used on choice of games :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: are as following that i recall:

Glorious PinkCake (choice of robots)

Dark Master de Cast-? something (In choice of romance, just loved that Agust/the king called me Dark master :laughing: > damn that dead bastard really hated him) (Played as a women so xD)

Lilly pink unicorn (In heroes rise…but the funny thing with this was that i played as male xD i swear i couldent stop laughing)


There’s an iPhone game I play (Hollywood U, for reference) where at one point, your character has to choose a nickname, and it’s in the club rules that you must then be called this at all times. One of your option is “(Your enemy’s) Favorite Person In The World”. That would always be a winner, for a replay where you knew in advance whose skin you were going to get under.