Shepherds of Haven (WIP)


Hey hey, played the game past the city gates for the first time, dat was fun.
The combat segment was fun as hell too.
Seriously my MC apparently fucking hates eyes because he shot one in the brain through its eye then punched one in the eye and crushed their brain.
Metal as fuck dude.

Also I like the cast we have so far, and the race problems the group and city has in general are quite cool.

My one suggestion is the ability to maybe get the cute racist elf girl to come back and help out, since I know she and trouble had a big fuck off argument but still, that kid needed some help and she seemingly just fucked off and when I went to try and talk with her we ended up just walking off then going to the pub. I can appreciate a condolence scene don’t get me wrong but I feel like that’s a “Ok maybe we should mope AFTER this issue?” kinda situation.

Bringing her back shouldn’t be easy though their should be a skill check or a good bit of dialogue options you have to select and actually convince her, or even better both! Smart reasonable options require lower charisma while more strange or dumb ones like just yelling at her require high charisma but get better results maybe.

And if you fuck this check I feel an option to leave her awkwardly and help out that kid should be an option since once I picked to follow her I was just dragged along for the ride.

And if you do manage to bring her back I feel like they should probably almost immediately start arguing again or just be really fucking awkward and barely do anything and if the MC manages to make them stop fucking around they could get a tasty relation ship bonus to both.

This would be quite nice.

If their is a way to do this and I somehow missed it I apologise.



I don’t think she will be: everyone is always so nice! :slight_smile: My greater concern is that people feel so bad for her they feel guilty for stealing Blade! :laughing: (jk) And nooo I love rival systems, it’s too bad they’re no longer in Harvest Moon!

Thanks so much for the great feedback! I’ll have to think on it for a while: originally the plan was to convince Tallys to go back and help out with the Equalists, but I think their divergent story arcs are important to the characters and the world (and presents a harder choice for the readers)! You’ll have to see what all happens in Tallys’ route (which has been changed since posting the demo) and whether it holds water in comparison to Trouble’s! But thank you for the great comments! :grin:



I admit I was guilty of this, not fanfics, just hating the character a lot (my rivals were always the nicest girls too lmao) I wish rivals came back though… Anyway guess I kinda grew out of it and now I just like the competition. I’m not going for Blade though .

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Just found this game! I wish I’d followed it earlier, I’ve really enjoyed the little bit of the demo I’ve played so far(up to the Shepherd recruitment). I see that I missed the boat on the alpha but hopefully I’ll be sharp enough to get in on the beta!

Quick question — I’ll have to set time aside for a full demo run later but do we meet all the characters from the OP in the demo? Specifically, I’m wondering if we meet Lavinet in the demo. I’m a sucker for nobles.

Also, @rinari I see you’re studying for the LSAT? Good luck. The test is a beast but familiarity will help a lot. The games were the trickiest part for me too but they’re also the part that are most capable of improvement with practice. You’ve got this!

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If I remember correctly, we haven’t met the majority of the main cast yet. Most characters we currently discussing are based from the ShOH Tumblr and some post by the author. :slight_smile:



Ahh. Got it. So I will have to wait for the beta I suppose. Darn. But I appreciate the info!

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Thanks for the kind words, @Iello! I can always add you to the backup list in case anyone drops out of the alpha (which is possible, considering I haven’t opened it yet…)

Only Trouble, Tallys, Shery, and Blade are available in the current demo. Here’s a breakdown of when the other characters can be encountered, but you don’t have to read if you want to avoid spoilers! (This is a rough approximation: I may change the order when I get to them)

Prologue and Chapter 1: Blade, Shery, Trouble, Tallys, Prihine, Caine
Chapter 2: Chase and Riel
Chapter 3: Red OR Ayla
Chapter 4: Halek
Chapter 5: Lavinet and Mimir
Chapter 6-11: shenanigans

Thank you so much for the well wishes! I’m slowly but steadily (incrementally) improving at the logic games haha, so I definitely feel encouraged! Thanks for the tips! :grin:



Oh, yes please! I’d be very happy to be on the backup list, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Interesting, thanks! I’m usually spoiler-averse but I figure if I’m interested in testing I’ll also be reading spoilers, so might as well!

No problem. Whatever method (charts, drawing, etc.) works for you and makes the games feel more comfortable is the way to go, because time is the greatest enemy during the test and so comfort and familiarity is key. Good luck!

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Wow…I just wanna say, I’m sooooo impressed with this game!:smiley: I haven’t finished the demo yet, but everything about how you’ve organised the forum page, particularly the tabs for story and character profiles ect, is just so perfect and well thought out…It’s weird, but its the kind of thing I personally really appreciate. Then the game itself is so intriguing as well, your writing style is quite descriptive and emotive and I can feel a lot of worldbuilding slowly being revealed in loving strokes as I move through the story. Very excited and keen to read more!



Takashi is working oc fanart for Shepherds of haven when he come back hope you like it p.s he miss you guys in theard :grin:

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there a way to survive without being a shepherds?



No. Being a shepherd is a central point to the plot



Added! :slight_smile:

I’m going to try to keep the alpha as spoiler-free as is feasible just to see how testers react to upcoming story events without priming (this way pacing and surprises can be evaluated with unbiased eyes) but I’d probably avoid the Tumblr to avoid spoilers, haha!

Wow, thank you so much, @Left4Bed! I’m eager to hear your thoughts once you finish the demo! And thanks so much for the kind comments on the OP tabs haha, it was how I procrastinated so I always thought it was excessive! XD Again, thank you so much for your wonderful feedback, it was great to hear!

Edit: As an update to everyone, I have made some progress on Chapter 1 (Trouble’s route, which features an inordinate amount of choices to throttle/beat people up), but I’m not happy with how Tallys’ route (basically complete) turned out, so I’ve been reading a lot to think through the roadblock and will likely revamp it! Thanks for your patience, I am puttering on the game behind-the-scenes, slowly but steadily! :slight_smile:



are the Inquistor only take norm in there ranks or they invite any race who believes in their fuck up faith



Inquisitors are only Norms! The Shepherds are unique because they’re mainly Diminished, who were never part of the Autarchy until now!



Just played the demo. Greatly enjoyed it! It is rather interesting working for a tyranical government that specifically oppereses you. Some nice moral quandaries. I have also enjoyed meeting the characters so far and look forward to seeing the rest added with time.
Those inquisitors are a nasty piece of work! I am interested if we get to weigh in on the whole succession issue as the two heirs are both kinda aweful… Also, is Lavinet related to the noble you have the, um, honor of escorting in the prologue?



Thank you for the kind words! And yes, I know some people playing will chafe at the idea of working for the Autarchy even as the Autarchy doesn’t respect them, but I think it’s an interesting (and unique) position to be put in and the fact that things can change helps! I’m glad you’re enjoying it!


Yes, actually–Lavinet is Prihine’s older cousin!



I agree! It would be one thing if you were forced in the Inquisition (which seems like the closest thing there is to a secret police) but you are instead working for an organization which is working towards a greater good.

Excellent! Gonna be honest, Lavinet is my planned main RO, so I may have saved Prihine slightly because of that! Although not sure I could just let the kid die, so glad I could save both.

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Some character art I made using these character generators!


Blade, tired boi

Shery, sans glasses


Trouble, without gold ring in his eyes

Tallys, missing freckles


Red, with pinker hair than normal


Shery again, not very blonde but with glasses



I just realized I didn’t do Mimir so I will find one for her next, haha!



There’s my girl–

And have some extra Lavinet, on me!