Shepherds of Haven (WIP)


There’s also this link, @Frogs ! Though JMH does an even better answering questions than me! :wink:

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The Ket were the most militarily-dominant, while the Mages had the most economic power. The Elves kept to themselves for the most part, but when they did deign to address the outside world, everyone listened, so they had some strong political and cultural weight, too! The Hunters also kept to themselves, but their power faded with the Endarkened’s going–they’d devoted their civilization to fighting demons, and with them “gone,” they became mostly irrelevant.

The Mages’ military strength was expanding before the Castigation, so conflicts between the Ket and the Mages would often erupt: at a few points in history they considered each other mortal enemies. The Ket and the Elves also had border skirmishes, but because neither power was very expansionist, this didn’t happen too often and other times they were allies. The Ket mostly warred amongst themselves, and so did the Mages, with their different factions. They were definitely not all united, though, and you can read more about that in the game’s codex.

After the Castigation, though, the Diminished races are all pretty much united in their hatred of (and oppression by) the Autarchy. The old enmities were forgotten in favor of the much more pressing threat, so you’re not going to find many Mages who are like, “those damn Elves!” There are sometimes still some cultural stereotypes that linger, but it’s not hostility, per se.

All of the Diminished races are discriminated against in their own ways. Mages are most scrutinized because of their powers–how do you really know a Mage isn’t sowing some sort of corruption right at this very moment?–so I would say they mostly get treated the worst. However, Elves are also treated with suspicion, since there are still pockets of them that try to live free (barbarians and heretics) and the Ket are basically indentured servants because to keep them off the leash is too big a risk.

The Hunters were punished (or castigated) because they led the most recent Uprising against the Autarchy and set some of Haven on fire: their people are not used to being oppressed, so they have been among the hardest to subdue and “diminish.” Their kind have been banished back to the Reach, and you’ll find out more about those circumstances as you play the game. The Ket led the other Uprisings, and you’ll find out what happened to them in the game, too.

TL;DR: no, in general, one power is going to take precedent over the other, but if you had a child between a Mage and an Elf, while the child might have more of the magic side, their magic may be more nature-orientated than a child of two Mages! I hope that makes sense!



Over on the Shepherds of Haven discord I posted two pieces of fan art, and I figure I’ll post them here too.

The first one was just me messing around with microsoft pain. Its a little banner thing of each of the Diminished races.

Diminished Banner

The second one is fan art of Lavinet, It’s my first time actually doing something like this, and I’m pretty okay with how it turned out!


The idea behind the image was that Lavinet takes a romanced MC to a soiree to introduce them to high society (and probably show them off a little). The night is cut short due to an Endarkned incursion, and Lavinet is not thrilled about it.



I love @JMH’s work so much! :sob: The Diminished Banner is even the background banner on the mobile tumblr now, haha!!

@wings-on-earth has also shared some fabulous art:

Her MC


The Archdemon


The Autarch









Always nice seeing fanart, especially one done with a :heartbeat: and I jus had to take another peek at the character art. Kudos to the author, whomever they are.

Which made me wonder: what happened to the original novel?

And … Will there be illustrations in the game? 'cuz that would be awesome :smiley_cat:



The original novel(s) is a series of about… ten or so books? They’re just sitting on my computer, though it’s been years since I’ve looked at all of them–I will probably fix up one someday after the game is done! :laughing: It would have to be all new characters and timeline, though!

There will be some illustrations in the game! :slight_smile: I have eight character cards that will be unlocked in the game if you max out a relationship with their respective character! They look like this:

I would like to complete the final four (Shery, Lavinet, Mimir, and Ayla) and the original artist who did the other ones is up for it, but at the moment I don’t have the money for them! That’s what the Ko-fi is for: I hope someday we can reach the goal and have the complete set! :slight_smile:

And I’d like to think about more illustrations here and there too, but we’ll have to see what there’s room for! :laughing:



That card is beautiful!! I love extra additions like that. It’s the icing on top of your already amazing story-cake! (It’s so good that it also brings back the salt I feel about my love Cullen not getting any card variations in DAI, especially for a romance…:disappointed: But I digress.) I’m so excited to see all of these in game. Especially Blade’s :eyes:.



Thank you so much, @VenusHeart!!! Blade and Tallys’ cards are my favorites, they’re so beautiful—but maybe the someday-future-ladies will steal the show too!

And ugh I’d forgotten all about that Cullen mess! he was my husband and he deserved different cards of his own! I deserved to be rewarded for my flirtations!!



Cullen got robbed. Considering his omnipresence in the series, it makes no sense why he got the treatment he did. First he was at the Mage Tower in Origins, then he was at the Gallows and involved in a few side quests during 2. Finally it’s Inquisition, and our boy is looking handsome, and we get the romance we got? And the card never changed? Blasphemy. Not to mention, his romance, and Inquisition’s romance in general, has more than a few core issues. In this essay I will ----



I believe Cullen’s romance was a late in development thing. When the game got delayed like 10 months they added Cullen and Solas as romance options. Which I think is the reason for the missing Tarot art. Not that I mean that that’s acceptable however haha! They could of patched it in if they just didn’t have the time before release.



Guys as much as I love to talk about DA, we must steer the topic back to ShoH. Also, I know it’s a very old game but please no spoilers. I already know who will betray me, I don’t want to be spoiled any further. :joy:

Thank you.



is there lead-ship in the demons

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Yes, the demons are connected to (via a hivemind) an entity known as the Archdemon or the Vessel of Tapyt: one demon who houses the remnants of Tapyt and his power, because his former essence was scattered by the gods/One-God. The Archdemon, however, only has enough power to wake up if the lesser demons sow enough violence and chaos in Blest for the Archdemon to draw power from—so it’s a weird kind of symbiosis. They are driven to wreak havoc in Blest by their subconscious connection to the Vessel—and their fear of it—but the Vessel doesn’t have any power without their help.

Hope that makes sense!



in a modern au, how would the ROs dress?

Tumblr says fashion pictures are inappropriate content, so I’m going to post my answer here!


simple but formal and laconic clothes - for work he’d be in a white oxford shirt and a dark suit jacket, pants, and tie. for casual wear he’d probably just lose the jacket and tie and wear a white button down shirt with dark pants or jeans - and if he’s really feeling loose he’d even roll the sleeves up!


casual, masculine, down-to-earth clothes - a mix of pilot-bomber jacket look with motorcycle-chic?



bohemian, comfortable, practical, with long skirts or tight leggings to accentuate her long legs and crazy patterns to simulate nature!


cute, soft, oversized outfits–pastels with too-long sleeves, slightly baggy sweaters, or long skirts! slightly girlish style but very sweet–



funky but fashionable, sleek and eye-catching all at the same time! sometimes verging on arthouse hipster if he’s in the mood–


in public, even with friends? DARK BUSINESS FORMAL SUITS ONLY. The only time you will catch him out without one is either at the opera (tux) or at the beach.


stylish and collegiate, but approachable–


a mixture of tomboy clothing (yes, she will wear cargo pants and combat boots) and loose, flowy clothing, often maxi




sophisticated, glamorous, preppy–something you might see on instagram… Lavinet would tend to wear something a teensy bit more classy and professional just to maintain her reputation as an ambitious socialite, but occasionally she’d get more dramatic!




Wow. I never knew clothes could be so terrifying. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

…then again, I understand why Tumblr decided to do this against such potential frights. Turtlenecks make a human’s neck disappear, belts constrict your waist, tank tops reveal that you have ARMS:scream:



Halek and Mimir by request!


punky, sort of british-or-j-rocker grunge look


[no words to describe]



Thanks to some very generous donations on Ko-fi, we now officially have enough funds to commission one character card!

The ones still left to do are Lavinet, Shery, Ayla, and Mimir: which card should I commission first?

  • Lavinet
  • Ayla
  • Shery
  • Mimir

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If we can reach the 100% goal on Ko-Fi and get all four ladies’ cards done, I’ll let you guys pick which one to show off here (out of all the characters available)! :slight_smile: Thanks again everyone for your support: it really means so much to me! :sparkling_heart:




Thanks to the great, the supreme, the wonderful @Djone1, two more character cards have been funded!!! :scream: Ayla, Shery, and Mimir will be commissioned! Thank you so much for your generosity @Djone1 and all those who donated! If possible I would love to have a special thanks for you in the game’s credits–PM me if this is something you would like!



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(Thank you to @D4nkViking for putting us over the edge!! And everyone else who donated, you’re all incredible!! We can finally have all Shepherd cards now!.. it’s like a dream!!!)


Whose card do you want me to spoil as a reward?! :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Blade
  • Trouble
  • Tallys
  • Shery
  • Chase
  • Riel
  • Halek
  • Ayla
  • Red
  • Lavinet
  • Mimir

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Congrats on reaching more than 100%

On the side note, hope Blade will win this poll!!